Thursday, July 21, 2005

Put some thought into it

Do you put thought into your everyday actions? Or do you just take everything as it comes?..Did you put thought into what you wanted to do with your life?..Or did it just happen? Did you think about how many children you wanted?..Or did it all just happen?

Sometimes I wish I would have planned it out better..ya no, like actually finished college before I got married and had kids..Wish I would of moved away from home sooner...(only because my kids did not enjoy the move)..If I would of moved before I had them..No problems for them....

I wish sometimes that I would of put thought into my school work as a teenager..So I could of gotten into a real good expensive school far away...I wish I would of studied harder..I truly always wanted to be a Dr..I had a professor last year tell me I would make one hell of a Dr as I could diagnose nearly anything he threw at me ...I wish I would of not been so scared to pursue things that I know I could of done..But didn't think I could at the time...All this time wasted..I don't even think anyone even knows I wanted to be a Dr..The running joke with parts of my family is I am the un official Dr..I can usually tell you what's wrong or what is not wrong..Most close friends and some of the family know this and humors me when they feel odd or think they may be sick..It is fun for me..99% of the time I am right...LOL

If I would of only put some thought into everything...Life would be better..Instead I get antsy and when I want something I do it or get it..With no thought...I have wasted money, time, and other peoples time..And if I would of slept on it..Or gave it time..I would not have done it...Live and learn..

These are just thoughts I have been running thru my head today...I am sorry..

BTW...I am totally pissed off..(BTW..That is a side note..Has nothing to do with my post whatso ever)

I may need to give God a call tonight and ask his opinion on what's going on..Not sure if He is home tonight..I think it may be bingo night..LOL


Bumbling Bav said...

I try to live always looking forward, but at times I do feel my past events creaping up on me.

I plan very little. You see I tried to plan having children and my career and NOTHING, nothing happened as I planned. (OK GOT THE PICTURE... I AM NOT THE ONE IN CONTROL HERE)

So now I just plan the little things I can control and ride the rest!

September I am going to apply of a mortgage and then purchase a house. This I know.... the rest as in where the house will be or how much I will have, I have no idea! Just riding the wave.

Peanutt said...

I think alot of us tend not to put thought into our everyday actions.
I wish I would have put more effort into school. And I think I should have thought more about staying at home longer with mom and dad! Yes, there are a few things that I should have put more thought into. My kids, I've always wanted 5 but only have 2 which is fine with me, although I'd like to try for a girl before I get much older....but now I find myself thinking too much about the pros and cons of having another child instead of just doing it! LOL, thats what I get for growing older, I guess.

Tee said...

I often have the same thoughts, but there's just nothing that can be done about it now. Put some thought into today and tomorrow - yesterday is gone.

I also didn't go to college, but you know, if I had, I wouldn't be where I am today. If I actually had an awesome career, how would I be able to stay home and have 2 kids?

Maybe I'll go back someday. God has a plan for us all - even if we have no idea where we're going.

firehotgran said...

i never knew you wanted to be a doctor.i would have supported you 100% in anything you wantd to do......i always knew you we smart

Angie said...

what are you too old now?
go to med. school, shoot you can do it. Don't let yesterday continually limit your tomorrow

i think you can do it

Robin said...

Hey, I went back to grad school at 27, and didn't finish until I was 31. It's never too late for that!

Every decision you have made, conscious or otherwise, makes you who you are today. There is no point in regret. Look ahead, you can do anything that you can conceive of in your mind!! :-)

momma of 2 said...

You are never too old to go to school...and there are always loans to pay for said school. You sound like you are a smart chicky - so if your brain wants to go to school - then get enrolled - I am sure you could do it! and you never know you could be the doctor that saves a child's life.... now wouldn't that be an awesome feeling!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks for the words of encouragement...I am still pondering it all..still paying off the student loan that has got me nowhere so

Wethyb said...

I hear ya....I went to school, too, but it didn't get me anywhere. I've always wanted a "career", but just don't know about going back to school. I don't know how people with a family do it.

But I know that if you wanted to do it, you could. I know it.

Just know that many of us have felt the same as you at one point or another.

Gabriel said...

I have found that introspective people usually ponder all three tenses of their existence - past, present, and future. Like Bumbling Bav I've always been future-oriented, less a "in the moment" kind of person. There should be a balance of remembering the past, living in the present and dreaming/planning for the future.

And school - I agree with everyone, if you want it bad enough, you can do it if you have the support of your family. One of my sisters went back and got her Masters Degree when she was 32 (she has four children), the family and I pitched in to help take care of the little ones. Be well and good luck!

Jamie Dawn said...

Think first, then act.
Think before you speak.
Do we do this most of the time? NO

fsgsf said...

Most people do first and think afterwards ( if at all) Thats life!

Oh well.


NJ from NJ

Ms. Pooty Tang said...

I'm more of a regretting-that-I-ever-tried-it kind of gal!

midwest_hick said...

lol....the 1st question in your blog left me sitting here course I put no thought into should realize this by now after reading my inane ramblings.....nice post tho.

Gangadhar said...

I too think like that,Christina..

Jaws said...

I am with you on so many levels there. If only.

I remember being 15 sitting on my bed and wondering who I would marry. Did I know him? Does he knwo me? etc.. wow didn't turn anything like I htought it would.

Let me know if God answers.. I have a message you can give him for me.