Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Christina,s meltdown

Ok...The following scene took place here about an hour ago...*warning..Fowl words and phrases will be present*

Ok here is the set up...When we moved to this Godforsaken state last November I had trouble getting on my own bank account..The hubby was here at end of Oct so he got the account started..When I got here..For some reason they would not put me on the account..Something showed up..But noone would tell me what...Ok so fast forward to Saturday...

I send hubby to go cash my check..I signed it and so did he..He comes back..They would not let him cash it..So I tell him go deposited it..He comes back and they wont let him..I have to do it...So fast forward to today..

This is me and baby spawn going the drive thro..

Teller: Goodmorning
Me: ditto
Teller: " um mam do you have an account here with us"
Me: " yes, well my husband does"
Teller: " well your husband has to deposit it"
Me: " ok, Saturday my husband tried..You wouldn't let him..Said I needed to..Hence I am here"
Teller:" sorry, you both need to be here"
Me: " your kidding me..Ok I am closing our account..We are done"
Teller: " would you like to come in and talk to a banker"
Me:" damn right"

so I go into WELLSFARGO BANK...My blood is boiling and I am looking for a fight now..

The lady asks me if I have 2 forms of ID..Which I do..I give her my lisence and my social security card...She looks at them..." Do you have a credit card or something with your name on it"..

So I proceed to get everything out of my purse with my name on it..And throw it at her..And I say " there ,will that do ya?".....Then she fingerprints me..." You have got to be fucking, kidding me"..." I am being fingerprinted so I can cash this damn paycheck"...." I have seen it all now"...So she fingers prints me...At this point I am waiting for the cops to pull up and cuff me..

Then she says..." It is gonna be a 5 dollar charge to cash this"....I say.." What the hell for?".....She says." well because you don't have an account"...Me..." Yes I do...My husband does"...."Well you don't"...

" Christ is this some kind of sick joke?...Your kidding me right"
" no mam..No joke"..."Would you like to talk to a banker"
" Oh hell yes I do"

So I go back to his little cozy cubilcal....He puts in all my info..And nothing shows up..He can not see why I was not able to get on before..So I say..You can add me then?..." Well not with out your husband here"

" fuck, your kidding right...So your gonna stay open till 6pm so we can both come in here together and do the same shit I did a year ago..Don't you keep your files..You should have all the signatures needed..Come on"

" no mam, we have no record of it..Your husband has to be here".."Unless you want to open your own account"

" I don't think so...I may tell my husband to start an account somewhere else..A bunch of fucking morans work here"

Needless to say we have an appointment Thursday evening at 4:30..And if trouble comes up..I will tell them where to go once again..

so this was my meltdown at the bank today....Sorry for the laungaue..But when Momma is mad..We all suffer..

I need a drink...A good stiff drink..And I swear if I am ever called mam again..I am gonna punch the son of a bitch who calls me that right between the fucking eyes....* ok no more naughty langaue..I promise*..This is a G rated site..Sorry:)



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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh your kidding me...now the fucking spammers are getting in..son of a bitch...wtf?????

BipolarPrincess said...


Look, you even have spammer trying to make you feel better, heheh!


momma of 2 said...

Good thing I am not you... I took our bank on in March when some dumbass stole our debit card number... Hell yes I wanted to close the account. I will have to blog about it sometime...today I am just grumpy!

vani said...

fingerprint? $5 fees? wtf?! he's your husband for christ sake, you fucking cook, clean and you've had this man's children, what do you mean you can't cash a check if he's not there?! you should get an acct somewhere else...screw them...lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

princess, yes they got thru my barrier..and they did not make me feel better..LOL

mommaof2, oh man, i have got to hear your bank story..this was my first expirence with cursing in a fedral building:)

Vani. that is exactly what I was thinking..LOL

d said...

Oh my! Sory that happened but that was one funny story. Good for you, they deserved to be cussed out. What is this finger printing business? Did you let them? They owe you one big apology and then I'd still go to another bank if I were you. Who needs that kind of headache?

Heather said...

As bad as that sounds.. can we trade days?

Between helping my brother and his kids find a place to go to school.. and then a family friend of ours growing up showed up today.. so now him and his wife and their 2 kids need a place to stay plus a place to go to school...

I sat down today.. looked at my war torn living room.. and blessed Todd.. for not putting his foot down about the guest house. I thought it was useless .. Oh.. today it not useless.. it holds 2 families and their 8 children.. and they get to feel like they have their own home for awhile..

Is it just completely wrong to lock the doors to MY house on them though?

Jamie Dawn said...

YIkes! I hope you feel better.
I would definitely change banks if I were you.
What a mess!
I see a spammer got through even with the word verification. What a world!!!!!
Death to spammers!

Wethyb said...

That just sucks. I'm sorry....and I'm sorry that you got spammed already. Isn't that the purpose of that word verification??? Take off the anonymous comments too. That may help.

Good luck on Thursday. Hope those bastards get you straightened out!

midwest_hick said...

I hate Wells Fargo....when I moved back here a few years ago....and tried to cash my paycheck....they wouldn't let me....and the check was drawn on their bank.....and I had an account with them in Iowa....hence I banked with them.....needless to say....I don't bank there anymore....lol

Peanutt said...

Oh my gosh, you should have punched someone dead in the face! I'll drink with ya!!!

keesh said...

CHristina - way to ease up on the language :). HA! What funny story, for us, not you of course. I have had those experience lately. I will have to post mine about the propane lady. Geesh!
Bright side - we have the option of going into a bank, where as in the south, most of New Orleans can't even go to a bank.

Dottie said...

Hey, I found your blog thru Melissa's or Christie's, can't remember. Sorry you had such a bad banking experience. I think all banks are getting rediculous to deal with. I'd be looking for a new one, though! Good Luck!

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Damn girl, You handled that just like I would have.
I can't believe they fingered printed you. I didn't know Banks did that. I would have told them to F**k themselves.
I would be dealing with another bank.