Friday, July 08, 2005

somedays I just don't know any better..Live and learn is what I always say

Today I feel like an alien may have probed me in the night and sucked every bit of energy I have. I swear, I almost felt paralyzed with fatigue all day..I did not even go to the fireworks tonight..(I know the 4th was Monday..We are having our watercade festival this week)..I am laying up here in bed with the trusty laptop..I am hoping by morning I will have even a spec of energy..

I am going to attempt to mow my lawn tomorw.although it is suppose to be about 95 degrees outside..This will be my first time since my "accident"..That is what I refer to it as now..So embarrassing saying I fell down my basement stairs..And my beautiful treadmill sits there..It is so ironic the day it finally gets fixed I have an "accident" that forbids me from walking.
I am going to try and get out on the bike too..I think I can do that..I am getting around pretty good...But walking is the biggest problem..Still sore...But I am getting better..

I am convinced my kids are addicted to fighting with eachother..I can hear them screaming and yelling as they are "playing" in the basement...I get to the point I don't even bother to holler down to see what is going on...I know I am going to get 2 different stories so why even bother...Unless there is blood...They can handle their own fights...Am I wrong?

I have also come to realize I am emotionally unstable...Yup...Not sure how I came to that..Or even why...But that is what I am thinking...Could just be pms...Either way..It bites..

I have another story...I know how we all love this..(gagging)..
Back about a year ago..Maybe not that long ago...My hubby and I had to fly here to Minnealpolis to meet with our realetor to start looking for our home. (which the bugger started off showing us million dollar homes..I mean come on buddy I drive a 2003 dodge caravan..Not a roles Royce)..anyhoo as we are driving thru the city site seeing I get a call from my oldest..Actually we were lost..I will admit it...
My mom, who was in charge of my spawns for the weekend had set him up to call and tell me this...Your gonna love this one I swear....
Zach: "mom..Becky had to call 911..(my kids call my mom by her first name..Not sure why..But they do)

I am not sure exactly what happen..But she somehow got my baby caught up in her stroller and could not get her out...This is my family:)

Well I better get along to bed..The aliens may be back to get what I have left..I swear this time I will get pictures...Toodles


Marel Lecone said...

Regarding how you're feeling, don't be too hard on yourself. I, personally, go thru this kind of thing alot. The things that help me are blogging, talking on the phone with friends, working part-time in the eves, going out a little. We need outlets in other areas of life. It is so important. Hope you can catch up on some rest. Take care.

Humor Girl said...

that's great! ( through cookies delight) My mom used to make us deal with it but if we started yelling, we were both in trouble. If we really wanted her to get in the middle of it, we could each have a few minutes to state our claim, then she would decide if it needed to be dealt with. Good luck mowing the lawn! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Awareness is the first step to change. It sounds like you recognize the PMS side of yourself. We all feel wacky sometimes.
Get some rest. The lawn can wait.