Thursday, September 29, 2005

this that and the other

so my cookies were a big hit with everyone other than baby spawn..See if mommy ever makes her anything ever again..nope..I have wrote her off my baking list..FOR GOOD..

I really need to do something with the awful domestic thing I have going on. It is starting to get out of hand..And that is not a "good thing" . Before I know it I will be wearing aprons and wearing my hair in a bun making my own freaking pie crust..Heaven help me please..

So some other things are going on now.. Now hubby is thinking of finding a job outside of what he does...A new career if you will... He has a bacholors degree in Biology..but he is an engineer..go figure...He is thinking he would like to work for a non-profit or something..I told him as long as u see a profit..LOL..

So this may be a big change for us all...We will see what happens...

Anything is possiable I guess..

I want to thank Mandi for a good game of cards last night...even though we lost one game I think..LOL

and thanks for the chat Ange, I needed it.

Hope ya,ll have a good day..with no kids talking back, and no bills:)



Kristen said...

damn kids, never grateful.

Of course you would give that baby anything she asked for. Who are you kidding?

My husband says that kind of stuff all the time. He has a secret fantasy of staying home and playing video games. At least your husband wants to contribute to society somehow. lol

Grey Street Girl said...

few things are worse then going out of your way to do something special for your child and they flat out reject it...
THAT would be every morning in our house....

the non profit thing is an awesome aspiration! i did that for 4 years and LOVED It..... there is so much gratification thing. (and non profit still gives you a salary. lol. unless you are a volunteer of course.... it's just the organization that doesn't profit financially beyond needs. ) what type of organization is he interested in?

mom of 3 girls said...

Little Miss Emma is trying not to get to use to mamma baking cookies, she dont want to aquire a taste for them and then her mom decide not to be like Martha anymore. I am sure she will come around. LOL

Well Dave changed careers when we was up here and it was a good thing for all of us, so hey whatever makes him happy and you of course.

Have a good day, I will chat with you maybe tonight, I am off with the 6th graders

Wethyb said...

Good luck with hubby's job. That can be so scary completely switching careers, but it sounds very promising!!

momma of 2 said...

Hubby changing careers? That could be very good, I hope he find something that he believes in, and enjoys.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kristen, i right i would give her just about anything..LOL..I think deep down mine might have the same fantasy:)

Misty,glad my kids arent the only ones who reject my
I think he is looking for something in a biology related thing or governemt thing..i just worry he wont make as much money as he does now..kinda worries me.

Jacks, yes we will chat tongiht..and have fun with the 6th graders ...heehee

Beth, thanks...not sure whats going to

momma, yes..he would not take a job he didnt belive in..thats just him..he is weird like that..LOL

Cliff Morrow said...

I think I'd better 'test' taste these cookies before you go and give them to a small child. Do you need my address?? I could email it. Overnight express would be best.

Jodes said...

cute blog!!!

d said...

Yes, be careful before you turn into June Cleaver.

It's funny how many people get degrees and then don't actually use them. Funny and scary, considering that's what I'm probably going to do, LOL. Hope he finds something that will make him happy and make y'all rich so you can move to paradise and pay someone else to paint it!

Melis said...

No, you're not the only one who's children completely reject (or in my case spit out!) your baking! lol

Good luck to you and hubby with all your transitions right now. Its sounds like it will be an exciting time in ya'lls lives!