Monday, March 19, 2007

thats why they call it the blues

So, after the birthday weekend here at my hive, I think the stress from dealing with an ungrateful son on his birthday, seemed to have sprouted something very awful..

see for yourself

I have what appear to be two ghastly looking on my upper cheek bone area, and one a lower..

You will notice my grumpy face and unwashed hair...damnit..

I knew the weekend would leave a mark on my soul. I had not realized it was trauma to the face. My face needs no more trauma the it already suffers.


Guess I better go open my new box of Proactive..does that shit really work?..I am gonna find out.

I mean hell, it got rid of Jessica Simpson's zits, but she still has no talent.

But I have no talent to start with, so I guess it should even itself out in the end.

Now that I have frighten all of you..I will now thank you all.

Thank you to all whom took the time out of your busy life, or lack there of to cast a vote for me..

You guys didn't do too bad. If only the presidential elections would run so smoothly..Course in this kind of election, there really isn't a way to cheat..So I suppose it had no choice but to be a fair outcome..

so without further ado...this is what I won



how does it look?...does it make me look fat?

I mean fatter.

so thank you everyone who voted....I will now not chase you guys thru the fields with shot guns or any weapon that could lead to your untimely death.

My weekend was pretty much a bust.

And my bust line isn't lacking for more busty-ness

OK, I better go shower, and try and scrub my zits away..


I cant leave the house looking like this..


Bee Happy


Aunt Frankie said...

I like your prize ! Go Girl !

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Aunt Frankie,
I hope your not referring to my new zits..hahaha

~Deb said...

Oh that's not bad ----believe me, when I start PMSing, I get these huge ass bolders on my face. GAAAAAAAA! I tried the proactive----it works for a while, then your skin starts to realize the trick, and goes back to the way it was. I've heard that from many people. It smells gross! When I was younger, I had the WORST acne problem. I went on Acutane, and that crap dried me up like a prune and ruined my vision (which later on I had to get lasik sugery.)

But, you look great sweetie! I think we notice it more than other people notice it on us.

Hang in there chickadee!

flea said...

you won! that's freaking awsome! congrats!!!!

honestly the zits don't look so bad, you should see mine right now...chin up (no pun intended there..)

ktlee said...

Yay on winning! Way to campaign.

Choppzs said...

Damn blogger, I wrote this huge ass comment... mother F'r!!!!

Ok, again congrats!! I will not once again go into details how I tried to vote for you more then once and that damn computer voter thingy wouldn't let me!!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have proactive, used a a few times, makes my skin so baby ass soft..zits suck ass..

I cant beilve that stuff ruined your vision..holy crap.

stop trying to make me feel better..hehe

Hillary should hire me for her campaing mananger huh?

blogger fuckig sucks,,

thanks for tyring to vote more then once, but u were only allowed one vote per computer...I shoulda went and purchased a second computer for everyone..haha

Badoozie said...

we went to all that trouble just for a sign? you get no money, no prize? what a rip off. oh well, at least you beat the guy

Badoozie said...

I would say sorry about the zits, but I have one way bigger than that, so I have no sympathy for those little specs

Working Mom said...

Don't get me started on the zits I've sprouted lately....I think that's one reason I'm so damn grumpy.

Yay, you won! I thought you'd get money and split it with me though. Damn.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shit if it was money, I woulda wrote better blogs and did more pimping..

Working mom,
yup, just a sign....thats it..

zits suck ass.

Raggedy said...

Congratulations on the blog win!
I am glad I was able to cast my vote for you.
Rest up, feel better soon.
Huggles and Love,

Karin said...

I already thought of you as a winner. Now that I am officially in my second trimester it brought zits with it. I guess though if zits are the trade off for sleeping at night I will take it.

Blazer1234 said...

I'm so glad you won!!! You deserve every bit of that pretty blog-button. I'm not being too much of a brown-noser, am I?

And zits...don't even get me started. PMS sucks. and stress.

Fantastagirl said...

OMG he's 10? Wow - you let him do that? Good luck with the Proactive - hope it works!

Congrats on the prize - you rock!

Kendra Lynn said...

Congrats on winning.


Princess said...

Has your hair always been that colour? I thought it was blonde... unless i missed the post where you changed it...

CONGRATS, on winning! :D I knew you would! *dances*


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank u for casting a vote for me:)hopfully today will be better..hehe

ohh...second trimester already? that brings on the zits alright..

PMS sucks doneky balls...big huge hairy ones, like zita..all suck donkey balls.

yes he is ten...I want to beat him bloody or blind..which ever comes first..

thank u sweety.

no, my hair is blonde, i colored it about a month ago...if u look cloesly u can see my blonde roots showing up..not a good look.

Jerry said...


Be glad you still have enough moisture to create a zit. At some point, your skin just dries out and you have to apply cream to your body just to keep from itching to death. You have a long ways to go before you're an old hag.

1st place? Wow! And I know some of your competition. You go girl!

Wendy said...

Congrats on the win! I have to tell you though that zit is nothing compared to the monstrous things I get once a month. Proactive did nothing for me. I'm just doomed!