Thursday, March 15, 2007

someone saved my life tonight

So we had Mr Shaky's big blow-out. I ended making a damn cake. Mostly because I wanted one. But I figured it was the right thing to do..

The only birthday call he got today was a call from the State Farm guy, our insurance guy is not only very good looking, but also calls us on our birthdays. I bet the gecko don't do that.

He keeps checking the caller id to make sure he didn't miss a call. You.Did.Not.Miss.A.Call.

Stop pick up the phone, turning it on to make sure its working. Its working.

His mother finally did call.

Dad: negative
Brother one:negative
Brother two:negative

guess this bitch aint looking so bad after all.

While we were out for dinner there were two older couples at a table. They were talking about church things..Christian Music, preachers, pot lucks..yadda yadda yadda.

Then I heard them talking smack about a lady who brought a jello dessert to this pot luck, and when they went to serve it, it had not set right.

So both of these ugly elderly women were talking bout that..Then they were talking about another older lady, and one of the women said this person was starting to show her age..

see, this is why I can not be a preachers wife, a good one anyway. People who claim they are all Godly, really are not.

They can pick apart a person like the best of them. Like.Me.

I don't know why this pissed me off, but it did.

I don't like old people who talk smack about other old people , it really pisses me off.

And people who try and pretend to be all churchy and then have the ability to back stab with the rest of us, I hate.

Please vote if u haven't yet, the link is on the post below this.
I swear if when I watch Idol tonight that ugly looking guy/gal with the curly hair and earrings isn't kicked off, I am gonna fly there and personally kill him/her.

If I did not know it was a little boy, I would guess it was a hermaphrodite. For real.

I have let my boo wear the same pair of underwear two days running.

Ugly kid is back in the picture, if that little bastard steps foot on my property again, I am going to lock him in my attic.

He came knocking at the door wanting to play with Blondie today. I told her you are not allowed to play with him..she asked why. I said, I don't like him and he steals shit.

So she told him, my mom says I cant play because she don't like u and u steal our stuff.

job well done Blondie, momma loves u.

Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

You gave in a baked a cake! You will make a good preacher's wife one day! I hate church goers that do that to. They pretend to be all high and mighty and then they pull the knife out and jab it in hard! Way to go Blondie. Now maybe ugly kid will stay away for good ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the little bastard was back an hour later wanting to play with the boy..


Karin said...

So does ugly kid think you will like him more if he plays with Butch? Well was the cake good at least? I hate when family is like that, call your brother on his damn birthday. As far as the dinner goes it is people like that, that caused me to peave the church in the first place. I believe you should live what you believe.

Tomscockwhore said...

Okay, so I need to defend the "church people" now. Just because we go to church doesn't make us high and mighty. Did these people tell you they thought they were better than you? Or do you just know they go to church? I mean, I'm a church-goer. I go every Sunday. Does that make me high and mighty?

I don't think so. I think the perception is that people who to go church consider themselves high and mighty. We don't. We just believe in God. And if someone tries to talk to you about God and living His way, doesn't make them high and mighty either, just a believer.

So that is my stand-up for the church people.

On a positive note - way to go for baking a cake!!!

Tomscockwhore said...

Oh I forgot - church people talk about other church people all the time. And often more than people who don't go to church. That's because we see each other every Sunday and often for other activities - so we have more to talk about!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think the little bastard just doesnt get it..the cake was fair..haha

I agree with u to an extent. My family is a bbig church family, mr shaky is in semianry to become a preacher. This particular couple, the one man was a PASTOR at a church..not our church, but a church in town...there is a diffenrce bewteen "church going" people and people OF the church..

My hubby and kids go to church every sunday, and the hubby teaches sunday school...I on the other hand go sparingly, because, hell..I hate church, I dont think u need to go to a building and pay 40 pucks a week in the offeirng to talk to God or to be in the house of the Lord..I think thats hogwash.

so u see the diffenrce I am reffering too?..I would be a "church goer?..and yes, I would go and bad mouth anyone I pleased, cuz hell, who the fuck do I think I am? I am just a regaulr peon like the rest of the "church goers"

I am NOT talking about a church goer, I am talking about a person OF the church...there, I hope I cleared that up..

the cake was good..I will save u a piece:)

Angie said...

I with you on the church peeps.

