Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kissing spawn advice

I know I have a post already today, but hense I need to get some more things off my chest...My troubles with Kissing Spawn are starting to bother me..

In my previous post I talked about grounding him and taking some of his cards away he plays with..Well this morning i peek in his bedroom door and see him hiding all his cards so I can not find them...He does not know I saw this..So he will come home tonight and head to his room thinking he has out smarted me...Well THINK AGAIN MY SON..why do kids think they can out smart us...we are bigger and are brains are fully developed..

My Kissing Spawn was the best little baby..He never put things in his mouth, never cried, alwyas content to play with the cats tail, with his toys, the remote..He was a very good baby..By the time he was 13 months he could idnetify all the letters and by 16 months knew all his numbers up to 20...Knew all his colors by 16 months..I mean even teal, burnt sieana, and magenta for crying out loud...

When he started pre school he was like a prodigy..They did not have to teach him anything..also by preschool this kid was an expert on dinosaurs..I mean this kid could teach a class on it...Even in second grade they were learning about dinosaurs and this kid corrected his teacher on a fact she was teaching..she said she was very intrested on if he was right..and she looked it up agina and he was right...She would even go to him and ask him questions about the dinosaurs..I mean this kid knows crap about the creatures that noone else cares about...He reads books on them..has a good 200 dino,s he plays with...This kid is a freaking genoius when it comes to these reptiles...

He was one of the first kids in his Kindergared class to learn to read..He was reading at a 3rd grade level by the end of Kindergared and reading chapter books..So this kid has the smarts...he really does.

So what I do not undersatnd is why he defies me so much..This kid lies to my face now..About little stuff..Example..Sunday the girls were taking a bath , I told him when they were done he needed to get in...Bout an hour later he came to the basment where I was..I asked him if he had his bath..he tells me yes...Well this boy was as dry as tree in the middle of a 100 year drout....His hair was still the exact same way..he still had the same green stamp on his hand...Only differnce was he was in his pj,s..

Either this kid thinks I am really stupid..Or else he has a really twisted mind...I dont remeber lieing when I was 8..I mean I am sure I did...all kids lie..But I did a majorty of my lies durring highschool..I mean thats when you really need it..Am I right??

I am about ready to put him up for adpotion, run away, kick him out, send him to boarding school, or run away..did i say that already???...Really He is a good kid..Its just that he is getting to where I do not trust him anymore...Even though he is telling small little leis..I am afraid it will turn into bigger ones soon..

Here is my final example of his lies...I was talking to my mom the other day..she asks me how Kissing Spawn is enjoying Karate...I am like HUH???..this kid is not taking Karate...I guess he told her he takes Karate every saturday from 8-12 in a nieghboring city....And that last week he acciendtally kicked out a 5th graders teeth..WTF!!!???....where would he come up with this...We had never even talked about him taking Karate..Him and his sister have wanted to take it for a long time..Just have never gotten around to taking him...But why lie about that??..and go into elaborate detail?

Ok I guess I am in need of a vaction or something....I soooooo need some time away from here...Only probelm is I have no where to go and noone to do it with..

any advice would be greatly apprecatiated.....Thank you:)



Heather said...

Man.. I dont know girlie.. Your kids are older than mine. I look to you for advice. Im telling you.. you need to get away.. Oklahoma is a great spot to vacation :P

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Heather, your too sweet..I think I need a vaction too..and soon..I say we need to hop a plan to vegas for a weekend or something...who is in??..lol

TBG said...

you should be able to comment at Tammy's now. i had her try removing the right click disable and now it works. Go figure but I can comment, so I am sure others who were having problems can too.

Have a great day!

mom of 3 girls said...

Was Zach like this before you moved? If not maybe he is still mad about havin to leave his friends, grandma, and family. Now he dont have them around and he is rebellin? I dont know just a thought. Or maybe it is them kids he is hangin out with is a bad influence on him? I dont know kids will be kids. you could have my oldest she is discoverin boys!!!

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

ahhh so this is what I have to look forward to.

For the record if my blog is one of the sites that you can't comment on I'm not blocking you :-)

If I'm correct, and sometimes I get things right, about the children that I observe... We as adults give them too much credit. It is not that they are deviouse manipulators it is that they simply do not think. There is no consciouse (how do you spell that?) thought about consequences or ramifications. There is only I want such and such. Couple that with the desire to avoid punishment when it inevitably comes around and they learn to lie. Sounds like your son is working on his techniques. Getting specific about what you lie about is one way to try and lend your lie credability. If he said "I went to karate where they taught me how to kick or something" he is less likely to be believed then if he gets into detail about how he kicked or what he accomplished. Later he will figure out the dangers of embelishing too much.

By the way... yes Yuh-gi-o is a collectables card game. It is similar to magic the gathering.

Good luck. I'll be rooting for you as my time is coming.

the Lumpy

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kate, thank you..and yes I can commnet now:)

jackie, well I think he is over the move now?..but maybe thats it..not sure though..and your oldest likes boys, my oldest like girls

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Lumpy, it seems you really know your stuff..I agree with the fact we may give them too much credit..and I know all kids lie..and if a parent thinks ther ekid doesnrt lie..they are lieing to themslves..

Yes your blog is one too that i have not been able to commnet on..But i think the situation is fixed now..I am coming over to check it out..

thanks lumpy:)

Felecia said...

When I have a case of the motherhood blues (whether it be from my strong-willed 2 year old, or my 'seemingly perfect' 1st grader) a friend OFTEN reminds me that I shouldn't take it personally. You just can't. He's not doing dishonest things to hurt you, he's just plain doing them.

I remember lying about really stupid things at that age ("no mom, I didn't put chocolate in my milk...I don't know why it's brown...") Stupid, right?

Maybe the next time you two are just hanging out together talking about whatever, veer into a chat about lying (not a lecture - a true chat) Talk about how you were hurt as a child when you were lied to, how you hurt now when somebody lies to you, and maybe use a metaphore to help him relate.

Also, don't underestimate your powers as a mom; G-U-I-L-T. (I'm only half joking...)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Felcia, now that is some true words of wisdom right there..lol

I had thought about doing that as a matter of fact...talking to him and letting him no that I underdtand kids lie, but just dont lie to me..LOL..LOL..

I lied as a child Lord knows that..I mean i lied stupid stuff too...oh well..I guess every kid goes through that..

Thanks for the advice sister:)

Peanutt said...

UGH! I so know what you mean about the kids thing! Its because he's a male!

firehotgran said...


vani said...

i wish i was an expert in these matters, maybe i would have better advice...but just so you don't feel alone, i have heard of kids telling these "white lies"...something to do with imagination and discovering the power of lies....sorry if that made no sense...i hope it's a stage he will get over soon!

vani said...

oh and i've had problems with the whole comment screen lately too- the other night blogger was completely down- it better fix itself soon...very annoying.