Sunday, September 25, 2005

Holy crap not again

Ok, this is like the 5th time I am trying this..I swear if it don't go through I am deleting this whole darn blog and suing Blogger for pain and suffering and a total freaking meltdown of myself..

Anyway, I am a tad disappointed with the progress I made this weekend. I only got one room done, and that room isn't even all done..But I will show you what I have done , because I am cool like that:)

as always the before shots.(for dramatic purposes only) .These were taken over the summer..Only ones I could really find..So here we go....

well as you can see blogger has spit in my face again.....Anyone know a good attorney..Cause blogger is going down.....

I will try in the morning.....Please check back sometimes after 10 am...I swear..I am about to blow my top off...Worked my rear off all weekend...And this is how it ends..I am going to bed!!


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