Friday, March 02, 2007


OK, its still not done snowing yet, we are under a blizzard warning right now because of the wind. Winter sucks ass. Big droopy,saggy wide asses.

Last week we got 19 inches of snow. Then with this storm that started Wednesday we picked up another 23 plus inches and its still snowing..And blowing...And snowing..Son of a bitch.

Here are some pictures to prove my dismay...

See my van...Its buried under white powder..No not cocaine, although I could make a killin sellin all that if it was

This is the deck off my porch in the back 40

This is my garage door...

this is my front yard.....What's left of it

This is my front yard fence, notice the snow is nearly as high as the fence..Son of a bitch

This is another view of my barely visible fence....Holy shit , where the hell is spring?

Here is my backyard, that wall in the back is about 3-4 feet high, and notice the snow is just about covering it..

This is what's left of my patio furniture..

I feel pretty confident that if I were to do great bodily harm to someone, anyone, that the cops could not make it to my house to properly arrest me.

So far the asslicker of a weather man, Al Gore and all three bees lives are still up in the air....

But right now, I just want this mess to be gone...

I cant get my van out, I cant get down my street, my dog is scared to outside to pee-pee...So she is crabby from holding her piss and poo-poo in..She went out this morning, fell off the porch and landed in a piles of snow and could not get out. And being the good dog owner I am, I let her stay in the snow bank until she could find her own way to get out....It took her about 20 minutes, but damn it...She did it.

Now she just sits by the door and whines...I may need to get her a diaper or insert a catheter so she can relive herself..Course she is small enough to be able to use the litter box..

I have to work again today, and I am half hoping I cant get out....My luck I will get out, but not be able to leave at midnight...

School has been cancelled two days in a row now...No reason why they couldn't go help shovel the buses out of the bus garage....

This sucks....And not the good kind of suck either.

Happy trails....

Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

Damn girl- from the looks of things Spring is a long way off. Hell it will take 2 months just for that stuff to melt! Yuck! Try and have a great weekend ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know...its gonna be a long cold day in hell before this shit melts, then when it does all melt, the Missippi river is gonna flood, and there will be another big ole mess..

I need to buy my own planet and live there alone.

Working Mom said...

Wow! That's alot of snow! (duh) I can't imagine having to drive in that. Be careful if you do happen to get out!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Working mom,
u aint kiddin, its about 3 feet worth of snow..wanna come help me shovel? I mean u might like it since u have never seen it before..

come on over, I will give u a lesson on how to shovel, drive and make snowmen out of this shit.

Fantastagirl said...

That's just too much snow! They've canceled school yesterday and today - I tried to go to work, but the road was blown shut. For the first time in 9 years, my boss has decided that we could be closed due to the weather. We almost had heart attacks!

Now we are hanging out at home..

Britmum said...

Oh dear and here I am sad that I have had to put a sweatshirt on because its a little bit nippy. I can see my back yard, my garage door, my fence and my swimming pool. LOL

I hope it warms up soon and that you get to skip work.

Love ya you little snowman you.

Take care xx

Britmum said...

P.S. Make sure you have two pairs of cotton socks on so I can bless you twice. xxxx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes its too much snow alright..glad u got out of work anyway..

I got to wear two pair in order to keep my piggies warm..haha

u dont wanna hear about your pool, not one word of it..

kaliblue said...

I reckon it wouldn't be a good time to tell ya how wonderful our weather has been and that we hit the 70's a couple times last week and that next week we should be in the mid 60's huh?. *wink*. That white stuff shore looks cold.. Wanna come for a visit?. :-). As of Tuesday I'll be laid up for about 6 weeks. I wouldn't mind some company. I'd only ask you to do a few chores for me*giggles*.
Stay warm Miss Bossy and Have A Good Weekend:-).

ktlee said...

I hate snow, my car got towed last night. I'm now $94.66 poorer.

It needs to be spring.

Cliff Morrow said...

If you'd put your snow with our 4 days of 40+ winds you'd be in till July. Well now you won't have to get mad a Shaky. You'll have time to clear the drive yourself.

Badoozie said...

get some booze, good food and just party through it

"T" said...

I would like to know...

How do YOU have all that snow and MY freaking AIR CONDITIONER is running all day.

I think I live in hell.

Kendra Lynn said...

Now THAT is way too much snow!
Hope Mr. Shaky gets to use his supplies up.


Blazer1234 said...

I don't think any amount of salt or shoveling is going to get you out of the driveway. Stay home and teach the pooch to piss in snow. Who needs to work anyway?

Jerry said...

Get out there and shovel that stuff while it's light and fluffy. Once it starts to melt, it turns to ice and gets heavy. Plus, you can work off a lot of frustration, and calories. I'd fly there and help you but I just hate snow.

You are SO gonna love South Carolina (You're still moving there, right?)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, dont wanna hear baout 70 degrees at all..hehe

wow, that sucks...I hate it when they have them damn snow emergeines..damn..

hope your all dug out by now.

we are under a blowing snow advisory for saturday..not 40 mile winds, but its blowing..not enough to clear the driveway...damn..

i cant get out of the driveway:)

I would like to know that also...wanna trade?

yup..he bought his "supplies" the day befor the storm hit..

man, its awful here...I had to work, and nearly got stuck a few times, have to driv hubbys car cuz, well, u saw the van..haha..snow sucks ass

well hell, I dont like snow either, now be a gentleman and come shovel..

yup..still going there, and not soon enough..

Jamie Dawn said...

Good GAWD! That's a lotta snow!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know..