Monday, September 05, 2005

101 things..U have to be kidding

Well as I sit here on a Sunday night I find myself having nothing better to do.I got this from Heather...:)

I am sure not a one of you will make it through this whole painful experience..But congrats on making it to 10 anyway:)

101 things about yours truly

1.My name is Christina

2.I was born in May

3.May is my favorite month

4. When I was young, I wanted to marry Michael Jackson..(so glad that did not pan out)

5.I love concerts..My last one was last summer and it was Prince..Oh yeah baby

6.I have one sister...Thank the Lord just one

7.My parents divorced when I was 12

8. I lived with my dad much of highschool.

9.I had 3 best friends in highschool..And I do not talk to any of them anymore.

10.I was born and raised in Michigan

11. I lived in the same town my whole life up till last November

12. My dad was once the mayor of our city

13. I live in Minnesota now

14. It sucks as bad as Michigan

15. My dream would to live in Miami and ride dolphins all day

16.My favorite color is green

17. There is not a shade of green I do not love

18. I have 3 kids

19. So I had 3 kids the "natural way"....Only had drugs with one

20.My longest labor was 6 hours

21. My shortest was 3 and half

22.My spawns are cute

23. They do not look like me at all

24. I love watching medical shows

25.My grandparents are still alive

26.I once never wanted kids

27. I had a cousin shoot herself to death

28.I wanted to be like her when I was growing up

29. She kids same age as mine

30.I took it really bad

31. Still angers me and saddens me when I think about it

32.I have never once thought about killing myself

33. I think most members of my family have mental problems

34.not me of course

35. In highschool I was in track

35. I cant run very good now...But getting back at it

36. I once thought if I weighed 129 pounds I was a fat ass

37. I would love to weigh 129 pounds now

38. I workout 6 days a week

39.I love nachos

40.I love Dt Dr Pepper

41. I ran away once..( I came back though)

42. I had some friends that got me in trouble

43.I have had 2 minor car accidents..Not my fault of course

44.I wont drive if its snowing

45.I once swore at a teacher

46. I was in choir and did a little drama

47. I sang a solo at a school concert

48. I was asked to sing at graduation but refused

49. I love singing in the car

50. Everyone else hates it

51.I have never met anyone I met online

52. I don't trust people, I always assume your lieing to me

53.I have blonde hair

54. But I dye it brown

55.I went to beauty school

56. I did not take the test

57. I think my dad is still mad

58. He paid for it..Heehee

59.That was back in 1994

60.I got married on April Fools day

61. My son was born on St. Patricks Day

62.I started dating my hubby in 1992

63. We married in 1995

64. My first loves name was Rich

65. He turned out to be a loser..Go figure

66.Some guys I dated have later ended up in jail..Go figure

67. Some have not, not sure where I went wrong there

68.I have never done drugs

69. I am a social drinker

70. I have never smoked either

71. My mother does and it infuriates me.

72.My dad once dated a woman who was crazy..( I mean she was nuts)

73. My dad now dates a girl younger than me.

74.She is one of my only friends

75.She is coming next weekend to see us

76. Oh I found out this weekend I am going to be an aunt again

77.I love babies

78.Until they learn to talk

79.Someday I would love to have one more

80. No I was lieing there

81.I love swimming

82. But I am deathly afraid of oceans , big lakes, and bridges

83.I had a pool growing up

84. I want a pool now

85. But I want a pool guy to take care if it

86. I wish I had more money

87. I own 2 houses

88. I use my home in Michigan as a rental property

89. I want to sell it

90. The realtor I hired..Was fat and lazy

91.after I fired him..I found a renter..And the realtor wanted commission on it...WTF??

92. He didn't get a dime

93.I hate driving long distances

94. I think my hubby is weird

95. I love cats

96. I once kept a cat secretly in my basement when I was younger

97. I would love to live on a farm if I wasn't so lazy

98. I once gave a hand massage to a dead lady..Not knowing she was dead

99. I have walked in rooms with dead people one too many times.

100. I am afraid to die

101. But part of my cant wait...Knowing there is something better afterward...:)

Ok I got thro all that...Are you sleeping now?
I thought so..

If anyone wants to do this let me know so I can read it...It is kinda fun..



Heather said...

Okay.. I read all 101! So HA! But I have to ask you.. at bout 60.. did you start grasping for anything? Thats about where I was like.. hmmm.. have I done anything else?

2. So was I. The 19th.
3. So is mine... obviously. I get presents.
27. Im so sorry... this is never an easy thing to deal with.
32. I have... but I was older and I had just lost my twin sister.. I thought I couldnt go on.. then my oldest daughter.. who was 2 .. looked at me.. wrapped her little arms around me and said.. Im giving you a hug cuz God is hugging Aunt Hilary. The bad thoughts went away.
41. I ran away once too.. but then it started raining. I got to the end of the street.

Okay.. Im tired so this is all the comment you get. Great list :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Heather, so we are both Taurus winder we are so much alike..heehee

I dont think you made it past 60...LOL

and yes, I did start grabbing at stuff..but around 20..LOL

vani said...

you gave a hand massage to a dead lady?! ok- please explain that one in further'm sorry about your cousin. :( not really good at stuff like that...never know what to say..and why dye your hair blonde? don't they say blondes have more fun? hehe.....and i'd like to get in on this list...i'm sure i'll be extremely bored at work some time this week...

mom of 3 girls said...

I already knew a lot of that stuff. #31 still does me too!

Grey Street Girl said...

that was great...i would love to do it, but don't get it.... do you name random things or do they have to somehow lead from one to the next?

i shared quite a few of yours... ecsp. the not trusting people!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...




Cliff Morrow said...

I made it. On q. Dr Pepper??? yuck

Litlsassy20 said...

I made it too! i am going to make it around to doing this list ONE day, but who knows when that will be LOL

d said...

Nice list. I love these lists, they always make me smile, laugh, feel a little sad. Makes me remember that we all have things that we are or have dealt with in our lives.

I'd like to try to do this one day, I just don't know what the heck to put down.

p.s. I'm glad it didn't work out between u and Michael either ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I made it through the list. I'm shocked I read it all.
It's terrible about your cousin committing suicide.
I think we are all afraid to die, or more exactly of how we are going to die.

Pragmatician said...

I confess I didn't read all of them but some were very funny!

Tammy said...

njWOW, It was nice getting to know you better.