Monday, July 18, 2005

Conversations with little people

While driving in the van today my son pipes up with.." Mom "the Spanish kid" doesn't know what littering means?..I very much confused at this odd statement ask what he is talking about.
He told me that "the Spanish kid" and his family don't know English well enough to understand what littering means..Because there yard is full of wrappers, cups, trash and he has even seen spoons in the yard..LOL
He told me their yard looks like a "junkyard"
My son explained to me that he tried telling them that throwing trash on the ground was bad and you should really use a garbage can..My son really cant stand to see littering..God Bless him..So he is now convinced folks who hail from Mexico have no idea what littering means or that garbage cans can be uselful:)

My littlest spawn while outside tonight was throwing rocks..everytime she threw one she would say.."See..See momma"...And when I would ignore her..She would say it louder...When I would say "yup I see"..She would lift her arms in the air and say"ta da"...She is such a ham..I taught her where the sky is..Now when you ask her where the sky is she looks up..Points..And claps and says..:guy guy"..Guess you have to be there:)

I have added a few new sites to my list...All good of course..I am adding more but I have a hard enough time adding a few at a time...Remember I am a recovering blonde..Always keep that in mind when you read my nonsense..

Doing good with the Bloggers Biggest Loser..(it is a weight loss challenge in case you were wondering)...It is fun..And good source of tips and support for anyone wanting to lose a few extra pounds...

Do you ever have days where you think everyone hates you?..Yup having one today..And frankly I could care less..:)

Thanks for all the good advice from my earlier post..I have decided that I am going to just offer advice when she ask for it...I am not going to hound her or tell her I think she is totally whacked for staying...In due time I hope she will come to see..And Thank you Princess for writing and talking with her..Your great:)

Well I am off to bed...Gonna watch a little John Stewart..(if I miss the nightly news...I watch him and call it good..LOL)
Then watch a little Letterman...Then a little Conan after, hopefully sometime between now and morining I can catch a few winks..I am a sleep deprived soul on the verge of running away and or changing my name and hair color...:)


lillielaw said...

I love reading your post they are great :)
I can totally relate when you refer to your children. What made me laugh is when my daughter was learning to count when she was little I counted to twenty and she looked at me in amazement and said "good job! what a big girl you counted to twenty!" you can tell we use positive reinforcement to help her learn, right? lol!

momma of 2 said...

You should be so proud that your son knows what a garbage can is, AND how to use it.

Love reading the posts about your kids, makes me smile, remember when we were at that point, and smile because of what I have to look forward too!

Have a great day!

Tammy said...

Please tell your son that not spanish people make that much of a mess with they garbage...LOL.
Kids can be so funny.
I can't believe how late you get yourself to bed. I don't think I could stay up that late and watch those shows.
Ciao girl and good luck on the weight loss.

firehotgran said...

and why do you think i don't love you...

midwest_hick said...

lol...I remember whern my daughter was just learning to read....and she accompanied me to her older brothers teachers conference and saw the teachers name on the door (Hughes)......she said....are we going to see Mrs Hug hes?

Jennifer said...

Kid~who knows what they will say? LOL

J&J'sMom said...

I'm so glad you're not running away..;0) I'm having one of those weeks myself. Not much of a writing mood. You're kids are beautiful!!! Makes me feel so not alone ;0) have a fantastic day!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well tammy they arent spanish they are syas since they speak spanish therefore they must be

i tried telling him not all folks are like that,but it is so hard proving him wrong around here..:)

Tee said...

Some Hispanic people who weren't raised here actually aren't aware of laws on littering. We grew up with commercials like "Give a hoot, don't polute" - and many of them didn't. It's just a different culture - but your son is right to explain the laws here.... I had the same issue with my mother-in-law who is from El Salvador, (a few countries south of Mexico). I told her that the reason everything is so clean and beautiful here is because it is the law - you are not allowed to throw trash - and if you do, you can be ticketed.... Tell your son to say, "Por favor, no tira basura." (pronounced: poor fah-vor, no tee-ra bah-soo-rah." It means, Please don't throw trash.