Saturday, March 17, 2007

where the hell is pot of gold?

So not only is today good Ole St Patty's Day, but alas, it is the day I pushed forth from my loins, this lil pisser

It has been a whole damn decade since he was a newborn. To you retards that's 10 years. I have a 10 year old.

Holy shit.

Anyway, I had Mr Shaky order his cake. The Boy wanted either the solar system on his cake or Narnia. well the bakery had neither. SO Mr Shaky suggested we decorate it ourselves.

I told him that was a bad idea. The Boy already says I am single handedly wrecking his life, I sure as hell don't need to wreck his damn birthday cake.

So I told him to have them write Happy Birthday on it and throw some of them creepy ass looking leprechauns on it...Because holy shit, I should take advantage of being able to get a holiday cake...

Well, his cake pretty much sucks. I am not sure what the sam bloody hell I was thinking. I shoulda decorated the bitch myself..

And there isn't a damn leprechaun on it, just shamrocks...sonofabitch.

The Boy thinks that just because he was born on this day, that he is automatically Irish. what a dumb shit. He comes by it honestly though...

I am a bit of a dumb shit myself.

For instances, when I was a kid, I use to get pissed off when people would tell me Boy Goerge was gay.

When I was ten years old, I was with my mom with a whole damn gaggle of her friends. In front of all her friends, she asked me a very innocent question, that I turned into a big laughing spectacle.

She asked me if I wanted hot or cold lunch for school the next day..

simple enough right?...oh wait, tis gets better..

I then proceeded to tell her that I wanted a juice box in my lunch. A juice box with a green straw, because having green meant u were horny, and I wanted to be horny tommorrow

Now I was ten, and had no idea what horny meant. I just heard some kids on the bus saying that eating green or wearing green meant u were horny.

I assumed it meant u were in some secret club that had to do with unicorns.

how the hell did I know?

See, so I know I cant fault him 100% for being a dumbass.

So now I have a 3 year old, a 7 year old, and a 10 year old.

Soon he will be shaving, popping zits, and hiding my SHAPE and FITNESS magazines under his mattress..

But I will be damned if he is gonna carry a wallet. Like I stated before, I know what boys carry in their wallets.

oh hell no..

So to my boy, have a good birthday. I am sure that at some point in the day you will again, single handedly blame me for any event that causes u grief. I am assuming that something will happen that will land you in therapy.

Just make sure u tell your therapist I did not let you have a wallet..

Thank you in advance.

Bee Happy

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Claire said...

Happy birthday to the boy!


LZ Blogger said...

Happy Birthday to your decade old leprechaun and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you ALL! ~ jb///

TBG said...

Happy Birthday!

ktlee said...

Happy birthday!

Working Mom said...

Happy Birthday Butch!! We need pics of the cake!

Oh and a late Happy Birthday to Mr. Shaky!

(Apparently, I'm living under a rock lately! Sorry!)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Thank u guys...

we are leaving for bowling soon..


Britmum said...

Happy Birthday Butch.... He is mighty hadsome there. I wonder how long it will be until we have the wallet talk?

Take care xx

Karin said...

Happy giving birth day Bossy. For what he put you through you are entitled to single handly ruin his life for ever. Hope the day goes well and that no other good doer gives the boy a wallet.

aatank said...

Happy Birthday oldest Bee! Just call me somtime and I'll tell ya why your mom knows what boys carry in their wallets. Besides do you want him to knock up some girl by age 12, you better talk to that boy.

Have a great birthday!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well he has had the wallet talk, I just dont want him "having" a wallet..haha

Karin, far, no wallets..haha

wll he has had the wallet talk...I just dont want him getting any ideas..haha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...
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Kendra Lynn said...

Happy birthday to the boy.


Jerry said...

Happy St. Patty's Day, Bossy!

Choppzs said...

Happy Birthday Boy!!! lol I know what you mean about shitty cakes. No one seems to know how to decorate those damn cakes and it is suppose to be their jobs!!! I paid to much money for Baby Boy's cake, and I could have done it better myself! Oh well, maybe next time...or maybe not, I am to lazy!! lol