Friday, July 22, 2005

Fancy Fingers and son of a guns

At work today I had the most amusing thing happen..Today we had to paint some of the ladies fingers nails..This was the first time I had worked on a Friday morning ..So this was my first time doing it here....Being the manicurists I am ..(afterall I did go to beauty school..LOL) I was giving hand massages and the whole nine yards..

Mind you I work with old folks..And most of them are losing their minds...Sad ..But it is true..
One little old lady was sitting next to me..So I asked her if she wanted her nails to get painted...She told me "hell no"..And the drama just went on from here...I am going to use her exact words she used with me..I will not paraphrase as it will take away the comedy aspect of the whole story..LOL

I finally got her to let me clean her nails as they were a little dirty..As I am cleaning them I poked her (accidentally) under her nail...

LADY: " you stupid son of a bitch what are you trying to do, kill me?"
ME: " what happen? What's wrong??"
LADY: " Go away you stupid son of a bitch..(insert slaps here..No kidding)
ME:" I am sorry, let me look to make sure you aren't bleeding.."
LADY..:" You are not touching me again you stupid son of a bitch..(insert more slapping here)
ME: I am sorry let me look I promise I wont touch you"

So after I nearly wet myself from the laughter I was holding back I went back about my nail painting...She had left..And a few minutes later she wandered back in...Asking for her nails to be done..(she had not recalled our encounter 15 minutes prior)..I politely decline...LOL..But another staff member who was not in the room at the time of said encounter offered to do it..I had to chuckle to myself..No way I was telling her what just happened..LOL..I wanted to see another good show..:)

And so the episode repeated itself..Only not with me:)

When I went to pick baby spawn up from day care she was sitting in the woman's lap...When she saw me walk in the door she ran up to me, grabbed my leg and said .."Gotcha momma"..awwwww....:)

The two older spawns were away on a field trip to a water park with the daycare so they were still gone...When it was time to pick them up baby spawn and I walked in the place..She is yelling at the top her lungs..For her brother..Calling his name as loud as possible..When we get to the room where they are..He hears her yelling for him..He walks up to us..Baby spawn gives him a smile..And pats him on the head..LOL

I hope I have no encounters of the flying sort tonight..I can not believe none of you have ever encountered a bat in your house before...You do not know what your missing...Mother Nature at its best..LOL

Have a good weekend...I have to work all weekend..Lucky me...I am sure I will endure more verbal abuse..:)


Jaws said...

Omg... you know crazy people that that are insane! LOL sorry for laughing at you but that is funny.

Wethyb said...

Holy shit...I about died laughing. That is so something a senile old poop would say...LOL...I can't believe you poked her you stupid son of a bitch....just reading it again makes me bust a gut...

Thanks for the laugh :) Have a great weekend chicky!

Kristen said...

I just love old people. They are my favorite.

Wethyb said...

Girl....Belle is so preggers...that show is so predictable, I'd stake my life on it! I think they're going to have Marlena lose the baby and Chelsea is totally Bo & Billie's daughter, Georgia. I saw that coming MONTHS ago! And, how many times are they going to kill off Jack and bring him back? Good lord almighty....but Franky is so damn hot, I wouldn't mind seeing him back with Jennifer...Patrick's a nice piece too :)

I'm so excited that I have a "Days" buddy...LOL.

midwest_hick said...

lol....Definately didn't have to wonder what was on her mind huh?

Marel Lecone said...

Poor thing! And, you too having to endure it all. You are a good lady. I hope that you have some good times at work instead of the verbals and slaps. Take care.:)

Gangadhar said...

You're so nice,Christina!!

mal said...

It is hard working with the older folk. You earn big points for your patience. On the other hand that was mean of you not to warn your coworker....not sure I would have either *G*

Ms. Pooty Tang said...

I worked with old people at a doctor's office once. Apparently, I'm a dirty bird.

Gabriel said...

I didn't know you were working outside the home.. I think its fun news.. especially because you get to work with the elderly ;)

Good story.. I'm still laughing, can't wait to hear about more adventures in the nail painting world.. :) Be good.

firehotgran said...

he.he,he.only you

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

btw..yes I am a stay at home mom...I just needed a part time job for my sanity..I work like one or 2 days a the afternoon..only problem is they have to go to daycare for hour and half till hubby gets home from work..but really i do not mind..they love it..and it gets them out with other kids..and i work about one weeeknd a month..lucky me:)