Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Must have been some mix up in hospital

2 lame posts in one day...It does not get much better than this right???

So I had a bit of a domestic streak while baby spawn was napping..Yes I baked cookies again..From scratch..( it is kind of like an illness..I am desperately searching for the cure)

Anyway when baby spawn wakes up I go get her and take her to my stock pile of home made goodness..I say " you want to a have a cookie?"

" No momma, I want a nana"....Ok what just happened here?..Did my baby flat down refuse a cookie and ask for a freaking banana???...This must be a dream...Now I am not a cookie eater, never really have been..I love cookie dough yes..But when u bake kinda wrecks the cookie for me...But I love the smell;)

So baby spawn wanted to get a bunny out..Or as she says " unny momma..unnie out..peese"

Santa, please get me a camera that doesn't take crappy pictures for Christmas...One that wasn't handed down to me from someone who was not putting any thought to a birthday gift for me and gave me their used camera...Thank you Santa:)



momma of 2 said...

those pics are too cute! I love that she is so independent...yeah, kids are feeling much better - so I asked what they wanted for snack after naps...thinking fruit snacks (okay I wanted fruit snacks) Baby Girl says - Carrots!

Jamie Dawn said...

Love the cute pics!
She chose a banana over a cookie. Good for her!!
My kids used to want mandarins (we grew them on the ranch) instead of cookies or other sweets.
Too bad mandarins weren't in season year round.

Litlsassy20 said...

She just looks precious holding that unny! Actually I too prefer a banana over a cookie :-/ Its ok, I turned out somewhat 'ok' LOL

Heather said...

I am hoping you get a new camera too.. one that was not handed down to you as a birthday present :P

Great pics though :)

vani said...

ok, maybe the pics are kinda crappy, but she is still so very sweet. :) and u need to come over and start baking these cupcakes that are due at my daughter's school by friday (for a katrina fundraiser)!! come on sista! hop to it....ny is not that far ;)

Melis said...

Completely precious pics! Love 'em! I will put in a good word for you as well for that camera! (hmmm.. ya might wanna stop me! It'd probably only make things worse.) lol

Marel Lecone said...

She is too cute. She holds her bunny so well. I would be watching over the bunny waiting for its final end in the hands of my little ones. :)

firehotgran said...

emma looks sooooooo cute with her unny.....i miss her and the others soooo much!!!