Saturday, March 24, 2007

where have all the cowboys gone

Seeing that spring is in the air, I have been thinking about getting a new hair-do. Like change it up a bit, dying it an off the wall color, and get a choppy layer cut. I took some pics today, as so I could get some opinions. I tried to show u my hair up, and my hair down...just so u could tell me if I should keep it that length, or go shorter.

well after looking at the pics, it has come to my attention that I need a drastic change..

It seems ole Bossy needs to be hitting the weight watchers circuit once again. it looks like I am sprouting a double chin...

I just got home from my 7 mile walk, so I don't look the best to start with..

I will be a son of a bitch, Blogger wont let me arrange the pics in the order I want i will just explain them here, and you will have to find the pic I am speaking of and make your own judgement.

I have two with the hair up, one with it down, one a view with my wind-breaker off so u can see the extend of my , um, boobage, the others are profile and full view of my torso area from my bathroom mirror..

You will see what I mean....

Starting Monday, I am back on it, counting points, rationing my air and water...and walking a good 20 miles per day, as I need to jump start it all..

I swear, I must have hibernated during the winter and conserved my fat deposits to live off from if we should indeed encounter another ice-age.

I am not ashamed to show you people what I look like. I don't try and put on a fake-ishness about what I look like. I admit I have laugh lines, crows feet, and saggy boobs and buttocks...or so I have been told.

Not much I can do about any of that, but the fat-ness, I can.

I am gonna start posting a pic weekly so I can view my own progress, or the lack there of. because, holy shit, this isn't looking good. for as much as I work out, I should be looking more fit then that. I realize I cant do much about my face, I can thank my parents for that one..Its not like I went face shopping and thought, holy crap, that's it, that's the face I want.

Not. A. Chance.

i am not sure why I look ever so pastey in the ones I took in the bathroom, shit those are ghastly, and no thats not my porn face, I was trying to find my damn cheek bones.
So what started out as a post about asking for hair advice, turned into this freak show of a post...
But I will still glady take any advice on the hair u want to throw at me. I just cut about 6 inches off it last month, so its just now starting to grow back.
Anyway, this is my delima...please help me in the fight against obesity. I don't wanna be known as the fluffy girl.
My legs and arms are the only tone things on my body...this is not fair.
I am going to start up my diet again of grass and rain drops.
I had a nice visit with my aunt. I took my camera to my moms, but forgot to snap any photos, if I see her today, I will try and take a few, I want one of me, my mom and my aunt...But I am not thinking I will be seeing her again this trip.
Oh, on my first trek to and around the lake for my walk, I have been chased by bats already...can u believe that?..Its not even April yet. This one little bastard had it out for me I think. I am sure he followed me home, and will be making a grand entrance into my hive once the pisser finds out how to get in.
he must like the chicks with some meat on their bones...
I guess he hasn't seen my ass kicking leg muscles, just my flabby mid-section and wrinkled up face.
And bats have bad eyesight too, thats what is making me think I am doomed.
Just so you know, starting this week, I am working all sorts of weird hours, I wont be around a-lot. I have a new "job thingy"
That's all I will say...a new "job thingy"
So don't be alarmed if this post is up until like next day after tommorow. My next day off after Sunday will be next Saturday.
I am very important, and people need there.
ok, thats a big fat lie.
Bee Happy


boob lover said...

I just found your blog after searching boobage. Yours are delightful. I am impressed actually. I will continue to search your blog for pictures of your wonderful looking breasts bared.
Thank You,
Boobie man

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Boob lover,
um, yes slick willy, u go ahead and search all ya want, i think u done found all the boobage your gonna find;)

Boobie Man said...

Oh Bossy, please dont speak of my Willy and the slickness of it while also speaking of your excallent breasts. I can hardly take it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

only u could despher that outta what I said..hahahahaa..

but ok, I wont mention any slick willys again.

boobie man said...

Ok thank you. After finding your HNT pics on your other blog I couldn't help myself and was afraid you knew my actions and intent. I am glad to know both are still my secret.

1 plus twins said...

you are not even close to being obese or fluffy and i saw no double chin. you look fine. as for the hair i acutally think you should do a chin length layer look. it would look great on you. 20 mile a day walk, are you serious?? that is wonderful. i have a hard time just walking to the mail box. lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Boob man,
dont u tell anyone about my nekkid blog...holy crap..

one plus twins,
no, no way I could ever walk 20 miles a day...I am much to lazy for that;)

just_tammy said...

Honey, if you want to see fluffy and obese, head on down here! The bat was chasing you in hopes that you'd be his mate for life. Tell Mr. Shaky to keep an eye out since he has competition. He doesn't need to know what type of competition!

So you're up to secret things - again! Have fun being a 'secret agent'!

Jamie Dawn said...

You have a Boob Lover fan. I hope he's not a psycho blog stalker. Go away!! Shew!!!!

My hair suggestion for you is this:

Get some light blonde and strawberry blonde highlights, and get a layered, shaggy cut. You can wear it with soft curls for special occasions, such as rock concerts and bat fights.

I am SO sad to read about little Keagan's death.
I can't imagine such sorrow.
Life really does suck sometimes. It reminds us to enjoy what we've been blessed with.

Happy Weekend to YOU!!!
You are a beautiful blog buddy!!!
I hope you know that!!!!!
Am I using too many exclamation points??!!!???

Neurotic1 said...

I really like the picture with the Paris Hilton lips pose! I like your hair color now. Don't ask me about girly things, cuz hell, remember most of the time I only have one long eyebrow!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there. I like your hair now...but I liked it when you were blonder as what you will. You will still look great. :)


Miss 1999 said...

Ok WHY in the hell do you think your fat? I'd friggin' KILL to be that thin!!! My ass has lost 100lbs, and I STILL don't look anywhere near that small...

Ok, *composing self* I like your hair, I wouldn't cut it-- I love long hair, it does look good put up, though :0)

ktlee said...

I am about ready to do the "spring do" trim it up and lighter highlights. I can't wait!

If you want to go on your water ration, you could come visit me. My building has water issues. Great place to start!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey guys,
thanks for the tips on my hair..when i do change it, i will post it ASAP..just got home from work, its going on 1am, so excuse me and forgive me for not answering indviaually like i normally do..

u guys rock, and thanks for your u all:)

Working Mom said...

I also like long hair. Don't cut it, you'll probably be mad if you do. Maybe just get some highlights for the summer. It'll look cute!

And girl, I wish I looked half as good as you do!!

"T" said...

This is my porn face.