Sunday, July 31, 2005

Here is the short version

Last night. Squeaking. Cat. Disabled bat. Blanket. Door. Outside.

I am not gonna say anymore:)...But I am gonna move in with...Lets see..Either Beth, Marel, Angie..(since we know eachother and all..LOL)...Anyone else never had a bat in the house??Because you will be up for consideration as well..:)

Have a good Sunday...Go to church will ya:)



Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for you about the bats. When we lived in bat house (name we gave it ) if you sat real quite a dusk you could hear them scratching as the left for the night. One time while I was taking a bath I could hear one under the tub. If you sit outside at dusk you will see them leaving, maybe it will give you a idea of where to plug up their entrance. No luck for us , there were to many holes, they were between the bricks.
Aunt Frankie

Marel Lecone said...

OK, Aunt Frankie's comment is freaking me out. They were in between the bricks!! Yikes. What's the answer then? Get somebody in there to help. Can they be exterminated? Your welcome here in the meantime.:)

Tammy said...

OH MY, do you guys have any clues as to where they are coming in? That would drive me nuts.
I hope you get the problem fixed soon.