Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Issues with Kissing Spawn take 1000

Thank you for all the nice comments on my kitchen..I am now working on my livivng room...Bye the weekend or maybe next Monday I will have pics for ya,ll to enjoy...lol

Ahhh..Medium...I am loving the start of the new season...This and House...best shows on tv..according to me anyway;)

So Kissing spawn was over with covert spy/meg ryan spawn over at the kid who i saw leak over all over my yard house playing...at approximatly 7pm I walk down there to gather my herd for home...Only probelem is...covert spy/meg ryan spawn is the only one of my spawns I see...I ask where the other one is...and she says he went over to this other kids house..way across the way where he is not suppse to be without asking..(remeber the man who tried to abduct him???).....I get in the house and not more than 5 minutes later my phone rings..and it is coming from the house of said kid who he did not ask to go....I ansewer it...he asks if he can play over there..I tell him no way, you need to get home, you are in trouble..big time

He comes home I tell him " get your pajamas on your grounded"

HIM : "what I was over at Noahs house playing (kid who leaked in my yard)
ME : " oh no you dont, stop with the lies...have you ever heard of caller ID??..HELLO??"

so he revieces his punshiment for lying and going to kids house without asking...I tell him also I am taking away his yu-gi-o cards..( it is a card game of sorts..not sure I have no clue really)

so then he yells out for good measure..

"OK, thanks for making my life even worser, you just want me to die ..very slowly, you like to see me suffer"

Covery spy/meg ryan spawn is still waitng patiently for her tooth to fall out..My good friend Tammy..(she worked in a dental office..she has the heads up on oral issues..i mean tooth issues..lol)
she told me I could probably yank it out...but I am much too nervous....she may bleed or something..

I am not able to commnet on some of your blogs...I dont know why..I cant even read blogs on this computer ,as it has some mental issues....So I trod my rear to the good computer so I can read and comment on them all..Only to find some of your windows for comments dont pop up..WTF??...I dont know...maybe you are just blocking me on purpose:-)

Well have a happy Tuesday...I am goning to be working hard on my living room..or hardly working...LOL...( ok I know that wasnt funny, my aploiogzes to you and yours).

Oh still no spell check...I am much too lazy to drag my fat rear down to the good computer this hour of the night/morning:)



Marel Lecone said...

Hey, your dining room and kitchen look great. Can you mail some of that damn energy over here? How the hell do you do it all?!?! You are truly an idol! :)

Grey Street Girl said...

we had tooth issues of our own. too funny... thankfully no kissing issues....

d said...

LMAO! Oh Christina, you always crack me up! Where to begin? Oral issues....LOL! I'm with you on the tooth thing. I cannot pull out a tooth or even watch it wiggling, I have teeth issues AND I used to work in a dental office, go figure. My daughter usually just pulls out her own teeth now anyway, Thank God.

After the living room are you gonna take a break, catch up on the soaps? Geez ;)

(I wish I had half of your energy, but unfortunately my get up and go got up and went when I had the last baby)

momma of 2 said...

UGH - I hate teeth things...I'd have your friend come over and pull it out.

Can't wait to see the living room.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel, thanks..and sure..do you want me to FED X it or UPS??..lol

Misty, are you too chicken to pull the tooth too?..I dont remeber having this issue with the oldest..but who knows..my mind is slowly fading:)

D, I can wiggle it, I just cant to the whole oral extration of the tooth..HEHEE..
I took a break yesterday..but forgot to watch my soap...but today its back to my decorating and paintng..oh yes..the livivng room is calling my name:)

Momma, I would have her come over too..but she said she was gonna charge me gas money...she lives in Kansas and I live in MN...so I guess I am on my own..LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

You continue to torture that Oldest Spawn of yours.... you must really love him!
Yank that tooth out! Ooooh, that gives me the willies.

mom of 3 girls said...

Well I am with d, I can not watch a tooth wiggle either. I did pull Tori's out once. Oral issues, how funny!!! Well I hope that Zach starts to behave himself soon. Have a good day I am headin to work soon.