Sunday, July 17, 2005

Do opposite attract?..Chapter 3 of mom and "little man Tate"

So I guess the date went well..They seem to like eachother..Maybe its love..yikes.. Not sure though

I don't want to come off with the impression that just because he is a "midget" or little person , that that affects my feelings. I could really care less how tall he is..I just worry about the "moving to fast " part..But I think in the long run they will move in together..I may have a new daddy one day after all..LOL

And my mom says."good things come in small packages"...I guess she would know:)

Going to take the kids outside to swim in their pool..It may rain today...Has not rained in over 2 weeks...My poor flowers are begging for a drink..And I am too darn lazy to go out and water them....Hiigh of 99 today, but tomorrow only gonna be 76...Then back to the 90,s Tuesday..Yippie..

I am gonna go make a sandwich..eggsalad made with fat free miracle whip and light on the mustard...I would eat it on whole wheat bread if I had any..But I don't....Gotta hot the treadmill today...gotta hit the weights today...May try to hit the bike too around my lake....I say that like I own the lake..LOL

Maybe I can work out some of my aggression that way....We will see..Toodles


Gabriel said...

I started getting confused with who the "midget" was.. was it one of your kids?!? What?!? No.. couldn't be.. so it's your mom and her new boyfriend, right?

Can you make me a sandwich too? I'm hungry!!! :) I promise I'll make dinner tomorrow night for the whole fam.. haha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes Gab..its her new boyfriend..:)

You betcha..but you gotta come get sure how to get to India:)