Thursday, September 14, 2006

Make love like a man

I have readily decided that Weight Watchers is a program indeed thought up by patrons of the Satanic Church of the Lader Day Non Saints. I will be damned if when I follow it like the Bible of Fat Girls I lose lots of weight. When I don't, I don't lose any weight. Why is this? Its not like I consume mass quantities of food otherwise. This coming from a gal who runs/walks 4 miles per day and weight trains. Granted I only want to lose about 15-20 pounds, but why does it only come off if I follow Weight Watchers? Weight Watchers sucks.How can any one person sustain life on a mere 20 points per day? It can not be done with out a life being taken, for sacrifice of course.

I am thinking of turning this service into the Better Business Bureau. I don't think we need to be associated with a company that is run by people who belong to the satanic church.....But hey, that's just me.

My son is still running a slight fever. No, I have not taken him to the doctor. I have enough common medical knowledge to know when a child needs to run to the docs office. It kind of made me giggle when the school had suggested such an assnine thing. He was coughing with a fever. Now I indeed did NOT finish med school, but I DO know he was in no danger of losing his life. They kind of looked at me like the lad had TB or something. They don't realize he has a form of asthma where he coughs uncontrollably if he gets a tad bit of a virus. Looks like the little pisser will be missing school again tomorrow, I do have enough common sense not to send them when they have gone less then 24 hours with a fever. Although he had spent much of Wednesday trying to kill flies with a coloring book and taking Boo Bees Dora doll away from her, just to make her whine. I wanted at one point to bash his head into the coffee table, but I refrained..Only because of the strict child endangerment laws.

The tickets for my Def Leppard show go on sale Saturday. I am buying the most expensive seats...I had a hell of a time talking Mr Shaky into letting me cross state lines to stalk a heavy metal band, whom I just saw in concert 2 months ago..But he is letting me go. I will be meeting the band this time..It is one of the perks of being a member of the club and wearing a slutty shirt. Don't be jealous...Don't be a hater...No need for haters here.

If one of them decided they want to marry me, it is a chance I am willing to take. I will send Mr Shaky a monthly allowance to make sure the kids are well fed and that their clothes match when they go to school.

I am a good mum that way...

My lil Blondie Bees first grade teacher sent a note home that they will be learning about money and counting it in math class. She has asked we send in a bunch of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.

So not only do I supply ALL the school supplies, but I also have to supply the coins for teaching, Kleenex for the kids in Pakistan, and it cost 20 bucks per semester for the kids to have snack milk, plus they need to bring their own damn snacks..I say public schools are top freaking notch..Just a step above out houses and and tree stumps for desks.

I swear to God I am just going to give each school one of my checkbooks and be done with it.

Bee Real


Lisa said...

Don't you hate it when you had something really good to say and you forget it by the time you get the comment page open. I'm losing my mind, I tell 'ya!

People run to the doc for any little thing anymore. Makes me nuts.

Hope there's no more Dora kidnapping going on around your place tomorrow. ;-)

Fantastagirl said...

I can't believe the school recommended he go to the doctor...geeesh.

Hope you have a better day!

Blazer1234 said...

I'm glad your going to the concert. I don't think you'll regret it one bit. Of course, Mr. Shacky might ;)

The coin thing would piss me off. They have these things for teachers call manipulatives. Play coins and/or paper coins the kids cut out. Even stamps if they want. I'd take the coins you were going to send to school and buy her a set of coin would be the hero for all of the parents in the district.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I hate that too..i have short temr memeory loss though:)

i know, my sisiter takes her self and kids about once a freaking week..wanna slap the shit outta her.

i know...i am still pondering that one..thank you sweety:)

lets see where do u live?..u wanna come?haha

I am half tempted to take in the plastic coins i have..we have lots..but i dont want my kid to be the only loser with plastic money though..damn

jess said...

"I wanted at one point to bash his head into the coffee table, but I refrained..Only because of the strict child endangerment laws."

Bah ha ha ha!

And wow, so jealous about Def Leppard.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

was I too harsh?..naw!

oh be jelous, be very jelous:)

normally I have nothing to be jelous use it :)

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your son feels better soon. Usually, a kid with a fever just kind of lays around, but from what you wrote, Butch Bee had enough energy to pester Boo Bee. He's on the mend for sure!

You nearly streaked - nekid!!??
Is your head screwed on right? :-)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup he is on the mend, no blondie and boo are getting it..

and yes my head is NOT screwed on right, course we all knew that anyway right?

