Thursday, July 28, 2005

Round 2 of the decorating delima

Ok....I liked all your ideas on the dining room...So here are some of my kitchen..It is not very big...I was thinking yellow...I love yellow..and maybe it would brighten it up a bit...what do you think?

Ok here is my bedroom...I had to put more photos of this one so you could see all the angles....Please dont mind all my clothes sitting on the lazy boy in the sitting room:)...I am kinda of a slob in that

the one photo is the bathroom wallpaper in our bathroom in there...I really hate it....I would even be willing to re-paper it since it is a small space...all 3 of my bathrooms need to be re-done..but that is at a later date..But I wanna fix this one when I do my room......So I was thinking tans or mocha colors for the bedroom.....Let me here your kind though.,..I know I am a



The English Student said...

I agree with the kitchen that yellow might be nice. Nothing that will burn out your retinas but something very springy.

For the bedroom maybe a blue color. I always thought that the color blue looks good in bedrooms.

vani said...

i agree with the english student- not too bright yellow. :)

Peanutt said...

Ok, I say paint over the wallpaper! Less work for you and it will look much better!
Yellow is a nice color, but do more of a soft yellow...if you go to my blog and browse pictures, I have a yellow front room...nothing too bright, nothing too pastel...don't know if the pics do it justice though! If you lived closer, I'd come help because I LOVE to decorate!

Marel Lecone said...

Yellow is good--like a buttercup maybe. It would go well with your cabinets already. Take down the border--if you want. In the bedroom, we have walls that are shaped similar. Perhaps painting the walls facing each other one color and then, painting the other two (that face each other) another color. All of the color scheme. Just an idea. Great french doors--I love that look. And, thanks for tagging me--I ended up being fun. Talk to you later.

fsgsf said...

Not yellow! Try Bone white. It is yellowy but not too yellow!


NJ from NJ

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

English Student, I was thinking pale yellow..nothing to am not a big fan of blue..but the hubby
Peanutt,I was thinkng of doing that, stripping wallpaper is the worst...i love to decorate too..I am gonna check out your photos too
marel,yes like a buttercup..good idea..thank you..i love thise doors too..main reason i wanted to buy this
NJ..I will have to check on that.I hate white..but I will see what the color looks

d said...

Hey there! If you want to put a video on you just go here:

...and then pick a song (I do believe they have Raspberry Berret) and then click the "copy to clipboard" button. Go to your blogger template and add it there, where ever you like. That part took me a while, trying to figure out where to put the damn thing.
You will then have to save template changes and then republish your blog. You can change it according to your mood(s), I think it's pretty darn cool. Can't take credit for it tho, I stole the idea from Shelly @ packof2.

Love your blog. Very cool set-up. This video thing should be a breeze for you if you can handle all the goodies you already have on here.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my trouble is I cant handle all these goodies on didnt do any of

i am gonna check it out though...thank you

Christie said...

Yellow in the kitchen sounds nice. But not a bright yellow. A nice, soft, light, buttery yellow.
Maybe some white sheer curtains for the kitchen window.
And maybe take off the cupboard doors on the bottom part of the kitchen and replace them with yellow and white checkered curtains/fabric.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hi christie..good thought on the cabintes:)
thanks for stopping

Jamie Dawn said...

Ladies night out! Funny!

A really soft yellow would be great. I did a distressed paint job on my kitchen cabinets and they looked really nice.

I love those french doors. Taupes sound nice for the bedroom. You can do so much with that wall color. I would buy new bedding with some accent pillows, a lamp for the dresser that sets a soft mood, and wooden window shades.

I would get rid of all wallpaper!

Marel Lecone said...

You are so right about wallpaper. Getting that stuff off--I've had the worst experiences. Trying to repair the wall, for me, was the toughest thing. I can't wait to see some of your finished product.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes JD..wallpaper is goin like taupe too..I was kinda thinkng about that:)