Saturday, September 02, 2006

Say say say

Well, we were going to go to the Great Minnesota Get Together. But guess what. Its raining, its cold, and I am not leaving my house. That's what. So alas we aren't going to the state fair today. Maybe Monday. Its kids day that day for crying out loud.

So know what I did today? Bossy's Barber Shop was open. After my son lost his coolness on the barber shop floor the other, I thought I better cut the girls hair myself. Don't try this at home folks, I am a trained professional afterall.

First I did Blondie Bee.

Simple blunt with long layers after the fact.....

Then I did Boo Bee. After she saw me cutting Blondies hair, she was begging for a damn haircut....Guess she thought after she got her hair cut that she would also be going to school. Because she got her shoes and backpack on...What a dumb ass she is..

I told her school was closed on Saturday..

Boo, the short bus does not run on the weekend. Or if your "tree ears ode"..Maybe next year year my sweet..

I did fix Butch bees hair, but he said he was not posing for a picture because he wasn't gonna have his face on the internet. What a damn wuss...

I finished the clothes shopping for school. Spent $400 on each kid, then I have this list of stuff and this is just for Blondie...Who is in first grade, which to me is just a step above peeing and pooing yourself..

first grade supplies

Pencils (at least 10-sharpened)

Big Eraser

Elmer glue (4oz) no colored glue

2 large glue sticks


Tennis shoes

pencil box

spiral notebook

box of markers

school bag



one 2 pocket folder

one box of ziplock bags any size

one pkg of dry-erase markers

See all that? This is for first grade. Why the hell do they need zip lock bags or dry erase markers? Hell if I know? And why glue and glue sticks?....I think I am supplying supplies for the kids in foreign lands and not know it...I am plastering her name over everything!

So all that was 60 bucks

My son who is in 4th grade has about a list of 5 things he needs..

When I went to school I needed a notebook and a pencil. Half the time I lost my pencil. I also had those handy trapper keepers...Those rocked.

Also today I got out my fall decorations. I Love fall. If you don't like fall, you suck.

I wish I could develop my own land/planet where it went from June-October. I hate spring and I loath winter. I want the summer heat and sunshine and I want the falling leaves and the crunchy sound they make when you walk on them. I like to rake, I like to mow...I like the smell of the leaves burning and the sound of the nuts falling from the trees. Yes nuts do make sounds people. Speaking of nuts, have u ever seen a squirrel use the restroom? In all my years I have seen every animal poo outside..Except a squirrel. Think about it people..Have u seen a squirrel poo before?..I highly doubt it. And your lying if you say u have...Nuf said..

So here is some of my crap I got out..

A bad photo, but its a pumpkin with lights...Don't be jealous, you can get one at Target is ya want.

My scarecrow, he is sitting in a patch of sunflowers, use your imaginations people..Ok.

And there is my table with my best pumpkin placemats. Machine washable of course.

so there you have it. This is what I have done thus far on this raining crappy Saturday.

I am gonna go take a nap now. When I look at the list of things I have done before noon, I realize I am in a need of some rest.And I need to slow down, I have done my dialy work load already, slow down sally......

Bee Real


Blazer1234 said...

Nice job on the girls' hairs...

I'm with you, I'm all about fall. It's the best season of the year as far as I'm concerned. Today feels like such a fall day. It is so nice, even if it is raining.

Now you've got me itchin' to get my decorations out. If I can just remember where the hell I stored them....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i bet your decorations are in a plastic tote uner your chirstmas ones..thats where mine were:)

beth said...

can I swing by for a hair cut, too!! and now you got me curious. we have about 5 million squirrels in our back yard, where is all their poop??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

will you sit still? if u do come on over...

and see...told ya..where is the squirrel poop..

i have another one for you know anyone who lives in delware?...nope..nobody does..i think when u go there u never come back...

food for thought my friend...

Heart Of Darkness said...

Nice haircut! I can now see I'd be much better off if I had let you cut my hair instead of wasting $150 on the local hairdresser...! I look like shit. No, actually, I look like I did before I entered the hairdresser. She must have been scissors-scared, or something... :)

Meow said...

Great haircuts ... I need one, can I come on over too !!
Fall decorations ... that's something we don't do here ... I think it's a lovely idea.
I'll have to find some spring decorations ... (today is back to Winter temperatures, however).
Hope your weekend is a good one.
It's Father's Day here today (Sunday), so I am going to indulge my hubby today (or so he thinks !!).
Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

150 for a your getting better come here sweety:)

fathers day? is in fall decorations?..what? u have halloween of autum? your leaves fall?..what goes on down there woman?

LZ Blogger said...

Bossy ~ Rest is good for your soul... (and maybe) for the kids TOO! ~ jb///

1 plus twins said...

i so agree with you about the school supplies it is ridiculus what they need. i was told they needed dry erase markers cuz they let them do math on their desks and they wipe off. i don't understand the ziploc baggies or post it notes or 10 glue sticks my kids had to have. i swear they are supplying supplies for other kids. there is not way you need 10 glue sticks!! your decorations look great.

