Friday, September 23, 2005

And then there were 2

Today I have learned that there are 2 places I should never go...Target is one...And the pet shop is the next...As you can see I not only got one bunny....BUT 2!!!

the gray and white one is cotton tail and the brown and white one is cadbarry.

They are cute though....Right????

I know the pictures suck...But my camera sucks..I am hoping Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas...Yes I am thinking ahead:)



Marel Lecone said...

too cute. For the kids, right. You know you love bunnies! :) Great idea also. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank u marel..LOL

and covert spy spawn has changed the name form cotton tail to thumper..LOL

vani said...

awww...cuddly! and i like thumper better too- very good idea. :)

momma of 2 said... they have separate sleeping quaters...otherwise you might be giving away bunnies for

Here's a bad joke -
Q: Why don't bunnies make any noise when they make love?

A: They have cotton balls.....

Sorry - it's an old old joke - but well.... I just had to.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

vani, yes i thought thumper was better

mommma, they are both

cute joke too:)

Tee said...

I want bunnies! LOL.

Where are you keeping them? I never got them because I thought it would be sad to keep them in a hutch, but wouldn't feel comfortable with them hopping all over the house.

mal said...

yup,,,but are they boy and girl? and should we look for a future post "and then there were 20"?

Cute pic *S*

mal said...

ooopps! I should have read the comments first! Cancel the gender question *L*

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Tee, I have a big ole cage for them..but they spend most of thier time so far hoping around..I want to litter train them..they are inside bunnies for my daycare:)

Mallory, LOL...yup 2 girls..or so that is what they told me anyway....LOL

Heather said...

Bunnies? Seriously chica.. you are insane. I dont care how cute they might look.. my first thought would be my carpets.. and how hard it would be to get bunny poo outta white carpet.

Yes, I know.. white carpet and kids dont go together.. trust me I know this NOW. But ewww to the bunny poo.

And really.. I think Alex would probably try to eat them.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...


I luv u chica...LOL

yes I know what your saying...I am litter training them..suppose to be as easy as a cat..LOL...we will see:)

and yes..white carpet..your crazy woman...I have tan..and holy crap i need to steam clean it like monthly:)

pack of 2 said...

OMG, They are so cute. I had a friend that had two of them. They were litter box trained & just hopped around the house. They even got along with the cat!

I love them:)