Friday, March 23, 2007

would u like some muscle with the flower

Remember when I told you about my very good friends little nephew, and that he was sick? Well the little fella died yesterday, he was just four months old. So very sad..

We are all sending u good thoughts and prayers ya.
God bless little Keagan!

Boo wanted to take a picture of the flowers on my leg. I let her, because hell, I am a dumbass, and let her do whatever she wants..

she wants to juggle knives...ok

she wants to play in traffic...ok

she wants to go to the bar for some drinks..ok

she wants to take my minivan to the park...ok

u get the point,

Here are her shots of my flowers...on my legs...her words, not mine.

So that is her gallery of the flower on my leg...Not sure why I was posing, but holy hell, my legs are nice and firm...look at that..
My face, ass, boobs an buttock may be going to hell, but my legs, I guess they must be my best asset...and that's pretty damn sad.
That's what running/walking 7 miles a day will do for u...damn.
Not very attractive on a hetero chick...shit.
eat your heart out Sportacus....
My aunt is coming to visit Saturday. I have not seen her since 1988.
Yup, we are a close nit family alright..
Have a great weekend...
Bee Happy


Neurotic1 said...

Even the dog is looking at you funny for posing :o Have a great weekend and have fun with your aunt!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my dog always looks at me funny..

not sure why I thought stepping on my tip toes would make it easier for her to take a picutre...I am a dumbass..

Jerry said...

She's got legs.
She knows how to use them.

ktlee said...

My family is not very close either.

I like the playing with knives.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

not sure i know how to sue them though..haha

my moms side is the side we are not close too..i am close to my dads family...

knives kick ass..haha

Karin said...

For 3 Boo is a decent photographer. Nice legs.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes...but they all seem a bit crocked dont they?..haha

and she only got like one shot of what she was looking for, which was my tattoo..she is a retard.

Britmum said...

Yeah I would get boo all trained up. She could be your photographer and your campaign manager. Bless her cotton socks and hell bless yours Bossy. Nice legs in a I am not saying there you know nice kind of way.

Take care and I love you with all my heart xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well she had help from her sister..but with my camera there is NO way u cant take a decent pic..haha...they all seem a bit crooked, but she didnt do too bad.

I love u right back jojo;)

The Kept Woman said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's nephew. That just sucks.

Alright, yup. I'm still impressed with your calves...

Fantastagirl said...

sorry to hear about Keegan - that's o sad.

Damn - you have good legs.

just_tammy said...

Sorry to hear about the baby. That's so sad.

On the other hand, nice legs. Now I'm depressed since I feel like a cow. Think I'll juggle some knives while making dinner. Maybe I'll drop one or two of them and they'll slice off a little or a lot of flab on the way down!

Have a great weekend!

Hails said...

thoughts, prays and hugs go to keegans family.

DAMN your legs are hot! Where can i get myself a pair of them ;)

Wendy said...

Very sad about the baby, so sorry.

My three year old has been taking pictures lately too, mostly of the dog's butt...WTH? Even if he did take a picture of my legs I would not put them on here. Yours look great though!

Blazer1234 said...

I'm sorry to read about the baby. I will keep the family in my thoughts.
And you have perty legs with perty flowers. Your boo is one heck of a photographer. Did she take those before or after you let her drive your minivan to the bar for some drinks?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

TKW, does suck..

glad I can still impress someone with those caves..haha

its sad when children young, so sad..

Glad u like the legs, its my only good feature it seems.

dont be deprssed..I have to walk 7 miles a day for one wants that for themsevles sweety.

thanks for sending prayers to Keegans family..I have known the family nearly my whole sad.

Just walk or run u will have legs like that in no time..hehe

the dogs butt huh?...oh no, thats not good..haha

she took them after our trip to the pub..

all her picutres are crooked, but its still viseable..haha

Princess said...

I am so sad to hear about the bubby! :(

Nice stems Bossy!


Packof2 said...

Aww...I am so sorry about the baby. I don't even know what to say. I can't imagine going through that.

Your legs do look great though...good for you sister!


Badoozie said...

I can't even begin to imagine losing a child..I think if my son would die, or had died at that age, I would have been off the deep end. I never understood how people even get through that crap