Friday, July 15, 2005

Down and out in the mid-west

For some reason today I am in a bad mood and feel kinda down..Not sure why..Maybe I am tired of never having any money..(well I mean in my wallet..LOL)..Maybe I am tired of being tired all the time..Maybe it is because I feel lonely or isolated in my home...Maybe it is because I feel like such a huge slob..Maybe its because I feel I don,t have any good friends left anymore..Maybe its because I need some Zoloft..LOL...Maybe it is because it has not been below 95 for the last 6 days and we haven,t went outside..Maybe its because everytime we go outside we are swarmed by a family of mosquito's who haven't ate a good meal in a few days..

Anyhoo...I am going to take my 2 older spawns to see Charlie and the Cholcalte Factory tonight..Although I love Johnny Depp...I do not see him making a good Willy Wonka...That is one of my favorite movies..I am worried I am gonna walk away being very disappointed...I hope all the original songs are still in it...Oh here is hoping...I will let you know how it is when I return tonight..

This morning my little baby spawn was in my room watching TV..(it was around 5:30 am and I was NOT getting outta bed then..LOL)..When I looked over and she had taken her diaper off...Very proud of this fact she walked up to my bed.."Momma momma"...She had a big ole grin on her face...Then she walked back by the TV...piddled on my carpet..Then got a dirty sock from the floor and proceeded to clean it up...I think I may try potty training her soon...

Well I am gonna go wallow in my own self pitty..If anyone cares to join me..I am at the bar on the corner..I will be the one laying on the floor face down in the peanuts asking for another shot of the cheapest stuff they have...Toodles


firehotgran said...

i love you.....and it's pretty loney here too.....and you are by far a huge slob..i saw you 2 weeks ago....looking very good....soon you will be doing hours a day on the tread mill and that will help..have fun at the movies

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

moms do not count...

Marel Lecone said...

You and your mom are too cute. Even though you feeling a little down, you somehow ended on such a funny note. That last line made me chuckle.

We were out today for like not even 20 minuntes, sweating up a storm. Then, we came back inside. You know what we need to do--go and buy a cheap blowup pool from target. Put it on credit--if we have to. (We are just living this life once!!) Put it in the shade and relax in our little pools. I will post a pic of our cheap little cabanas that we put out back for shade. (We don't have any of our own trees.) Oh, and we bought one of those bug zappers that you plug in. OK, I know that I am rambling. So, I will go for now. I hope that you all have fun at the movies tonight. Take care. Feel better.:)

Gabriel said...

Hi Christina,

What's the update on the friendship search.. remember what I said recently, it's important! I'm going to bug you until you make a good friend in your area.. or do some couple stuff with your husband and another couple ;)

If you don't take my advice, you're not allowed to wallow in "self pity" anymore.. deal? haha

Be well..

Tee said...

I can't believe how much you sound like me! Unbelievable.

All that stuff about tired, lonely, hot, etc - that's is me 100% ... baby peeing on the carpet - that was me several months ago (he's potty trained now. Thank you God.)

And I'm also going to see Charlie and the Choc. Factory tonight and am worried it won't be good! This is WEIRD! ... The commercials for this make J.Depp look so freaky... I just don't know. My Mom and sisters are insisting we see it though. I'd much rather see "Must Love Dogs"... Oh well.

Nice meeting you! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

@Marel,my mom is pain in my hee...I wanna come spend the weekend at your place..sounds like fun to me:)
@Gab,yes I know..I need to get out and make friends..only trouble is I have no where to go to find moslty old ladies..I am working on it..hard when you spend you day trapped in the house with the kiddies and too tired to do anything when hubby comes home...thank you..your sweet though..:)
@Tee,well maybe we are separted at birth..I have a few b logger friends who are my long lost

Tammy said...

Gee, that's sounds a lot like me. You know you and I are starting to sound alot alike. Minus the one kid. Just kidding.
Hope you enjoy your movie. I am not really into that movie. Mackenzie wants to see it though and I may take her one of these days or wait until it comes out.
Have fun girl. Ciao.

Jamie Dawn said...

Love you in your melancholy stages!
I have 38 of my pain pills left if you need them. They do a good job of easing pain!
Hopefully, the weekend will improve for you.

BipolarPrincess said...

Christina - I know what you mean - 96 degrees today and my car overheated on the tollway. Had to drive 15 miles with the heat on. It could only happen to me. And with 2 guys chasing me around you think one of them could save me? Nooooooo.

Don't worry, hon, you have many friends here in blog-land, we love you!

Gabriel, you are so sweet to take care of us all! How bout I take care of you now ;)


Robin said...

Cheer up, sweetie. Hopefully 2 hours of Johnny Depp will help a bit. Don't worry, I heard good reviews of the movie. Besides, it IS Johnny Depp, weird fake teeth or not...

Email me if you ever want to groan, I'm here!

Amy said...

I hate those funked out days, when everything is pleh.

Good for you for putting it out there though, Christina. Because we all feel like that sometimes.