Wednesday, March 14, 2007

happy flipping birthday

So today is the big day. Today Mr Shaky turns 36. I took Boo to go get him a present today. I asked her what she wanted to get him...she told me a new washing machine. I said I don't think they sell those at Target you retard.

So we picked some things a card...called it good..

If he wants better gifts, he best start paying me to sit here and do nothing all day. My money tree hasn't started blooming yet, I suspect after the snow melts and spring starts, the buds will begin showing.

We are going out to eat Wednesday night. My mom made reservations at a fancy place here in town. Its her gift to him. She told me to try and keep the bill under 100 bucks. I was like how the hell are two people gonna rack up a bill that big?

Now I am sorta on a mission, gonna try to get it to at least 90 bucks.

Mr Shaky was a bit of an asshole Monday night, so I was not speaking to him. He did something that pissed me off.....and I wanted to beat the fu*k out of him...But I restrained myself, instead I just ignored him..

He then got mad at me, because I slammed a door on him...I was getting my Jammie's on and was not in the mood to put on a show for someone I wanted to bitch slap, so I shut the door. After he was done in the bathroom, I went in to brush my gums, and when I came out, he was gone..along with his pillow and alarm clock...

Guess who got the bed all to herself last night?

Not sure why he was the one mad, when he was the first one to be a jerk off.

Sometimes men are more then retards. They do something ass nine, and they are all of a sudden mad at u.

Well it wasn't flying last night....No wings. No flight was taken. I was mad, and that was that.

Then today its as though nothing happened.

Just because of the turn of events that transpired this day, I will not be making a birthday cake.

He can get dessert when we go to dinner....

Got to rack up that 90 bucks somehow, I can only eat so many cheese sticks, steaks and glasses of liquor before becoming ill. I am no God or anything.

Ok on the blog wars, some guy is totally kicking my ass...Come on guys, where the hell is the love? Even if u voted last week, u still need to vote this week, its the last round....damn, if I lose to a man, I will never be able to live that shit down..

so go here and please vote for me...I hating slutting myself out, or pimping myself, but holy hell..I am losing...To.A. Man.

Oh hell no...

A friend of mine I have known since like Kindergarten is going thru a rough time. Her brand new nephew is dying. They don't suspect he will live thru the weekend. The little guy is only like 3 months old, and has been diagnosed with a form of MD..and he is fading please say a prayer for him and the family..the little guys name is Keegan. Its just heartbreaking. I hate hearing shit like this. Especially when you know the family. Life sucks ass sometimes.

Ok, so after spewing about how my man was a totally jack wipe last night, and how I am not making him a cake, and how I did not buy him a washing machine, I still hope he has a half way decent birthday.


SO here is to Mr Shaky, he sure knows how to piss a lady off right..

U still have a big head though

bee real


ktlee said...

Happy birthday Mr. Shaky.

Good luck on getting the tab to $90.00

js said...

happy b-day to him
u should be nice and not be an old bitty
its his b-day! come on
he does have a big melon

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am gonna try my damnest to milk it for all its worth..a 90 dollar dinner dont come arond but once a year..hehe

so, I am an old bitty now?..damn..
yes he does have a big melon.

Miss 1999 said...

Happy Birthday To Mr. Shithead, I mean, Mr. Shaky-- hey, they're all shitheads from time to time. Hope ya'll have a good dinner out, anyway!

So sorry to hear about your friend's little one, I'll make sure to keep them in my prayers *hugs*

Princess said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Shaky!! I hope you guys have a great night. Snap some pics of all your food! :D

You have my vote! :D

Im sorry to hear about your friends bubby :( That is sad. At least she has you as a good friend. You awesome.


Hails said...

Men can be aholes like that. I like the frypan method. Works wonders and shuts em up for a bit!! hehehe! happy bday to him anyways.

Sorry to hear about your friend, thats really sad.

Also voted for you again...and again...and again!!

aatank said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mr. Shaky Pants. Happy Birthday to you.

You could at least warn me that you are writing that shit. Made me cry already this morning. We are heading down to see him this morning. He had a really good day yesterday, they even took him outside for a walk. I don't think the doctors know what they are talking about. He is being transfered to Marlette on Thurdsay, so he is closer to home.

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Miss 1999,
hahahahaha, mr shithead, holy crap that has be laghing..I just love u..haha

thank u for the vote:)
hmm, ok...i will take pics of the food, just for u.

yes, men can be assholes...big fat stinky assholes..haha

well thats great that they are transfering the baby..and its great they got to take him outside..see, like i said, maybe a miracle will happen..

i will tell shaky u sang to him..haha

Neurotic1 said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Shaky- I hope y'all enjoy your dinner. I like when people give "gifts" that everyone can share. Makes someone else's b-day more fun! Tell Mr. Shaky he is not old enough yet to be a grumpy old man ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

he has been a grumpy ole man since i met him..

It will be nice to go out for dinner, with no kids and where they dont put crayons and a childs menu down at my table..

Gette said...

Happy B'day to saky and Score! a grownup night out for Bossy!!!!

We're overdue for coffee/diet coke.

Hey, doesn't your town have a day spa? Hmmmmm.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I was thinking the same thing..

well we USE to have a longer,,,its now some sort of a furniture store or something now..bastards.

but hey, we are getting a walmart..haha

~Deb said...

Wow, that was some change in events with Mr. Shaky!

TO MR. SHAKY: I am glad she finally decided to make you a cake!!!!!!! Happy birthday!

And, I will say a prayer for Keegan. I hate when little kids have to endure such pain and sickness... You have a huge heart. What a sad thing, huh? My thoughts and prayers are with him!

Be well, and enjoy your time with that cute man of yours! :)

Raggedy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Shaky!

Prayers for Keegan.

Huggles for you.


Raggedy said...

I wish I could visit here more.
I have seizure issues with movement on the screen like your blog does. I went over and voted for you because you rock!
Take care,

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh no, I said i was NOT making him a cake..haha

wait, my blog moves?..ok, its not suppose to u have me concered..

thank u for ur vote :)

Leesa said...

Well, I said I was not going to "pimp" the final Battle of the Blogs, partly because some complained. It is an honor being in the final 16, and this blog is still in the running. So I am pimping away, even though a couple of hundred votes have already been cast. It is still very close.

The Kept Woman said...

That fucking sucks about your friend's nephew. There's just no reason for that.

Now I'm sure you can reach $90...when in doubt order mixed drinks!

Michael Manning said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. SHAKY! Hope all of you have much fun and laughter!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank for pimping me out..I am needing me;)

my thoughts exactly..I am gonna come home fat and drunk.

thanks...not sure how much laughter will be had, but we are sure gonna eat good tonight;)

Badoozie said...

yup, typical man, push your buttons then wonder why your pissed. tell him he's older than the hills, that'll teach him. Order a smorgasboard of things, and ask for to-go containers, feed your family for a week! thanks mom!!

Badoozie said...

I won't be accused of slacking, I've tried every trick in the book, every identity from all my computers, so there. What is wrong with all these other slackers? surely you have more than 33 readers, minus the 10 votes I did

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope..I dont have enough people as dedicated as u are..if i win..i will list u in my acceptnat speech..

Anonymous said...

... good luck with the contest!... and happy birthday to your man.... many happy returns...

Eric of SWG

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shaky Pants.

You and I have the normal shaped heads. Everyone else are just pin-heads.

Bossy, Three of my regular reads are in the same contest. I guess I have good taste, huh?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you...and good luck to u as well, ur sorta kicking my ass:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u betcha u do...but who did u vote for?..haha

hey now, did u just call me a pinhead?...shame on u Jerry!