Britmum said...

Awww Bossy you are just to bloody cute. I can't keep up with you on the fall shit though. I mean its still over 100 bloody degrees here. I am about ready to throw in the towel and move back to the U.K. I need help. I need serious moral support and help. So o.k. I will change the subject.

The Bees hair looks great and aren't you a clever old stick than. A bloody dark horse you are. Well I never.

Please talk to me soon. I am going insane. I tell you bloody insane. I may have to raid the medicine cabinet soon.

Love ya.

Take care and bye xxxxxxxx

babbler said...

i will damn sure agree that fall is the best part of the year!!!!!
I mean how could it not be?
Hunting season starts in fall!
The bow season here begins on my birthday weekend
3rd week of september, i damn sure expect presents too.
So all of you fine upstanding folks who will send gifts please ask for the snail mail addy!
Othern that, Bossy ur house looks fine and dandy! You did good. My compliments fall outside your decorations! I think I kno why I am fat, I despise stairs........... I will not and wont ever own any house with them, how can I negotiate stairs on a regular basis without falling out????

nice pad awesome looking girls and ur pretty too, seein u makes it obvious where your brood gets their looks.!

have I seen butch bee?
ok i didnt mean to babble so much
ole babblin j

Hails said...

I like the fall or autumn as we call it here in Australia. I do not like summer though and Im definately a Winter chick!

You crack me up all the same though, and I agree, Ive never seen a squirel go to the loo, Im glad Im not the only one who thinks crazy stuff like this. My partner just laughs at me when I ask stupid things like that!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

lz blogger,
will you please tell my bees that rest is good?

first up, your not fat..second, some how i knew you were a hunter.

u have not seenbutch bee?...your gonna have to scroll down and click the slide show fromt he toher day..he is in tehre a few times..


well its only in the 70's need to move to the UK..just come to MN sweety..

i have just been kinda busy last little while..i will try and find you to talk to you later it a date?

i am a summer the heat...i hate the snow...does it snow down under?

i have lots of things i ponder, squirells going poop is just one of them:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps, 1 plus twins i missed bad

yes i think we are supplying crap for tohers..and i did not sign up for such non sence..

and why do they need post it notes, baggies and dry erase markers?....i am still befuddled by that one..

Badoozie said...

your house is surprisingly clean and devoid of fecal matter..............

so, seriously i can't believe you spent that much $$ on kids clothing. you must do ALL of it at once, i guess i have always done it year round, so it never seems as bad.

what else....
um, your a retard? no...that wasn't it....lets see...

a nut falling from a tree. does that mean your going to post a picture of yourself falling from a tree?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, you were EXPECTING fecal matter on my walls were you?

I cant do my clothes shopping all year becuase they grow so fast..clothes they got for thier birthday are way too small already. And I like doing it just before school starts so I know the crap is gonna fit them..

um lets see, your a that wasnt it:)

Kelly said...

I agree with the June - October thing! I would love that! Just not ready to think about Halloween and turkey day quite yet.

These school supply lists have gotten out of hand. We were asked to pay for my daughter's scholastic readers now too. Since when did the parents need to pay for regular teaching supplies such as that?? It was also "suggested but not recommended" to send in:
Plastic silverware, Plastic bowls, Paper plates, two rolls of paper towels, napkins, disinfectant wipes (for desks), lysol disinfectant spray (for tables and desks) and sponges or rags. My child rides the bus for gosh sakes...I refuse to send her off in the morning with a box full of cleaning supplies! We are talking about one of the top public schools anywhere near here...I think they can afford it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

damn...isnt that crap the damn janitor should have?..since when do the kids ave to disinfect their own desks?

its crazy...

and they need thier own flatware?..damn again..

Gette said...

School supplies suck. if you think the kids have it bad, the average teacher spends about $499/year out of pocket for things the kids need but neither the schools or students can supply.

dakotablueeyes said...

my daughter had to take all that stuff to school too plus a box of wipeys ugh

The Blog Whore said...

I have never seen a squirrel poo, but I did see two lizards fucking (excuse my language)

I accidently interrupted them and the boy lizard looked mad


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know its pretty bad when the kids have to supply thier stuff, and its even worse when the teachers cant afford to do it either..

a box of wipes?..what the hell

blog whore,
well i woulda been mad too..poor lil fella..its called privacy blog whore!

Jamie Dawn said...

Being only "tree ears ode" is very hard on a kid.
When she does finally get to go to school, she will change her mind about how fun it is after a few days. Or maybe not...

Fall is a wonderful season. Me likes it a lot!!!!
It means that the Thanksgiving feast is coming really soon. Me likes a good feast!