Thursday, July 28, 2005

sick spawn..

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Crap..I have a sick spawn
So my middle spawn came up to my room stating she was ill and needed to sleep with us...HMMm I don't think so miss....After she is tucked into bed...The hubby is like.."All she wanted to do was just lay and cuddle here because she isn't feeling good...So then felt I bad..I walked down to her room where she was already sleeping..(which means she must be sick.....)I wake her up and ask her if she want to come up with us,,,and of course she does...I do the good mom think make her take her shirt off,,(I mean she was on fire) took her tempters 101.3..not what I Would consider a high fever to be..But as of now..She under supervision..This is no longer a stay of a tummy ache..Now I have to make sure I wake up to feel her every hour to make sure she has not melted....What fun...LOL..I have supplied her with her needed mortin to combat a fever during the night,so I don't get woke up with her having convulsions because her fever is to high......I will have to kiss her many times...(that is how you gauge)..If your lips burn,,,bad news...LOL...She may have spiked a good one..LOLI am hoping by morining this funk is gone,,,,I don't like to deal with sick kids..It breaks me up...Makes me feel sad,,,nothing I can do to help them...Just dish out the Vernors,popscilies,juice and of course ice cream....I think I am gonna have a long night,,,I will try to check you stuff in the morning if she is feeling better....Call me if you have my number..I will need a pick me up...Take care...Sick kids suck.....(well not the kids...But the sick..LOL)....Toodles
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momma of 2 said...

Sick kids are no fun, waiting for my dryer to be done so I can finish packing, going to Hubby's hometown to see his old high school buddies.... I begged to stay in hotel... NOPE - gotta stay at in-laws...there goes my weekend..but at least the kids are not SICK... hope they are feeling better soon!

Gangadhar said...

Hi Christina..hope they are feeling better now!!
Take care..

Jaws said...

Eepp.. wow Its hard being a mom when your little one is down sick. Its hard to watch them be so miserable and you can tell when they are sick they just sit there with that glazed over look. I hope she feels better real soon. HUGS to you both.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks for the well wishes..:)