Tuesday, March 13, 2007

baby got back

So I changed to Beta, for mainly one reason. I changed because I was tired of having to sign in every time I went to comment on a beta blogs. I figured if I just went and changed, that would all end. I was wrong

Not only do I have to sign in to comment, but every time I go to post a blog, I have to sign in..I click remember me...but the son of a bitch must have a bad cause of Alzheimer's, cuz it cant remember shit.

So this is infuriating me to no end. I hate when i get screwed...I only like being screwed when I am prepared for it...

Also, if I get one more damn phone call from someone telling me they want to lower my credit card interest, I am gonna run naked thru a field with shot guns and a map..a map to the office these ass wipes are calling from..

The gun part is to kill them, the naked part is to give them one big fright before I pull the trigger. The field is for me to protect the innocent from being scarred for life.

I guess these monkey ball sucking telemarketers don't realize I am on the DO NOT CALL list. I don't even like calls from people I like.

They must also not realize that I have talked with my credit card companies myself and got myself a lower interest rate. On.My.Own.

Man I hate buttlickers...I am surrounded my buttlickers.

Please stop calling me u sonsabitches..and Blogger, please hire some people who can make it so I don't have to sign in every damn time I want to leave a comment or post..Why do u have the "remember me' choice on dashboard if it does not work?..why why why?..


So Do u ever see when people bend down and their ass crack is in full view? It does not look good one anyone. Doesn't matter what your size is, I don't wanna see the crack that leads to your rectum.

including this one


And here is some advice...Don't send your three year old to clean her room. Even if the seven year old volunteers to help, because this is what u will find..


Looks like retards are working overtime..

damn it.

And also, my son, whom will be 10 on Saturday, thinks that just because he has swimming practice after school everyday, that he does not have to shower at night now. He thinks when he showers after swim practice in the locker room that he can call it good...I mean the fact he is standing in a shower filled with all sorts of bacteria that can lead to athletes foot or jock itch doesn't mean your getting clean. Let alone the fact you are not using soap or shampoo..

I don't know...I just don't know...

Then today I told Boo to stop stepping on her ball, as she would more then likely pop it. She then told me that balls dont pop, only bawoons and beach balls pop momma..

I stand corrected.

Oh this is the final round of the blog battle...please go cast a vote for me..I mean I don't ever win shit...I have not won anything since a spelling bee in the 7th grade..

don't make me run naked thru a field with my loaded shotgun after u...I mean no one wants that.


Go vote...your freedom depends on it..

well your freedom for not having me chase u naked with a shot gun anyway.

Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

I voted please don't chase me nekkid! Boo's got cute crack. I don't mind seein' that kind ;) I hate telemarketers! I normally shoot the shit and try to piss them off if I have time!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Ok, I wont chase u nekkid thru the fields..

I dont know, even baby crack is still crack..hehe

Karin said...

I voted already so you can please stop harassing me. As for the credit people they get around the do not call list by sending you a piece of junk mail and then they say they aren't spam calling they are following up on a corrispondance. Buttlickers the lot of them! I don't know why you have to sign in each time I never do, but my gmail is always signed in so maybe that is why.

jsull28fl@yaho said...

i have voted so much u owe me for the carple tunnel i have
ok thats not why i have carple tunnel
and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
boo is mine too!!!!!!
her and butch
i always show crack
thats just 2 funny
Sweet Floors!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm..I dont even se my Gmail...how do stay logged in all the time..fill me in..

Slick Willy,
hmm, so u wear the wranglers a bit droopy huh?..haha

Britmum said...

I voted but I would like you to chase me nekkid with a shot gun so that I can video you and make billions on you tube or whateva!!!


Your girls looks so darn it to heck cute.

Take care xx

P.S. I don't have to keep signing in. I guess blogger likes my ass crack. xxx

j said...

well they hang down a lil bit
but they are so damn tight in the front it holds em tight after a few inches of crack!!!

Meow said...

I think I voted last week ... hope you win.
Telemarkets suck ... they pick lousey times to call ... any time is a bad time !!!
I don't have to sign in everytime, either ... only the first time I visit a blog, or acces mine. Everytime you get out of Internet Explorer (or whatever you use), when you go back in you will need to sign in again.
I agree, though, why do they have a remember me thingy ... it doesn't.
HOpe you have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Emma Sometimes said...

I voted for you, cause you rock.

By the way, just say, "TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST" and they will. You will do it for a month, about and then they stop. I never get calls like that any more.

Badoozie said...

I tried to vote twice with my two identities but those bastages are onto me. must have a cookie on my computer. I gotcher back...ain't no crack

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

slick willy,
so they are tight in the front, but loose in the back?...

not a chance..hahaha..

I cant get your page to load..I try and try,,last night i waited damn near 10 mintes..I dont know why...it gets stuck or something..

last week was rond two, this is the final... can vote again if want;) and yes, telemarkerts suck

thank you:)

Well when they call I tell them I am on the list and for them to never call me again, I will be a son of a bitch if the fuckers dont keep calling..

yup...they got your cookies..like regualr ole cookie freakin monster..

ktlee said...

Don't run through a corn field. They will cut you. Other fields, sure, just not the corn. I was never naked in my field running, but I'm just saying!

~Deb said...

Speaking of those 'buttlickers', I had this woman practically jump on my once I walked into Khol's because she wanted me to sign up for their credit card. I was like, "NO! NO! NO!" And she kept insisting how much money I'll save, and again, I said, "NO!!!" And she kept on and on until I walked into a pile of left over winter sales they had left- almost tripping over the racks like a complete ass!

Anyway, speaking of "ass cracks", no, plumber's cracks don't look hot on ANYONE...

(Cute photo by the way!) haha!!!!

Did you ever see a woman wearing low rider jeans, and not only is her butt crack sticking out, but her belly fat (that she normally doesn't have in reg. jeans) is flowing out for all to see? That's just nasty. Especially on 'seasoned' women. ;) Bleck!

Anywhoooooooo-----GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE! I loved the photo of your 'boy toy' on my site by the way! haha! ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, I am not sure if I am buying your story on not running thru the fields..haha

glad u liked the pic..hehe..I know he is not your cup of tea;)

Man I had that happen to at Marshal Feilds...I finally told her I was leaving if she asked me one more time..