LOL abot American Idol dude...he sure is a weird looking little guy.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know u know what I mean about the church peeps...dang..

I swear I am NOT watching Idol no more...I cant beilve the hemphrodite got thru again..

ok, I will watch ONE more week:)

Princess said...

Where is my pics, just for me?! :P

Smelly old people annoy me sometimes too.

Im voting RIGHT now :D :D :D


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh bad.

thank u for the vote:-)

ktlee said...

I was at my parents church for craft night or some crap the other night. The longest 2 hours of my life. I just wanted to say hi to my grandma, hadn't seen her in forever. Anyway, I can't stand church goers either. Part of my own major issues with religion.

How did it go wracking up the tab at dinner, where did you go?

Fantastagirl said...

I hate to tell you this - but most "church goers" that brag about being church going type people, aren't very christain like....

Just another friendly "NEWS FLASH" from me... the I used to go to church, but now I don't person.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont think I even racked up 40 bucks..

amen to that..seems most people I know whom "claim" to be all Godly, are just the opposite..

for the exception of ole shaky..he dont flaunt it, but he sure as hell never speaks ill of another person..(while other people are within ear shot anyway)..haha..j/k

but your right..if u have to make it known your churchy, u aint churchy at all.

j said...

Leeza emailed me and asked me please to not vote again, i was making an ass of myself by voting so much!!!!!

yeah im with you on the Democrat on Idol
he/she wont win

glad u cooked shakey drawers a cake
hope he had his best birthday this year tonight!!!!!???

Miss 1999 said...

I knew your ass would come out smellin' like a rose ;0)

PS: I've been votin' for ya over at Leesa's place!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well seeings u can only vote once, she was prolly tellin u to go home..haha

Miss 1999,
I dont know about roses, but daisy's maybe;)

~Deb said...

And this is why I never did that 'fellowship' in the church I used to go to. The last time I did, it was like they wanted to throw me in this "ex-lesbian ministry" to lay hands on me and say,


Not for me.

Anyway, that's too funny about that kid coming to your door. Does he really steal stuff at your home? Or just steals in general?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Deb, seems to some church goers, your nevr good enough..fuckwads is what they are..

no, he steals the kids toys..

last summer he stole these items from my son

his light sabar
yu-gi-o cards
action figures
dual deck..( a card playing device)
his sled
other varoius items

and guess who went down tog et them..

me or blondie..

I told the bastard of a kid to stop stealing my kids shit, he denies he did it, yet he has the itmes in his hand..claimes the kids " left" their shit there..

homey dont play that!

Michele_3 said...

Hey you!
good for blondie on relating the message to ugly kid, maybe he will get it this time and you won't see him on your front door any more.. LOL!

I agree w/ the you on the elder people talking smack-
I heard two old women doing this about their own relatives recently & it really made me a little upset-
to hear these two very well admired women talking very openly and negative about their family! It was like they were on a roll & could not stop! Very weird..

Happy Belayed birthday to Mr. Shaky! My husband's B/Day is this month as well!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dang, long time no see..

I know, it dont shock me when i see people my age or even baby boomer age talking smack about people, but when its little old ladies, it shocks the shit out of me..

Wendy said...

That is exactly why I stay away from church! To me it is full of mostly hipocrits. My next door neighbor is a pastor and I am always uncomfortable around them because I feel like I'm being judged.

I have a kid in the neighborhood who comes over to play whom I'm not fond of too. He doesn't steal just bugs the shit out of me.

Peggy said...

by now you know the weirdo is still on American Idol but I did find out why. On Today Show they said the website that gets people to vote for the worst singer has people voting for him and Howard Stern has ask all his listners to vote for him. So now the dumb nut will probably win :(

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thats my deal too...but when my hubby becomes a preacher, and people know i talk about them, they wont know I have ALWAYS been that way..haha

I saw that....but they must not be getting a lot of people calling, because he is always in the wont be long and he will be gone..he better be anyway.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well at least Blondie didn't tell Ugly Kid to F-off because he steals shit.
Boo WOULD have said that to him, you know.

Boo is wearing day old undies?
Let's not make this a habit.

Mr. Shaky's family (except mother) should be ashamed for not calling him on his b-day.
YOU made him a cake!
You win!!

Did those old ladies have blue hair?
I'm just picturing those gossiping skanks with blue hair. :)