Monday, July 17, 2006

Love bites

I think it is going to be Manic Monday..I can feel it in me bones sailor

So the weekend was a nice reminder of what hell will be like. I liked it. Everyone in my hive hated it. How did I become surrounded by incompetent heat haters? I will not lower myself to their standards. It was 110 yesterday at one point in the day...that was with the humid so thick you swear you saw monkeys jumping in the trees..Or any other animal from the tropical rain forest.

Maybe that is where I need to live. I need to move to Madagascar and live with the Lemurs and snakes so big where they could make a small meal out of me. I could live on coconuts, banana's and whatever else I find living under rocks and swampy areas. This diet alone will get me to a size 2....

tomorrow I get to go see Def Leppard and Journey. I told Mr Shaky I wanted to go buy a slutty shirt to wear to the event. He told me he was not impressed and that this would be the last time I would be able to wear slutty shirts.

Guess I have more slutty shirts then I thought..I was thinking I did not own any..I stand corrected.

My mom and I are going to enjoy a slutty dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe which is located across the street from where the entertainment will take place. Which is also across from the bar/night club Prince shot the movie Purple rain at....I may, for your viewing pleasure of course ,snap some shots of said landmarks. Minneapolis may not be known for much, but I will show you some of the small details..because I care that much..That's why I do the things I do for you people!

I will now show you the proper attire for when its 225 degrees outside. This is Boo, she wore this a lot over the weekend. I am thinking she may be more than slightly retarded, maybe borderline seasonal disorder

Mr Shaky swears by the hand of God he lost 2 pounds over the weekend because of the heat. I am going to suggest we get a sauna. Think how thin we would be if that were the case.

My boo is turning into the next Joan Beiz or Joni Mitchell if you will. She has taken up the art of playing folk music on her guitar. She has all sorts of matreial. I heard her "Ode to watermelon song" and lets not forget her " i like to pay da git-ar" song. She then hands it to me and asks me to play. I tell her I am not a muscian and can not play these box of wood. She then says " just twy momma, just twy"

I did try. I sang a wonderful randtion of such classics as " Somebody come and play with me" and " rubber ducky" also the classic " Id like to visit the moon"

Hello butt cracks at American Idol, I have all sorts of talent ozzing outta my bossoms and shorts, raise your age limit and I will give you a show you shant forget....

Right now Boo is swaying to the crap playing on The Lawrnece Welk show. Mr Shaky is poisning her tiny feable brain. I wont tell you what they are doing right now. Its way too damn embaressing.

Well I am off to find a slutty shirt. Don't ask me what that means for I really don't know. And if they ask me to join the band I will not be back. After they see my moves in my slutty shirt they may request I be a back up dancer. I know rock shows seldom have dancers. But trust me..It will happen. Or they will request I be removed from the premisces. It could go either way.

Bee Real


pack of 2 said...

Look out if you move to a rain forest...those monkeys are mean as crap...they will steal from ya too:0)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

they will steal from me?..what my tampons and underwear?..haha..dont plan on needing much in the rain forest;)

thank you for the heads up though...u crack me up:-)

deni said...

Hmm, I bought little slutty shorts and a slutty top. Hey, it was a Tommy shirt marked down from 25 bucks to 6. MINE!!

Do you think I'm too old to wear slutty? ROTF

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u go girl..thats a hellofa bargin..slut away girl, slut away;)

Fantastagirl said...

So are you going to take pictures of your slutty shirt???

Have a great time.

vani said...

ok, don't i feel stupid. u were here all along! now i gotta go fix my list. u have to exuse me, i am suffering from lack of

have fun at the concert and take allot of pics!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

alas, i dont think i am going to have time to buy a new slutty shirt. but if i do, there will be photo pictorials;)

ok. i thought you had lost your ever lovin mind:)

Britmum said...

Hey Bossey

As long as its only your Slutty T-shirt you wear and not your Shagging T- shirt you will be o.k.

Be sure to take some snazzy piccies of slutty t-shirt and shaggable rock star.

