Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tooth faires and Tornados

So it was Covert Spy Spawns big moment. Since her tooth fell out, I let her pick what we had for dinner..(thats just what I do). And she chose to eat at a diner called The Swan Cafe. This place is not far from our home...As we head out, I notice the sky is starting to look a little..shal l we dare say, bleak..

At this diner they have the tv on in the back corner , where the news is on..And then they proceed to break in saying our county is under a tornado warning..

I am hoping she did not hear it....But she does..Then not only did she hear it there, she hears it from a radio this place has blarring in the background..She begins to panic and says she wants to go home..I talk her off the ledge and get her to finish eating..

While we are eating Baby Spawn proceed to wave and say " hi" to everyone she sees walk past her little highchair..She is full of giddy and glee about this fact..My baby is quite the socail butterfly:)

We get home and it start to hail bloddy mary..The Cover Spy Spawn panics again..This time she is now worried that the Tooth Fairy wont come becuase she wont want to get her wings wet..Yes..her wings wet...I tell her not to worry she will come..this is her job:)...She then gets her spare pillow and lays it next to her and tells me she is leaving it there incase the Tooth Fairy wants to have a rest and dry off from the rain..God bless her:)

I am sure the hail did some damage to my mini van..yes right where hubby scartched the side with a freaking ladder not more than 2 weeks after we bought it..Our first brand new car and he has it wrecked in 2 weeks....I am sure the hail did it though, yes it was the hail..GOT come on State Farm, be a good neighbor and be there..will you?..It happen last night..Not 2 and a half years ago..GOT ME AGAIN...You dont wanna mess with me!!

Now for Covert Spawn spy I was going to leave 2 bucks and some trident gum..(they dont know any better.they think its tell him go get 2 bucks out of my purse..He then comes up and says I only had a 5 in there..So she is making out like a bandit..Little sucker...I bet she wouldnt know the differnce if I left her one buck..Its all good to her:)

This is all I have..I am sorry



mom of 3 girls said...

Damn that little spawn is making out like a bandit.....I only give my kids $1.00 but my older 2 know there isnt a tooth fairy means they are 12, and 11......but my 6 year old she dont want to give her teeth to the tooth fairy so I dont have to pay.....heehee......She is just the cutest little thing worring about the tooth fairy that way.

Glad you made it home ok and there was no tornados.....although I do understand where you are coming from on the van......If I didnt I am sure you would be there to slap

Heather said...

Todd meant to put $5 under Ashlynne's pillow but in the dark he accidently put $50. Yeah she was shopping at toys r us forever. But then the tooth fairy got poor. Or at least thats what she thinks :P

Grey Street Girl said...

seriously! we have ice cream sundaes for dinner when a tooth falls out and then a family tooth brushing session (extensive) and then the tooth fairy leaves a gold dollar.... not 5. my goodness....

momma of 2 said...

She is making out like a badit.. tooth fairy hasn't come to our house yet - all in due time.

UGH - Hail... ha ha... we lucked out one year - it hailed and our insurance agent called us and said - I drove by your house - you have hail damage - check is in the mail. We didn't even know that it had hailed, and we really needed a new roof anyway... Gotta love those guys (American Family)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

jacks,i know she is making out like a bandit..i should of just gave her the one dollar..becuase she thinks thats what she got

Heather , well i try to get off as cheap asa i kids dont know the diffenrce..and they hoard thier son still has all his money froma ll his

Misty, I like you ice cream sundaes..thats pretty cool..and a gold think it lady:)

Momma, well when the tooth fairy comes to your home..make sure you have

vani said...

well at least this way she'll forget all about the hail storms and what not- lucky girl!! and that is so cute about the wet wings and the pillow thing...i love kids.

d said...

At least you remembered. The first tooth that my daughter lost, I forgot to put the damn money under her pillow. She woke up in the morning crying about how the tooth fairy didn't come. I went into my purse, grabbed a handfull of change and put it under a pillow on the couch and convinced her that the tooth fairy must have gotten confused in the dark and that we have to remember to leave a light on for her next time. The next nite she came back to get the tooth she "forgot" to take.

I'll have to do a little better with the next kid. I can't tell you how many times I've had to use that excuse with my daughter.

Marel Lecone said...

$5, huh? Wow. You just hope she doesn't know the difference! heehee :)

So, you were not affected by the tornado--thank God! I mean hail sucks too. But, tornadoes--well, let's just say that I've watched too many movies! Take care. :)

pack of 2 said...

Damn...5 bucks! I got a quarter or so when I lost a tooth as a kid...OK it was the 70's but still.

When I broke a tooth eating Crunch & Munch several years ago...nobody gave me money...I had to give money to the dentist..WTF?:)

That was so sweet that she wanted the tooth fairy to have a place to rest...awe...I just want to hug her.


Jamie Dawn said...

I bet she was so happy to get that five bucks!
And sugarless gum too!
Mom, you're the bestest!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

vani,yup a twister could of came threw in the night..but by gosh she got the goods from the tooth its all good..LOL

D, now that is what I call thinking on your feet..LOL..I forgot once with my oldest..i remebr just before he woke up..gosh that was a close call:)

Marel, yes but the oldest noticed..and wondered why he never got 5 bucks..I told him he did for his first tooth...she gives a little extra for the first tooth..he belived it:)

Shelly, well 5 bucks isnt what the normal going rate here is in my me:)
If it only worked with us adult when we have a chipped tooth or somehitng..heck i would get them all pulled at that rate:)

JD, yes she sure was happy..but she ddint like her gum..I told hubby to get her BERRY gum..she only likes berry..well he got some citurs crap..she says " momma I guess the tooth fairy didnt know i dont like soured stuff"..LOL

Peanutt said...

Spawn is making out!!!
Can I borrow some money? LOL.

Cliff Morrow said...

uh,,Heather, tell the hubby that I just lost a tooth. I'll send my address.