Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tag its the weekend

So its the weekend..I am spending my time doing the basment. I bought this ultra cool stuff that you put on under you paint, and it makes that part of you wall a freaking can stick magnets on it..Is that cool or what??

I am trying to get my daycare all ready for when they need to come inspect it..I have my critter corner where my bunnies and a gold fish are going..I am having a craft corner where my old table and chaors will go and that is where the can paint , draw or whatever..I am haiving quiet corner where nap time and quiet time will be...Its gonna be cute.. I will try and have pics up by Monday:)

I was tagged by my good pal MidWestHick..if you have never read him..You should..He is a brillant crack up:)

Three random facts about my closet
1. It is a mess
2.I have clothes hung in there I never have worn
3.its small

Three items I have never worn but still havent thrown out.
1.This butt ugly dress I bought 10 years ago which is way way too
2.hmm...acctaully I have not worn much I have in there
3.project for next weekend:)

Three things I will never get rid of no matter how ugly they get.
1.My pink GUESS sweatshirt I have had for 15 years..Full of holes and some paint stains...but I love it:)
2.A tee shirt my kds made with thier handprints on it wedding dress

Three items that people would not expcet to find in your closet
1. a body
2. not really....
3.well maybe:)

Three items that made me go, " Oh Lord, what was I thinking?"
1.gosh, where to start....a plaid pair of pants I bought like 10 years ago..I thought they were cute...but when I see a photo of me wearing them..I think I look like a feaking oldtime golfer
2.a blouse that I thought looked nice on the hanger...but made me look like an old lady...
3."overalls"...nuf said

Three dominant colors in my wardrobe
1. Green
2.Pink you look a little slimmer..or so they say)

Three items that never fail to put me in a good mood whenever I wear them
1. any tee shirt..(especailly my Prince
2.a good bra that dont feel to tight or too loose:)
3.any pair of jammies

Three people I will tag...u poor suckers:)
1. Vani
3.jacks...(yeah u cuz)

Sorry but I love this stuff....if anyone else wants to do it..please do:)

I have a pretty boring closet...sorry folks

So if u havent seen my bunnies..Cadbarry and Thumper..make sure you scroll down and see them.....They r 2 cute:)

Have a good weekend...I will be working my fanny off..Hope u do the same...heehee


May the force b with u


Gangadhar said...

Have a nice weekend,Christina!!

Cliff Morrow said...

You are in a mighty exciting part of your life with this new business. I know it will go well for you. What is under the paint?? a board or mat or something painted on??

momma of 2 said...

Have a great weekend - I think the daycare set up is sounding great. It will be great!

Jamie Dawn said...

I tried several times yesterday to get your blog to come up and it just wouldn't. Finally, I was able to get through today.

I wonder if others have had trouble?

Love the bunnies!!!

midwest_hick said...

Be sure to take some time off this weekend from painting to enjoy the weekend itself.....:))

Fred said...

Hi Christina - here via Jamie Dawn's blog.

After I read your post, I'm glad I live in Florida. We don't have basements. Whew!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

gangadhar..thanks and same to you:)

Cliff,yes very exciting time..and I can wait...I think this stuff has metal shavings in it..then you paint regaular paint over it..I will let you no how it truns chalk board stuff is just something you paint on over anything..doors, walls...and it coenrts the surface to a working chalkboard..really cool

Momma, thank you momma:)

JD,I dont know..sorry you had trouble...Bad Blogger..

MWH, LOL..well I am taking my first break of the day and its almost a womans job is never done:)

Hi Fred, thank you for the visit..I enjoy all who stop by..I will come pay you a visit as well:)

Ex-playgroup mommy said...

Hi -- Great Blog. Where did you find the magnetic paint? I'd like to that on one wall in my playroom and chalk paint on another. Good luck on the new daycare!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ex-playgroup mommy,
hello and thank you for stopping by...HOME DEPOT that store...let me know how your room turns out:)

Tammy said...

Those bunnies are so cute.
That stuff for the wall sounds really cool.
Can't wait to see what your daycare will look like once it's done.
I would love to see pictures.

J&J'sMom said...

You're a crazy woman! Put on a magnetic suit and see if you can stick yourself to the wall ;0)

vani said...

hi christina- just read this post- i will update my blog on all my closet secrets asap! lol