Sunday, July 10, 2005

Crap..And double crap

As I was enjoying some much needed rest, I just all of a sudden wake up..As I lay there I am moved by this overwhelming feeling that I have to move..ya no like toss and turn...I get this ever so often , and I must say it really does suck..So now it is 2:44 in the am..And I am laying here doing this...CAN IT GET ANY WORSE??

feeling tired and overpowered by moving
I cant help but wonder
Am I somehow getting what I am deserving

Sleep does not come easy for my tired soul
never been one to just roll and doze
after all these years it sure has taken a toll

my kids keep me moving all day long
its not that I am not sleepy
somedays trying to sleep is a never ending song

one that plays in your head till you want to die
not sure how to get it to stop
so you just lie there and cry

I am hoping in hour..Maybe two
that my body will calm
and I will start to snooze

then morning comes in thru my window like a bright annoying light
I try to explain to the sun
this just isn't right

for I haven't even slept long enough yet
can not you see
you must not see I have no bed head I bet

well off to slumber I must try
try to beat the sun
gonna try and trick him with a lie

but the sun is much to wise to fall for that
I will be awakened ealry buy the bright light and the Wales
and in bed all night is where I have SAT

well hoe you enjoyed my annoying ditty..toodles

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