Thursday, September 29, 2005

I am tagged, here ya go....

I have been tagged by Mommaof2..I love this crap..LOL

What I was doing 10 years ago : I had been married for almost 6 months, and plugging away at beauty school..

What I was doing 5 years ago : Well covert spy spawn was almost 8 months old and kissing spawn was off for his first days of preschool

What I was doing one year ago : getting ready to move to this crap hole I like to call I mean minnesotta:)

What I did yesterday (Wed) : Lets see, I baked cookies, played with bunnies, faught with hubby bout things, played cards with my mom on yahoo(our nightly ritual), talked with friends on line and on phone,bought a new lawm mower..i will stop here:)

Five songs I know all the words too : I know all the words to every sone I love..which is in the thousands..but here are a few examples

1.Hotel california by The Eagles
2.Goodbye yellow brick road by Sir Eloton John
3.Purple Rain by Prince
4.I want your sex By George Micheal
5.toot toot chugga chugga big red car By The Wiggles:)

Five snacks I enjoy
3.dt dr pepper
4.cheddar sun chips
5.unsalted and un buttered popcorn

Five things I would do with 100 million dollars of my houses off my dads house
3buy my mom a house..and a new car my own island
5.donate some to our church,and charites that help kids with cancer

Five places I would run away too

1.anywhere where kids are not allowed island i want to buy
3.any place in Hawiaii
4.a hole in the ground
5. Katmando

Five things I would never wear

1. a bikini
2. a thong (hate when underwear creeps up your butt)
3. hot pants
4. pink or blue eyeshadow
5. gray hair

Five favorite tv shows

3. Law and order SVU
4.Amercian Idol

Five great joys
3.good hair days
4.alone time
5.losing a few pounds when your not even trying

Five favorite toys crappy as$ digtial camera
2. vidoe recoreder laptop that works for crap right now desktop that acctually works

Five currnet reads

ok, I dont read books all the blogs on my blogroll..I read them all daily:)

Five folks I will tag for this

well I know most of you dont like being i wont do that...but if you want to do it.....please..please...tell me....and I hope at leat one of you does..LOL



d said...

I like these too, just sometimes I'm not in the mood to do 'em. Maybe I'll do it today as I have NOTHING to blog about, but no promises ;)

I know the words to a shit load of songs too. Even the one's I hate, why is it the crappy on'e stick in our heads?

Marel Lecone said...

For a moment, I sit here trying to rack my brain. Ten years ago is almost a lifetime away it seems . . . great list of yours! :)

Melis said...

You can always throw a tag my way if ya want to. I'll work on it later this afternoon, if not, tonite. (my "nite owl-ism!) lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

d, well get on it if you like them...tag your it..come on show me what ya got..LOL

marel,yes 10 years does seem like a lifetime ago..I only know what i was doing because i had just gotten married ..LOL

Melis, well I tag you too..get it on lady..LOL

momma of 2 said...

Great job! I knew you would do it... the others I tagged - not so sure, as I know they don't like to do them either... lol... Have a good day!

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

heh, If you need one more I could as long as you dont mind me posting it on 20 degrees off center as opposed to on the Oddyssey. The Oddyssey is, rather obviosly, a theamed site and this wouldnt really fit there.

The Lumpy

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

momma, u know me 2 well..LOL

Lumpy, it on whatever one..i agree it wont fit on your regualr one..LOL...i will glady stop by and check it out:)

vani said...

wow 10 yrs ago- a was a senior in highschool- before marriage, kids....such a different person!! and i love that song by the eagles and purple rain always makes me

keesh said...

Good answers. I love these games too! Your interview questions are on my blog. Go for it girl!! You can copy and paste to yours if you want so all your readers can see your questions and answers. Have fun!

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

hmmm. Ok so bear with me. First time doing one of these. If I understand Kish right from her comments here and from her site then you have to ask me a couple questions? That actually sounds like even more fun. Might give me some insight into what my readers think or wonder about me. Of course it's a bit more work for you Christina. You up for it?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Lumpy, so u want to be interviewed???....sounds like fun..i will get some qeustions 2 gether for ya and get it to ya:)

keesh said...

Christina - don't forget to answer yours, we're waiting...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

kish, dont worry..i am gonna work on it tonight for my post tomorw..I am all over it honey..LOL

keesh said...

Aw, you called me honey. That was my SELF ESTEEM BOOSTER for the day. Yep, doesn't take much to boost my ego. Thanks Christina. YOU ROCK WITH YOUR BAD ASS DOMESTIC HOME PAINTING, LAWN MOWING< COOKING BAKING > BUNNY BUYING SELF :)> Ha, I think i am sleep deprived....I get a bit slap happy when I am tired...

Grey Street Girl said...

ten years ago i was a mess. a totally screwed up newlywed/emotional/slightly psychotic mess....

five years ago i was recovering from all things named above....

lets talk about 12 years ago.... now those were the days.

Jamie Dawn said...

UN-salted and UN-buttered popcorn.
Where's the fun in that?

Kristen said...

so everyone's watching House, huh?

I love it.

Melis said...

Sorry I was slackin! lol But my tag is complete! :)