Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another one bites the dust

I just wanted to document our 110 degree day for you. Mr Shaky pants was all up in arms over the heat. Says it gave him massive diarrhea. I say he ate too much, but whatever.

Remember when I wrote about him wearing my old skanky maternity shorts as under garments , then putting shorts on over it and the skanky shorts spilling out from the bottom?...Well I have proof today my friends. Behold...This is what Bossy deals with.

Someone needs to tell him this looks wrong. He wont listen to me. See this is him not listening to me..

hello dude, its not a good look...

This is what the sky looks like when its 210 degrees out...Yup, its just blue, go figure.

Here is Boo bee thinking about swimming in the 300 degree heat......She would make a smashing swim suit model with that big budda belly.

This is her lounging on the deck after her swim..Wait she refused to swim because there was a dead fly floating in it. All morning she said "momma put on simming soup peese"....yes she says simming soup..its not a new Campbells dish, its the way she talks. She is slightly retarted mmkay!

Ok it wont let me do anymore, I will post them below using another program..Blogger get your head out of your glourois butt crack please..thank you..

Anyway, I have decided what my new diet is going to consist of. Are you ready for this?

Sugar free jello

fat free popcorn

diet dr pepper


all which are fat keep my blood sugar stable i will consume one bacon cheese burger per day.

I am uping my walk time from 4 miles a day to 6. I will walk my normal 4 around my lake, then 2 extra on my treadmill. Only days I do not waork though. I need to get to single digit pants. I am tired of wearing a 10/12..they suck....

Ok I am posting more pics at the bottom, please just humor and look...I know you hate it, but damn it....too bad.

Bee Real


Jamie Dawn said...

I enjoyed all the pics.
Boo Bee's "simming soup pees" is just too cute!
I love baby talk!! She will lose most of it before too long, so enjoy it while she still talks that way.
My kids used to ask for eggs with "runny oaks." They thought that yolk was oak. It was cute.
Now, they know more than me. At least they THINK they do.

Don't faint in that heat! It has been hot and humid here. I sweat as soon as I step outside.

Your hubby needs to buy some cool, new boxers and toss those old shorts of yours.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

baby talk is so cute. Even Blondie Bee still says some words so cute.

and yes, hubby needs a drastic moakeover.

Fantastagirl said...

The pics were great - your kids are adorable (but you knew that already!)

- get Mr. Shaky-pants some new boxers and toss those other things out - or something. geesh.

use an electric palm sander on the deck - we did that last summer - went much faster than scraping it off and DO NOT use a power washer takes forever for the wood to dry to apply the new finish, just sayin'

Jerry said...

I am soooo staying away from you if you have a camera in your hands.

Great looking family, though.

Kelly said...

This new exercise plan is not due to our chat the other evening is it? You are really gonna make me feel like a lazy piece of sh... if you do 6 mi/ day! I can barely get two in!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sad thing is..he has more under roos than I do:)

yes it is a well documented thought that when i have a camera you better be dressed and looking approiate..or your in trouble;)

well i was doing 8 miles a day when i walked it twice, now i am cutting back, but i have not done it for a few weeks. I can not say i will do it all the time..but holy crap i am fat:)

Anonymous said...

i call discrimination
where is the boy person. huh? no pics of the boy.

and also, if you insist on wearing sandals, i demand you fix those nasty toenails. those are not a good look for you. the feet are not that bad, but the toenails? we need a support group for those who have been forced to view them

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know, the boy was at a friends house all day or was no where enar me when i had my picutre taker out..

and i know..hubby tells me to take off my ploish or put some on, i cant have it half and half..

i have had this same polish on since chirstmas:)

just_tammy said...

Like how the temperature kept rising as the post continued. We know the feeling here. A little to toasty in my book. The huge amount of rain has just made things so lovely. Almost makes showering a waste of time.

Great pictures other than the whole underwear thing. Why don't you toss them next time instead of washing them?! Just a thought. We'll all be happy for you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Oh, you didn't even comment on my last few attempts at making you laugh, so don't even ask me where your sense of humor has gone.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

trust me, they are leaving..i will burn them if i have too..

wait when did you comment?..did I miss you one day or something?..thats not like me:)

u always make me giggle..

i thought you were gone..i thought you were in peru now..when are you leaving?..or did you go and come back already?..

EmmaSometimes said...

I really loved this post..funny. I especially like how the weather went from 110 degrees and kept jumping until it became 300 degrees by the end of the post. Maybe by next week you will reach two degrees shy of the core of the sun. By then I would believe that even you would say it's too hot. Perhaps not?

Anonymous said...

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