Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hot..Hot and even hotter

Man it is so freaking hot outside..I am not sure if the Earth is at boiling point, but it sure feels like it..Saturday was even hotter, The air was so thick with humidity you could not breath..I love summer, but I don't like not being able to enjoy it..Drats..

I worked for a few hours today, and I really don't have any amusing tales..It was pretty quiet today..I don't think one of them yelled at me or cursed at me..;)

I don't know what is wrong with me..I know there are many working moms out there..Who actually work full time..Then come home to get dinner and take care of the kiddies. But only working part time..I am so whipped by the time I get home I could care less if anyone in this house eats let alone if it gets clean or not...When the oldest spawn was a toddler I worked full time..Sometimes I would go 2 weeks at a time without a day off..(I did the same job..Activities at a nursing home)...And I could work from 9-5 everyday, come home, get dinner,play with the baby..And everything else..Why does working 4 hours a day a few days a week make me feel like a tired ole bag??..Although I have worked nealry everyday this last week...Still..I am a young chick still...And my mom has reminded me I can not retire for another 30 plus years..And I also think you need a job to retire from...Guess I better find a a job huh??..LOL

Another update...I know this all changes daily..The plot changes more than Days of Our Lives...(yeah Beth..You no what I mean..LOL)
My mom and the midget are no longer...She has told him not to ever call her again..I guess he was starting to sound a little crazy...LOL..Go figure:)....But she a few other suitors hot on her trail...She finds more action..( in cyber space) than most find on a race track..LOL..Maybe someday her prince will come..Maybe she might wanna start going to church...Nice men go there don't they??...

Well I am gonna go have a bowl of cinnamon Life cereal..I am in the mood fro something sweet...And I love cereal..LOL...(kinda like Seinfeld that way:)

Have a peaceful Sunday...Toodles


midwest_hick said...

Awwwwwww.....your mother cast aside the 'wee' one huh?

Kristen said...

your mom is quite the party girl, huh?

Marel Lecone said...

Well, good that your mom saw it all before it was too late.

I know what you mean about the cooking. I am the worst about getting meals everyday, more like once a week. The husband has to step in for me.

Try and stay cool. And, there's nothing wrong with you, girlie!

Tammy said...

Good for your mom. Something about him was freaking me out and I didn't even know him.
You know, I met my husband at church. You never know. But I do believe love comes along when you least except it.

Jennifer said...

it's over 100 here in GA today. My husband who works outside is melting away.