Wednesday, September 07, 2005

After the meltdown

Ok I have had to think after my meltdown at Wellsfargo..And I still think I should of hit someone...Anyway..Life goes on, or so they say..

I have realized what a lame city I live in...And I had thought the city I came from was lame...But this is just way worse..I am going to do a little comparison if you will, bare with me please..

population roughly 2500
wonderful Chinese joint
Taco Bell
(now recent Wallmart..I boycott it..But its there)
Big Boy
3 stop lights
One big ole cop..I mean I would guestmate his weight to be 350 -400..Hence his name around town.."fat mike"
I mean he wasn't the only cop..Just one in particular..Not the cop you want to around when trouble is occurring..

population roughly 7500
crappy chinise joint
4 stop lights
no kmart
not even a walmart
we have a "Pamida"..Huh..Yes it sucks
No Taco Bell, but a Taco Johns..( no its not the same)
I have only seen a cop a handful of times...
Only way to get your drivers license is go to the National Gaurd building @ 10 am on Tuesday...Oh your kidding me right??...Where the heck is the Secetrary of State Office??.....ohh...You don't have that in this state..How freaking stupid...Ok..And you wonder why I still have a Michigan drivers license..Ok I will haul my 3 kids up to the National Guard office and take your freaking driving test...Hold on..I am on my way..

so I have went from lame, to lamest...We really need to get out of this town...I like the state..Lots here....But this city I live way lamer than I had thought..I want to move to Minnetonka,Maple Grove, or maybe folks..I may be moving to a neighborhood near you..

Ok off topic...I am very sadden by the hurricane and I feel so awful for everyone suffering....but....I am so tired of being bombarded with coverage on my television...I mean...Every freaking show I watch..The View, The nightly News, My regular local news, Larry King Live, Nancy Grace, John Stewart....Now even my hero Oprah Winfrey is doing shows from there...Ok..My problem is I feel these people are being exploited..These..celebrities don't give a rats as$ about these people..Its just good ratings...Well Christina aint watching anymore..Instead of broadcasting your shows from there..Put on some boots and gloves and hand out supplies or help bury dead bodies...Help get the folks off their roof tops..Help deliver food and drinks...stop exploiting these people it is sickening...this is not news coverage...I repeat..THIS IS NOT NEWS COVERAGE....Help them for Gods sake..

Ok this whole post has went nowhere...Sorry you just wasted the minute and 30 seconds it may have taken you to read this..(depending on if your a slow reader, or just skimming and not really paying attention..Or if your dyslexic it might take you a little longer)..Anyway..Sorry..I know you can not get back that minute and 30 seconds ..My deep appologies to you and yours...



Jim said...

Got here via the Midwest Hick.

Where in Michigan did you come from?

Go to Minne/St. Paul. There's some real Fargo in the Nether-regions of Minnie-soda. . .

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Hi Jim,
Thans for dropping by..i lived in a small town in the thumb area..u from Mich??..

I live west of minneapolis..and i wanna move sucks in this town:)

Megan said...

Hey there Christina,
Sounds like where I grew up. Especially the Pamida part. Alas, I only had two stoplights, no chinese joint, and the wonderful Pamida. We do have a Sec. of State office though. I grew up in Iron River, MI. You may have heard of it being from the thumb. Lol. I haven't been in a few years. Never thought I would want to go back. Why oh why does the family always stay. Laters.

Grey Street Girl said...

i completely agree in regards to exploiting... it is so sad but SO typical... not to mention that the perspective the media highlights is going to be so slanted anyway that we won't REALLY know what it's like...

as for town issue, i feel for you... the town i was born and lived in for 12 years takes the cake on lame. i will NEVER move back there.... but now, nothing ever seems close to as cool as home (idaho)
we win some, we lose some....

momma of 2 said...

I understand....

vani said...

i would definitly move! and i agree about all the media and the damn celeberties pretending they care but in fact aren't doing anything but advertising i saw this thing yesterday where celebs had a sort of auction thing...someone paid Paris Hilton $200,000 to go out on a date with her- of course that money went to the cause, but gimme a break! she spends more money than that on one of her shopping sprees....paleez.

Julie said...

I understand what you mean. I'm pretty sure Oprah doesn't really give a crap, but she thinks airing this stuff will make her look good. It's so insincere, it really bugs me.

