Wednesday, September 14, 2005

House full of viruses favorite show..(well one of my favs) came back on tonight..HOUSE...this show is on Fox and it is a really wonderful show..If you have not seen it..please check it out next Tuesday..My first fav is Meduim which can be seen on NBC at 9pm cst..:)

I have something wrong with my puter...I defintaly have a virus..and stupid me I have not updated my virus protection..well hubby is picking up a new one tonight...I keep getting this Winnfix come on..kinda like a pop up that says I need to scan for virsus..well I was not born yesterday so I know not to click on it...I click the red x in the corner and not more than 20 seconds later I get this damn winnfix on my screen..It just comes on anyway...I can not get rid of it...And someone from San Jose , California has been trying to hack into my puter too...Not sure why..But I have "people" hunting down the Ip address and the user...I guess they dont know my connections...heehee

I get my new table between 9-10 am...I can not wait,I am like a kid waiting for Santa..I am so excited..I will get a pic on when they get it here and I have it set up the way I like it;) My paint job looks awsome..I may paint my kitchen the same color..would that be too much??? middle spawn comes inside with a paper in her hand.It is a big blue piece of constuction paper..I am like " what is that?"
she said " i dunno, Noah gave it to me"...

So I look at it and it is a paper oldest spawns friend Noah made at school with cotton balls made into differnt clouds...Not sure why he gave it to her..I think he is sweet on her..But man...He is 3rd grade and she is Kindergared...Slow down kids, slow down.

Then the girl who kisses my baby came over asking if she could see him..Oh gag me please..Gag me till I choke and die..

Ok thats it for now..I will post pics when my table gets make sure to check back,I know you will be

* PSA* ok still no spell check and still able to commnet on every I say..I have a nasty virus....please dont download or open mail from strangers...strangers are bad...although I never open mail or download anything..I still have one...So be safe peeps....I dont want your puters ill too:)



midwest_hick said...

Sounds more like spyware/adware than a virus to me....I went thru the same thing and got spy sweeper.....took care of the problem here.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

maybe so..but i have a spyware blocker that works..but this thing is like the freaking keeps going, and going, and going..cant get rid of it..I cleaned out my files..still this is my next move..

but i thought the same thing too..we will see...thanks though:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats on the table. Be sure and post a pic soon.
I hope those computer troubles don't come my way.
I hate computer problems!

Charmed1 said... you can get free avg that updates it's self once a week and it's free. I have never had a problem with it. I've been using it for 4 years now. Good luck getting rid of everything.Microsoft also has an awsome spyware program that is free, it totally cleaned my computer out. I'll have to email you some links that will help you get rid of all of that stuff and they are all free.

Cliff Morrow said...

New table,,,my oh my. Lets see those pics. Medium is Marilyn's favorite also. Later

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

JD,in just a bit it will be here..i am looking forward to i hope you dont get any computer troubles either,,it sucks:(

Charmed, my hubby did something on it last night..not sure whst but i know it was a spyware thing..hate when people try to f&*% with other peoples computers

Cliff, I knew you had to be married to a cool lady..she knows good programing when she sees it;)

vani said...

viruses suck! i hope you get rid of it. i wish i was getting a new table! lol...actually i need a new

momma of 2 said...

good luck with the computer problems... I hate it when they act up.

New table...can't wait to see pics!!

Sandy said...

I love your new table and the painting in that room! Did you know that if you buy paint from Home Depot and you do not like the color, even after using it, that they will take it back?