Friday, July 07, 2006

Working for the weekend

Well I am one step closer to having my own handcuffs and Billy clubs..Oh and doing strip searches and pat downs...Can it get any better?

My interview went very, very well. I interviewed in a big room with The Sheriff, the sergeant, and a big tall man who was the head of some dept but I cant remember now..He was tall..Very tall.

I am not sure if I will get the job, but I did have them rolling in their chairs with laughter a few times. That is part of my ever loving charm and siteful wit I have. At one point I think the sheriff actually said " gosh your a hoot"

They gave me some senarois at what might occur and asked me how I would handle such matters. I will give you the examples and my answers..

"lets say your dispensing meds to one of the inmates and you realize you gave the meds to the wrong inmate, what would you do?"

I told them I would document I had done wrong and watch the inmate I gave the wrong meds too and call 911 if it seemed he was having a reaction or something to the pills I had given him.

They were pleased with my answers..

my next one was

"'lets say you have an inmate who speaks no English and is very angry, you don't know what he wants and he is starting to get violent, what do you do?

To which I said..

" um, don't you have a translator I can call?...

they all busted out laughing...I knew at this time they would rather enjoy the rest of my interview cause this is how I am, I can not control my funniness or the lack there of. It is a born God given gift. They see that now.

My next question was

"lets say your on duty and one of the officers has just arrested your husband or other family memeber, what would you do?"

to which I say

" well other than being damn mad, I would just act as though it were any other criminal coming in."

" but I would be damn mad..."

again this brought them to belly laughs. In all reality it wasn't all that funny. It just kind of popped out.

But I think nearly everything they asked me I pretty much nailed for them. And they even said so. The tall man said for me not knowing much about corrections I sure know a lot about what they do..Then he asked if I had ever been arrested.

But I was able to supply them with a back ground check that I had just had done at my new job here..So I threw it on the table and proudly said with a smile on my face and my nose ring glittering in the sunlight thru the window.."No sir, I have never been arrested..Not ever!"

They also asked me how I would react to being verbally abused. I told them I have worked at nursing homes, and with mentally ill people...I have been called a son of a bitch and worse more times than I can possibly count. They agreed that it seemed I would be able to handle myself just fine with the " bad boys in county lock up"

The shifts are from 5 am till 5 pm or 5pm till 5 am..That will be hard. But for nearly 20 bucks an hour I can take it with a smile.

If I do not get it, it will not surprise me, as I have not really ever worked in this field before much. But I have a feeling for their next employee picnic they may call ole Bossy for their entertainment purposes.

oh and I saw the good looking cop who pulled me over last month....and I quicky put my same lipgloss back on. when he walked by he said " well hello there". I said " hello right back at ya"

I mean I know he had no idea he pulled me over, he was just being a nic,e good looking cop. That is his nature I am sure of it. Just a nice, good looking cop.

I smelled something wretched in my living room a while ago. Smelled like sour milk. And in this heat milk does go bad fast. Then I realized it was coming from my Blondie Bee. It was her damn socks. She said she has been wearing the same socks since last Sunday.

What kind of mother am I? This is what happens when we work for a living. The kids get no baths and no clean socks...

Well this is what happens when I work anyway....

I am a self proclaimed lazy ass, and its rubbing off on the bees. I could not be prouder!

Bee Real


Felecia said...

Hey bossy! Sorry I've been away for so long; having bad luck with computers and just otherwise being lazy. Glad to hear you had a good interview; I'm sure you'll let us know how it goes. I think we would get along just fine as we share the same wisecracking tendencies.

ps what's that smell!?

Karin said...

Ok the sock thing is just disgusting. As for the family member being arrested I would have asked if I would be issued a billy club? Wait is that not the right answer? SOunds like you did good. 5am to 5pm can be a really nice shift I have done it, although how many days a week would you be working 12 hour shifts? Good Luck!

novaks8 said...


I know the money would be nice.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i thought maybe u packed up and moved..

well i have a hard time getting up at 6 and wouldonly be 2-3 days a week..

yes, the money would be nice..i can save up something real purty;)

vani said...

county jail? wow....

but for 20 bucks an hour- well worth it..i hope!

Jamie Dawn said...

I know who Def Lepard is. Their drummer got his arm cut off in an car accident and he figured out a way to keep on playing. That is WAY cool!

I nearly piddled in my drawers over your story about Boo Bee saying, "good pie" as she was eating the meatloaf. FUNNY!!!

I hope you get that Corrections Officer job. I pity anyone who crosses you!!!! You would do damage with handcuffs and a taser. And, you with a billy club??? WATCH OUT, people!!!!

Have a nice weekend. Please wash Blondie's socks!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes county jail..keeping the perps off the streets;)

yes, that is exactly who they are..good girl:)

I know that pie one was pretty funny..

the socks are in the wash;)

Gette said...

First the leather pants and now the handcuffs. This blog will have to go PG 13 pretty soon.

Meow said...

Whoo hoo, you'll be a woman in uniform !!! Too cool. Hope you get the gig, it certainly sounds interesting.
Hmmmm, better wash those socks, they could start walking on their own shortly !!
Take care, Meow

Choppzs said...

Ya know, I am home all day with my kids. I usually give my boys a bath every other night, that is unless they've been out playing in the dirt. But they are 2 and 5 mths and I have to bathe them because they can't do it themselves. Now my 8 yr. old shouldn't have to be told to take a bath right? yah right! I can guarantee I can top your stinky socks. Especially when 8 yr. old decided she doesn't want to bathe for a week and hasn't changed her socks OR underwear!! Now that is gross!! Those panties and socks usually just go in the trash! Now does that make me a much worse mom then you since I stay at home? Gosh I hope not!! lol

Badoozie said...

"your a hoot"....its obvious where his thoughts were.

did you have cleavage? come on, tell the TRUTH

those men were charmed by you, that is funny and cool. you go girl

they don't call you bossy fer nothin. i hope you get that job. cept'in i'll be a little worried bout ya, what with yer hoot's and all, ya stay outa trouble k?

and for gods sakes by the kid some socks. or wash them. or pay attention. or do something. or i'll have you served.