Do you know what happened to Jaws??

d said...

Damn, you are so funny. I don't mind giving you my minute and a half daily! Shoot, take 2 minutes! ;)

What the heck is a Pamida?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Megan, I have never heard of River, MI..go figure..LOL..I lived in Sanilac County...a bunch of small crappy towms there:)

Misty, I just knew you would understand what I was saying!!...LOl

Momma, u havin a better day hon??

vani, yes and why couldnt paris or her family just donate money without having to "auction" off themselves...and they could donate more than 200,000..makes me mad

julie, I have no idea what happen to her..I have even sent her an email a few weeks ago..and nothing..I hope she is ok..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

D, well I am glad you are willing to waste time on me..LOL

Pamida is a store that is kinda like a dept store..and i stress kinda..It is way grosser and cheaper than a kmart...It is bad...realy bad..LOL...probably dont have them up in your neck of the woods..just consider yourslef lucky my dear;)

Gangadhar said...

Christina,I don't feel it as a waste to read your valuable point...And the point you made about celebrities is absolutely right!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Christina, if we travel the 25 miles to the big town, (5000 people), we have a Pamida.
I've just carefully read your last 3 blogs. One word..... decaf.
I do know what you mean though. I'm a guy who goes ballistic when the telephone recordings give me the run around. You know, pounding on all of the keys with my fist type.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

gander, your sweet..your lieing but your sweet..LOL

cliff, funny thing is i dont drink caffine..I am nautraully this way..LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

No Taco Bell? That's disgraceful.
You just have to eat an enchirito (my favorite thing at TB) once in a awhile.
Sorry your town sucks.
Sorry the news and TV shows suck.

keesh said...
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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes I did see oprah today..thats good and all..what I dont like is they make it a photo op for themselves...why do they need to drag cameras in and show these poor folks at theier worst..instead..just go in and help..they fact they cant help without a camera crew is what pisses me off...If I had all the money these folks do..I would not need a camrea crew there expoliting them in order to help..

do u see what I mean????..its good they r giving out food and whatnot..i just feel they are doing it for thier own gain..otherwise just go in without the camreas...does it make sence???

maybe i am explaning it bad..:)

keesh said...
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Mandi said...

You grew up in the thumb? We always go to Brown City camp..know where that is? And I have friends in Marlette.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes my dr. is in brown

was i mean..i am from sandusky..u know where that is??...I went to school with angie

small world huh

keesh said...

Christina - I deleted my posts because this whole thing is just so hard for me right now. I agree with you on your points, but I appreciate everyone and anyone who helps no matter what. I do however agree that some things we don't need to see and you are right, maybe they should go without their camera crews and just do good, but I don't feel that all celebrities are using the cameras to gain exposure, some have done things to help raise money such as the telethon last Friday night.

keesh said...

On a Lighter Note. WE have a Pamida in my small town here in Michigan. I live in southwest michigan. We have no taco bell here though damn it ;). Gotta drive 20 minutes for that. Now that sucks!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I understand your point too..and that is fine you delated your comments...i hope you dont think i was trying to pick a fight..I would never do that...:)

pamida sucks big time huh??..LOL..glad you can see my pain on that one..heehee
i have to drive 20 mintes to my taco bell too..:(

keesh said...

No, I didn't think you were trying to pick a fight, just giving your honest opinion and I am the same way, so I appreciate that about you :). It is nice to have a place to share our feelings but not SLAM each other. I just felt like my other posts were running on emotions instead of my personal opinion right now. Listening to my husbands aunt on the phone the other night and hearing army helicopters fly over her house just outside of new orleans just hit me hard. She has been lucky and has her house and cell phone. her kids, not so lucky, lost everything. But they have a generator and are doing the best they can with it. My husbands other Aunt lost everything and has a 17 year old daughter to take care of. Just makes me sad and I am running on high emotion. Sorry Dear :).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I understand completly..and I am sorry if I did offend you..Must be a real stressful time for you..we will foget this ever happend..LOL

I will hold good thoughts for your family too:)

mal said...

Christina,,,when I left California I thought we had left Q@#$@ wells fargo such luck, they followed us and bought the bank were with. They are back to !$#$@ me off again! As soon as #2 is out of college, we are GONE.

My former employers held up Wells Fargo as the example of customer service they wanted to achieve. When they said that I knew they were clueless and it was time to leave