Have a Brilliant time and don't get lost along the way via that rainforest. I hear the monkeys like scabby toes. LOL

Take care xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shagging shirt?..oh Lordy i so need one of those;)

ok I am painting new polish on my nails!

Karin said...

Have a great time. I thought of you in Vegas cause the concert is coming there as well. Also at the Excaliber they have a Prince tribute show. I thought it would be heaven for you. Also since you like the heat so much I will tell you it was 126 there today.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your making me drool:)

now all i need is to see elton john and his red paiano there and i am all set:-)

Working Mom said...

Have fun at the concert! I'm so jealous that you're going. I love Joe from Def Leppard. Give him a kiss for me!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i will do more than that if i can..hehe..i may slip him your phone number..

well i dont have your phone number so your shit outtaluck:)

Wethyb said...

I loooooved Def Leppard when I saw them in concert....twice! Never saw Journey though! How fun...I'm jealous!


~Deb said...

Sweetie? Please show us the slutty a pic? ;)

I HATE the stifling heat! I can't stand it. I swear to GAWD I am going to move up to Alaska or at least Maine to get away from this icky stuff. I'm more of a fall person myself. I actually wrote about the heat on my blog today and cracked up when I ventured over here.

No rain forests for you my love, ----a nice beautiful island drinking margaritas and wearing your nice slutty shirt. Ah hell--let's just go topless!

Michele_3 said...

I love Def Leopard & Really, Really love Journey!
I'm super jealous, I want to go too!

P.s-It's super hot here too-yesterday I was outside with kids & I felt like my face was melting..

Take care!

Anne said...

This is the only confession you will ever get out of me;

Def Leppard was my very favorite band when I was a teen. Yep-Def Lep and Journey and you SUCK for going to see them without me! So there.

I still love you though.

Choppzs said...

Yah, monkey's poop in their hands and throw it at ya too!! lol Watch out for the flying poo! And just for you being able to go to a Def Lepard concert and me not being able too, I hope those monkeys cream you!! lol

kaliblue said...

OMG!!! Lucky you. I want to go see Journey sooo darn bad.. :-) can't wait to read about it. I would only want to live in Madagascar if the lemars sang to me "You have to move it, move it". *LOL*

keesh said...

ok, I am not one to be real jealous, but you got me with the def leopard concert. even though i have seen them, I could see them again :). Purple rain, hell yeah! Take a pics of that place chicky! your kids are adorable. Blondie has pretty eyes.

Karin said...

Yeah Elton is playing at the Caesars later this month while Celine is on vacation. So plan your trip now!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well you just saw def leppard not that long ago, so suck it..this will be my 3rd time seeing them, havent seen them since 1992:)

trust me, no one wants to see me topless..that would be a nightmare. Well move here, its a bit cooler, our summer should be over any day now;)

def leppard so kicks ass..i am so looking forward to it..and you better get into some air conditoing, i dont want your face melting off:)

they have been my fav "metal" band since i was 12...they so rock:)

I will save you a seat;)

ok I draw the line at them cremaing me..haha..your so mean to me;)

well if you want to see journey for Steve Perry singing, he isnt in the band anymore so he isnt singing the songs..I am not looking forward to that part.

I would take ya with me if i could..and i will take the pics of the night club just for you:)

i knew he played when she was gone..but the tickets are very pricey i think....i paid 100 bucks to see him alone 5 years ago, then paid 200 to see him and billy joel 3 years ago..

but he is worth every damn penny;)

Jewl said...

Have fun chick. Can't wait to see the pics!!

Anonymous said...

i'd say you were too old to go to concerts, but then again, those bands are really old. those guys are like 50 or something. maybe instead of a slutty shirt, you should carry on your person, some insulin, or some oxygen, should one of them collapse, you could save their lives, and then get in the band that way.

lawbrat said...

I want, no- NEED to see pictures of your slutty shirt.

2 great bands! You Go Girl! Have fun.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you are grounded for your comments..for 2 weeks..

well, i wimped out and did not buy a slutty shirt..i will have to see what good shirt i can find here..

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope you have a good time at the concert. :)
Can't say my taste in music goes that way, but that's okay. Whatever floats yer boat.

Have fun.


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