Friday, September 23, 2005

bunnies,and funnies

So this morning me and my 2 girl spawns are going to the pet shop..and I am getting a bunny..Why the heck are you getting a bunny you may ask..I will tell you..

It is for my daycare..I am going to have an animal station with a bunny and a goldfish in a bowl..And every week it is going to be a differnt kids job to help feed it and water it..So its for ...yes the kids:)

My beautiful covert spy spawn was kind of dissapointed about the gum the tooth fairy left..I told hubby to get berry gum..she likes berry he gets something..kind of citrus or somthing..

Covert spy spawn says to me this morning.." momma, I guess the tooth fairy doesnt no I dont like soured things"

and also one of her ponytail holder,s was in her bed...when she woke up ,she thought the tooth fairy left her a new yellow pony

Then at dinner I ask her if anyone noticed her tooth was missing. She said " well I showdid everyone"..( said did you show your teacher?..She says "yes, and she was the most surpsidid"..(surprisdid..LOL)
So I say ,why wa she so surprised? She says because my mom pulled it out...duh!!

Now her teacher thinks I pulled her tooth out. When in all actuallityI did, I just gave it a little tug..But I can never show my face at her school now..Now I am labeled "the mom who ripped her 5 year olds tooth out of the socket"

I walk with my head in shame now:(

BTW, I have not done a thing in my livivng room. Instead I am working on the those pics will come sometime..Again, I know you will be holding your breathe in hopes of getting a sneak peek at it:)

My bunnies name will be Cadbury..I forgot to tell ya that..and I am sure after I get it home I will feel the need to share this with I am sure a photo will be posted sometime in the you can all get your much needed bunny fix:)

oh and I hate to admit this..But guess what? No I can not tell you. I am already hanging my head in shame from pulling covert spy spawns tooth out..

Ok you twisted my better sit down

christina baked cookies today...cookies from scatch..i made my dinner tonight from a recipe in my amish cook book...please call your local congressman or nearest represntive, tell them I need help..I need to be put away, for a long , long. time...Please..Help me..I am begging you...

and..i washed all the bedding and cleaned out one drawer...I am a goner!!



keesh said...

WEll you must have rubbed off on me cause I was all domestic yesterday too. I had a bunny when I was younger, we had it litter trained in the house. Yes, just like a cat. The only downside, they love to chew on wires like the cable wires, so we always had to know where she was. I love the bunny name!

firehotgran said...


Wethyb said... go girl! No shame in that :) Now I wanna go home and clean and stuff!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kish, sorry I rubbed on you..not good at all!!..and I have heard that bunnies like to chew on cords..I may have to have its teeth pulled..LOL(not really):)

Granny,thank you for failing me..I hope you are happy. Dont know how you can sleep at night

Beth,trust wasnt all that..LOL

vani said...

what kind of example are you setting for us non-cooking slackers?! a good one- that's what..LOL i hope to be like you one day christina. and i used to have a bunny once- it ran away when we "took it out for a walk" you would a dog, cept no leashes and off he went into the woods..:( love the name those things. :)

Felecia said...

Atta girl! If you find that this disease of yours doesn't go away anytime soon, another good cookbook is The Minimalist - I just picked it up a few weeks ago . I love it because it is what it's titled - great food prepared from minimal ingredients in minimal time (healthy too).

mom of 3 girls said...

Well you go girl......heehee You said everything was good so hey.

You are such a mean mom!! Yanking that kids tooth out. lol

Hope you and the girls have fun picking out the bunny. Post pictures.

momma of 2 said...

Back away from the kitchen, put down the utensils, and back away from the kitchen... It will be okay... it was a slip up - we can all forgive you.. remain calm.. it will be okay

d said...

Baked cookies? I can't remember the last time I baked real actual cookies, I just buy those frozen ones.

The bunny seems like a good idea. Have you ever had one before? I hear they don't really live long lives so you better make sure you get one that is not too "different" so that when he kicks the bucket you can replace him and no one will ever know the difference.

Cliff Morrow said...

I can't share the excitement over the little thumpers, but lets talk cooking, and recipes. I can see the tv show now. CULINARY CREATIONS BY CHRISTINA.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cliff...will you be my PR person??