Saturday, July 23, 2005

Apple bees=birds and the bees

So I worked today from 7:30 till 4pm...And I went most of the day with out upsetting an old person....That is until I left..One lady..(not the same one from yesterday..LOL)......
LADY:.."What's that on your neck?"
ME.."Huh..I don't have anything on my neck"
LADY" I mean on the back of your neck"
ME..:"what is on the back of my neck..(worried like)
LADY.." That damn tattoo you have".." You no you cant give blood if you have a tattoo"
ME: " I wasn't planning on giving blood..Nor can I"
LADY.." Oh hell, I don't want to hear your damn excuses"
ME..:"you no I have 5 tattoos..And I like em all"
LADY.." Your a damn fool, you no they don't wash off?"
ME:" good thing, cause I spent a lot of money on them"

So I did manage to tick one off before I

I have 5 tattoos..And I will tell you where they are and what they are..(just for future reference)
tattoo number one is around my ankle and it is daisies and leaves
number 2.. Sunshine on the back of my neck
number 3..(now don't faint...) the symbol that prince use to go by..I love him you know?..
number 4 and 5...2 drops of purple rain on my shoulder

there nothing bad..Nothing dirty...Nice clean fun..:)

After work went out shopping at Target..( love Target) and ate at Applebees..Where I saw two folks with a mullet..One woman and one man...I just don't know how they can look in the mirror and think it looks ok..

The table right behind us had a group of folks...Talking about how good their sex is...Making sexual comment to the waitress..It was like 4 couples..Talking all nasty and crap..I was not impressed at all...Laughing..Drinking..Just whooping it up..Oh well...At least some adults are out having fun with friends..

Hope everyone is having a good weekend...Toodles


midwest_hick said...

lol.....good comeback to the old lady.....old people and kids...always speak without thinking

Marel Lecone said...

Very creative on the title, girl. Hope you have a great day with fam on Sunday! Talk to you later.

Jamie Dawn said...

So, the sunshine on the back of your neck is the one that caused all that trouble.

Kristen said...

purple rain drops??? I love it.

Jaws said...

See I would have said some thing like God I hope you have a tattoo cause I would hate to see your grumpy (its a family blog)blood being passed around..

nin said...

purple rain......sounds interesting...
keep it up.....
take care..........

Robin said...

Does the old lady realize that her wrinkles don't wash off either??

BTW, you CAN give blood if you have a tattoo. My hubby has tats and gives blood regularly. I have one, and have given blood twice.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

love it Robin...I should of thought of that

Sandy said...

Don't you know this saying? "Sex is like money...those who have it don't talk about it." There you go!

Manic Mom said...

Hey, now I know why you go by raspberry beret! I have one tattoo that is celebrating its first birthday probably today to be exact! Happy anniversary to my tattoo! And I'm 36! You CAN give blood, just not the first year you had your tattoo in case it's infected or some crap like that. I know because I used to give frequently but last time I went, and I read the requirements, I realized I couldn't give... until one year. I should call Red Cross right now!