Tuesday, March 27, 2007

white wedding

Last night at work I made a running tally, ish was used about 6 times and fur anything was used 3 times. this was all in a four hour period..I only had to work four hours...but it seemed like an eternity.

I am going today with a loaded weapon, first time I hear it I am firing a warning shot, every shot there after will mean business.

I am hoping to rid the world of stupid people, one co-worker at a time.


I got no sleep last night, for two reasons, first Boo was ill and wide assed awake at 1 am. She wanted to come up to our room, and she just jibbered jabbered till about 3 am, then I finally decided to turn the TV on and let her watch the Flintstones until she passed out.

Second reason is I am out of my sleeping pills and forgot to call in a re-order. I can not sleep with out them. I tell Mr Shaky I am his lil anna nicole....

Boo all night kept wanting to watch Noggin. I kept telling her Noggin was sleeping cuz all the little boys and girls should be sleeping. She was getting irate. So I went downstairs, got some sort of drug that would knock her out...she had a high fever and was coughing....

So I gave her some cold meds to ease her suffering.

My anniversary is Sunday. I am hoping for a gift of grand proportions. I am assuming it wont pan out, but holy shit, I have been skimped on during Christmas and any other gift giving holiday that has come to pass the year.

12 years of putting up with him, should account for a great gift. Although I am sure he thinks he needs a grand gift for putting up with me. But ya see, I have not changed one bit over 12 years..Other then the fine lines and collections of fat I carry..

he on the other hand, not only has all of them traits as well, but also has turned into a God man. Not that there is anything wrong with that per say, but it throws a damper on my four letter word vocabulary, and me wanting to be hung over on Sunday mornings, rather then sit in a boring church service. I am all about God and all that. I just don't think I need to be in church every damn Sunday to prove it.

No thank you.

Its kind of like having to prove something to other people. Like if u don't go to church your a witch or something. I don't need to prove anything, God knows exactly who I am and has my little place in hell already picked out and nicely decorated.

God is cool like that.

I will be damned if I turn into one of the fake religious people, whom claim to be all saintly, yet can bash people, talk about them behind their backs, and pretend they know all.

I don't need to go to church to do all that....

So I am hoping Mr Shaky rewards me handsomely this year, for all my efforts.

I am assuming I will get a card, a dinner out, and a wink wink nudge nudge..

I only want the dinner.

Bee Real


Choppzs said...

Ok, this all sounds to familiar! Hubs and I are celebrating our anniversary in a couple weeks too!! I doubt we will do anything as we don't have anyone who will watch 3 kids! So I will probably also get a dinner (with kids, so that's not anything special), and a little wink wink nudge nudge after the kiddos are in bed! I will take the sleep!!! Hmmm, well and if the dinner is at a good resteraunt, I will take that too I guess! Geeeese, the big 10, and we can't even go out by ourselves! How sad!! lol

The Kept Woman said...

I don't do the God thing but I totally feel for you. I hate the fakey religious types who pretend to be holier than though but then talk shit behind other people's backs.

It's up to you to give religious types a good name, Bossy.

jsull said...

woooo hoooo
give Mr. Shaky shake some advice for me when picking out gifts for anniversery, tell him I always buy an "adult relations" toy and that seems to bring a smile!
and I'm all with you on the fake ass folks up at the church house too, can you believe folks voted for clinton? haaaaaaaaaaa
the easily led!

Neurotic1 said...

I can't believe that you'll give in to all that religious stuff. Mr. Shaky had better understand that. When I get a wink wink nudge nudge- I usually give back a wink wink nudge nudge right to the gut! Why can't guys be more creative than the same ol' crap!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

might as well just order take out if ya gotta drag all dem kids out..haha..i hate when we gotta do that, since my mom moved here, we dont have to take them out on specail ocassions now..haha

Thats a lot of pressure KW..lot of pressure for this pagen..haha

ok, I will tell him to slide over to the adult store, with a bag on his head of course..what toys do u reccomend?..haha

I think he knows its a long shot..I have a feeling he is gonna tell everyone at his church that he is widowed and I am his crazy relative or something.

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope you have a happy anniversary.
Not all God people are fake. I'm not.
I'll tell ya exactly how it is, and answer any questions you have honestly.
So...I hope you not lumping me in with the fakey ones.
Anywhooo...maybe you should change things up this year and YOU give the wink wink nudge nudge. That would throw him for a loop.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh I know your not what I am speaking of. Whom I am speaking of are preachers wifes and stuff that I have seen doing this...not nice genaral people who like going to church and are good people..

I am talking about a certain group of people..u know what I mean?

only probelme is I dont think i want a wink wink nudge nudge, im getting to old for that non sence..haha

Michael Manning said...

Bossy: I had an English teacher in high school who walked in and asked us if we ever paid attention to the sound effects and music combination of "The Flintstones"because it drover her nuts! I hope you get some good quality sleep and Boo feels better!

best gift buyer ever said...

i recommend any of them that go BZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZ
if you need a seat belt and a crash helment then that might be a tad advanced for a novice. Be forewarned that ..nah nevermind!

kaliblue said...
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kaliblue said...

Sorry I suck.. I messed up my post and had to delete it. Anyhoo!!!

Hit your co-workers up side their heads everytime they use a word you hate. When they ask why you did that, tell them it's a side affect you have to stupidity, you just can't help it *giggles*. Hope boo bunny feels better:-).

just_tammy said...

I need you, the secret agent, to crack the ish and fur code or do in all those who are using those terms. I can't wrap my mind around any more garbage.

This is so wrong of me but I can't wait to move away from the wackos at our church. I just shake my head more and more. The tales I could tell!

You should have sent Boo down here. It seems everyone I know couldn't sleep last night. We could have had a cold/allergy medicine party. Have I mentioned everything is in bloom here and it turns out I'm allergic to Kansas?! Why don't you come on down and put me out of my misery?!

Tomscockwhore said...

I don't think a preacher is "allowed" to go into the adult toy store. I could be wrong though....

And here is my thought for the annoying co-workers. You need to make up your own word and every time they say ish or fur, you can retort with you very own made up word. That would fuck with their heads!

But you have to make it something you like, because you know they will start saying it too...... ROTFLMAO!!

Cliff Morrow said...

And then if you're lucky the ..ahem.

Beanie said...

my teeth hurt real bad

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

holy crap, that drives me nuts too;)

hmm, i may need a diagram.

now thats a good idea girl:)

I am sending her now...the UPS man should be there anytime now..

i may join her, cuz i feel like crap now too...sonofagun.

thats why he would have the bag on his head..haha..

I have thought about making up my own word, but my luck, the people would start using it...then what?..help me out, and help me think of a word;)

oh, not a toaster.

shit sorry bout your teeth...try a dentist maybe..

ktlee said...

I'm pretty sure that my place in hell has been fully established by now as well.