Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ok...I take it back,something amusing has happened

when I got home from work my middle spawn wanted to make brownies...She loves to bake and help cook..

after the brownies are made and we each have one on a plate..( had a small one so I just popped it in my mouth..) my hubby says "wait don't put it in your mouth yet !!"
"huh what I already ate it"
"I think there are bugs in it"
"holy crap what!!!!"

sure enough there were little white things that could not be explained...And then as I was digging thru the brownies investigating..I saw a piece of white plastic mixed in with the mix.....I am done eating for the rest of the day..Maybe week..

The hubs went to go buy a new box of brownies for her to make...And hopefully eat..LOL

I was hoping something worth writing about would happen..:)


ps...to my buddy Jill I saw you came by....call me..I dont have your new cell phone number and I dont know how to get a hold of you...hope you are well...Miss you.....:)


Tee said...

Pleck!! Thanks - I just lost my appetite for brownies for awhile :) That should help my diet.

Jaws said...

LOL never good when your eating some thing that not food.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yummmmm, protein!

Julie said...

Eeeuuuhhh---that's just nasty! Now I'm going to have to sift mixes I buy!

The English Student said...


I think I probably would have run to the bathroom to puke.

Marel Lecone said...

I was just about to bake too. Thanks! heehee :)

momma of 2 said...

ewww! I think I will not be baking this afternoon...thanks you just saved me tons o'calories!