Saturday, September 10, 2005

happy trails.....or whatever

so soon I will be heading to the airport to pick up Jennifer, then we are heading to the casino to waste our money....yippie..I am feeling much better..Thank God..

I am hoping I do not get lost on my travels tomorw..I have a habit of doing that....I can not read a map..and I do not pay attention to road sign I am probabaly driving much too fast and singing way too loud to really pay attention to anything say a little prayer for us:)

OH OH...I almost forgot to tell you...Ok you no how I quit my job 2 weeks ago...Well my last was going to be Sept 21st or something like that..Anyway, since I had been ill the last 3 days I emailed the boss to tell her I was ill along with 2 of my spawns..Well apparently she did not take to kindly to that...because the bitch fired me..LOL...I wrote her back and I am can you fire me when I quit already??..WTF???..and I guess she has forgotten all the times she called me on a whim and I showed up..I came in when a tornado was nearly chasing me down the road..I have filled in for other staff members when they needed to switch days or whatever..And I told her also that I was not making enough money there for it to be even worth my time..I was not working for the money, rather to get out of the house and meet people..Well i didnt really meet anyone..and I have a daycare bill to pay now..its a win win dont you think??..And before I had three kids and before I moved here I basiclly ran a whole activity dept . by myslef..I was the only full time staff other than my director..and my gosh if I could handle it alone for 5 days a week sometimes more..Than why couldnt anyone at this home??...Whatever..It really makes no differnce to me..I had quit anyway..and i am on the road to opening my daycare..Ce la vie ..

I hope ya,ll have a good weekend..I know I will be...

Oh I will leave you with something oldest spawn said to me tonighit..he seems to be a big hit around here..LOL

ok he is grounded..( read previous post to see why)...and he was looking out his bedroom window at his sister playing in the yard..He ran out to the kitchen to tell me she had left the yard..I told him " dont worry about what she is doing, just worry about yourself"

to which he replied.." that is just being selfish"

yes like I need a lesson on being selfish...give me a break kid..sometimes his mouth is bigger than his brain I think..

have a good weekend..and again I can not spell check..I think My comupter may have some bad shit on it..It is acting very weird last few days..



Marel Lecone said...

What a stupid woman-boss! You poor girl--you can't even be sick! So glad that you have a plan and you can blow her off without a care.

And, read the map. OK? Getting lost sucks and cuts into having-fun-time. :)

Talk to you later.

Cliff Morrow said...

Tell your boss, well good, now that I'm fired, I can collect unemployment.(as you know it comes out of her account)

dsweetz said...

Glad it worked out for the best for you and that u are getting a little mini-vacation.......wish you lots of luck in the casino!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Have fun!!!!!!