Saturday, September 03, 2005

I need a lobotomy

Yesterday the spawns asked if they could have friends over for the night..Me being the nice mom I am said sure...Well 5 kids in my house over night, some which do not listen..uggg...All I can say is never again..!! I mean one at a time will be fine, but letting both of them have a friend over at the same time..Well it didn't work so well..So I pledge from this day on.the kids do not get to have sleep overs with more than one friend at a time...Amen:)

I am tired, I am cranky, I am wishing I was up at my cabin on the lake for the weekend...My cabin is nice...Right on Lake Superior..Oh yes..Wonderful place..Birds chirping, fishing in our pond, kids playing at the park across the dirt road, smell of nothing but fresh Minnesota air...ahh..Yes the way Labor Day weekend should be...ok I just woke up from my daydream..Of course I really have no such cabin, but a girl can dream ..Right????

Well have a safe and happy holiday weekend...I get to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday..What fun:) drink..You drive you lose..:)

Man I am on a roll today...Have a good weekend......Toodles


Marel Lecone said...

Whoa! I was about to say--back up--you have a cabin?!?! Good one--you so had me going! :) Talk to you later.

Cliff Morrow said...

And that's me with that big stringer of Walleye trailing in the water behind my big BassPro boat, across the road from your cabin... What kind of car does the Game Warden drive?

Julie said...

I feel your pain! Speaking of pain--my sister babysat yesterday for a friend who has 6 kids. She has 4 of her own, so she ended up with 10 kids in her house! She is a much braver woman than I! I talked to her on the phone and she had just about lost her mind. Yikes!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel,well sorry to crash your was living out a fantasy;)

Cliff, I see you out my back window..and holy crap thats a big fish u got there...but I think your tresspassing:)

Julie, thats a lot of

Tammy said...

LOL, here I am reading this and thinking, "WHAT A LUCKY GIRL, SHE HAS A CABIN ON THE LAKE." Then I finish reading and LOL!

Oh Christina, you are one funny chicky.
Have a great week end, even if you have to work.