Friday, March 16, 2007


I normally don't like posting more then once in any given 24 hour period. But sometimes things happen that require your prompt attention. I have a little PSA I found waded up on the floor in my dining room.

When I found this, I almost wet myself from laughter.

This is the note as is printed on a blue sheet of paper from my sons teacher..

and I quote

There has been a problem with kids coming in from recess with wet feet and having to spend the rest of the day with wet shoes and socks. If your child is having this problem please send boots with them or an extra pair of socks and shoes. this problem has created a very unpleasant odor in our room I call "foot funk"

As we approach spring, we also come to the time of year when they are more active. I had a talk with the kids yesterday about practicing good body and oral hygiene. They are reaching early adolescence, and we talked about the fact that we want to have a pleasant atmosphere in which to teach and learn. I reminded then that daily showers and baths are very appropriate at this age, as well as clean clothes daily. I appreciate your support with these matters.

Thank you
Mrs hatesdirtyboysandgirls.

Now I don't know why this made me laugh.

Now my kids give me a hard time for making then bathe daily..Now I have written proof his teacher would like him to continue on the path of cleanliness.

I was sort of happy knowing my kids wear their boots everyday..Then I look by the back door and what do I see.

The Boys boots.


but at least he wears clean clothes, sports proper body hygiene

as meatloaf says

two outta three aint bad


Bee Real

please go vote if u have not

Show some love...even if your not a registered voter, u can still vote, even if your not an American u can still vote, even if there is a bench warrant out for your arrest u can still vote...before they catch u...

Bee Happy


The Kept Woman said...


Nice mom you are letting your kid out without his boots and all. Now he's going to have Foot Funk, are you happy with yourself?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know, the one day I see that note, is the one day the little bastard dont wear his boots.

the foot funk must smell quite nice today;)

Gette said...

That cracks me up! I wanna write notes like that when I'm a teacher!

Bummer about the day spa. Maybe we'll have to have a "girls in the city" day.

Karin said...

Ha Ha ha. You have to wonder how bad the foot funk got that the teacher was willing to come off crazy to all the parents by sending that note. I can also see you patting yourself on the back and then you turned and had your revelation, too damn funny.

Badoozie said...

ok, that is funny, why doesn't she just say their freakin feet stink instead of having to name it?

ok, the guitar brand i ordered is the same as def leppards phil colleen plays, i think you should get one too, and we can play together

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds good if I ever get a damn day off of work..damn

I felt like a dumbshit knowing that day my son had foot funk..but then again, i was proud in many ways..haha

shit, i wouldnt know what to do with a guitar if i had one..

but i would look damn good holding one though.

Neurotic1 said...

Damn woman- send your son his boots. No one needs foot funk! I got an x-tra vote in from Mom's computer! Keep up the good hygiene. You would hate for Butch to be known as the stinky kid!

ktlee said...

Too funny. Yet another reason I could never be a teacher.

~Deb said...

You got ma'vote babay! Don't worry bout' a thing! :)

How funny is that? Poor teacher must be having an allergic reaction to all the 'foot funk' and mystery scents spewing out in that classroom! I totally forget about that 11-13 age where they tend to forget about hygiene a bit due to 'growing pains'. Yikes!

Glad I'm not a teacher!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i made damn sure he took his boots today...

ok, now when u go to your dads, place anohter vote, I am getting my ass kicked..haha

yes, I could never be a teacher..I dont like my own kids half the time..hehe

thanks for the vote:)

I dont like the fact of having the smelly kid, I made sure he was extra clean today and that he took his boots..

I am all parnoid now..haha

Michele_3 said...

Too funny!!
Like Karin stated- The foot funk must of gotten really bad for that teacher to send out a note!! Eeewh!

I voted for you!
What do you exactly get if you win??

Vani said...

i voted for you bossy! cuz u rock :)

also, yeah kids can be pretty funky- DAILY baths are required!

Michael Manning said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Manning said...

I'm reposting since I was laughing so hard I mis-spelled a word. I can see why you laughed! This cracked me up too!! A note from a teacher on the subject of "Foot Funk"!!! Wouldn't it be funny if the teacher walked into her classroom and found a desk top filled with Yellow Desenex bottles? :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont think I really win anything..haha

I know, my kids start to stink up my house after a day of no bathing...not pretty..

desnex?..haha, thats a good one..

I acctually was so paranoid today I sprayd my son with more colonge then he normally wears...


aatank said...

I will have to say as an ex-teacher there are many times I wanted to send a note home like that. I just don't understand why kids smell so bad and their parents don't notice.

You are losing...I went and voted but your still losing. Where are all of your friends? Don't they realize how important this is to you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know I am losing...I was kickin his ass for a day or he is kikcing mine...

he left me a commet the other day, he was really nice...but i still wanna kick his ass..

go vote on everyone's computer u know...

I dont win anything, but i still wanna win..sonofabitch.

I know, when i volunteer at my kids schools, I see so many kids with dirty clothes, dirty teeth, and unbrushed hair...some smelled like makes me so damn mad.

Jamie Dawn said...

I cast my vote for YOU in the final round.
You were ahead when I voted, so you BETTER win this gig or I may have to go shoot someone.

Smelly feet are gross. Foot fungus is hitonious.

You did a fine job on the JD Quiz.
Of course, you have known me for quite some time.
We longtime blog buddies are IN THE KNOW.

I will now scroll down and read your previous post.
Good day, you cussing maniac!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks for the vote my lil southern belle wanna be;)

Yes foot oder is Hitoniuos..

thank u for loving me even though I have a potty mouth..I cant wait till u post the answers..I have a good feeling about most of them:)