JD's Rose said...

While you are handing out cheque books, can you send one my way?


Anonymous said...

I think its the schools answer to all things, send em to the doctor! If he is coughing and has a temp give the boy some panadol and send him to bed. Jezz why waste time waiting and spending money at the doctors, doesnt the school want coins as well. Jezz they dont ask for much do they.

Chin up just think your going to the concert!

Princess said...


You have to take a camera and take photos when you go to the concert. I dare you to ask them to sign your boob. That would be funny! :P


aatank said...

In defense of the school as a past teacher. A child learns better with the real thing (coins). The kids can feel it and see the detail better and they really do learn faster that way. I did the same thing when I taught secend grade and then when we were done it went home, it's not like we get rich from it.

I'm not jealous, but I hope you have a great time. I'm sure this will not be the last blog to mention it.

beth said...

we had to do that too, send coins in so they could learn to count money. Hmm, I wonder what happened to that money at the end of the school year??!! well, we do live in the same state, i'm guessing the math curriculm must be the same. it sucks.

Brandy said...

I got some teachers mad at me one year. One of the teachers was talking about a rash that her son had on his leg. And from the description it was just plain old heat rash(which btw it was) and I said that. And I made the comment geez to you run them to the doctor for every little scrap....Guess what she does. People.. My son has asthma and I cant run him everytime he coughs, I would live there. People go to the doctor way to much and the schools dont help the matter.

Hope your son gets to feeling better soon. Isnt it a pain to have them home...LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

jd rose,
well I was offering out CHECK books not CHEQUE books..hehe

I think nearly everyones answer is to take them to the the other tow are sick, i ams tarting to feel like hell to..damn kids..

well u betcha your bototm doallr I am taking my camrea..sign my boob?..gosh I dont think anyone wants to see that!

oh I get the whole "vibe" of it...but when I have to supply every school supply the kid needs, I just figure the school could at least provide something...Hell she already knows about money, I have taught them all about that at home, hell even Boo Bee can count out a dollar with quartes and dimes..I dont ever remeber needing to take my own learning supplies to school...I think next year we are sending them to private school..I am thinking they will get better plus of the school systamem your in, my son was reading BEFORE he ended Kindergared..I mean he was reading chapeter books..Now Blondie went to KNDG here, and she is now in first grade and just STATRING to read..

oh and the concert will be mentioned again, I gaurentee it:)

yes I am seeing how this state doesnt have a real good school syteyem..are the private ones any better do u know?

I dont get parents who cart thier kids to the doc all the time..what kid wants to go weekely?..I guess my sisters kids must cause she takes them about that damn often;)

The Kept Woman said...

Hooray for slutty boobie shirts!!!

~Deb said...

Weight Watcher's is worse than a bad AA meeting. The fact that you HAVE to lose weight in order to attend these meetings is literally embarrassing when you actually gained two pounds. They ask, "Okay! Who lost weight!???" And people will raise their hands....and there I am...SLOUCHED in the corner trying to hide the extra chin that developed a week prior. The weigh in is terrible. THOSE EVIL F***** SCALES! They're always wrong, aren't they?

I hope your son feels better. Give him a lot of TLC!

~Deb said...

P.S. At least you can hide the fact that you drank a few in AA. Weight Watcher's has no margin for error. NONE!!!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen to that sista;)

I do it online, so I can tell myslef I lost 7 pounds when I really only lost 3:) way I could go to those damn many fat people there..haha

ok I am just joking people..

jsull said...

woooo hooo @ goin to the concert. 2 thumbs up on the slutty shirt too! If one of them decides to marry you are you sending out free tickets to your friends? I think I saw them before. I figured you could use your ways to convince mr shaky
hope all the lil bees get more better and back to buzzin

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cracker jack,
well sure I can hook u up with tickes, but i thought red neck music..hehe.

considering they are all married, it would be more of a kidnapping on my part and I would end up in jail anyway.

thanks, i hope the bees get better soon too, it sucks butt haveing all three of them here at once..good lord!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Weight Watchers is an evil cult. Do not give into it. Resist!

Enjoy the concert.

My parents taught me how to use money - why is this done in schools now?

the warden said...

You misunderstand 'necks
you are just as likely to hear ac/dc or def blaring out of their Kraco speakers as you are to hear Hank jr. 70's rock is todays country anyway. I don't do concert, i just aint the fan type i dont guess
but i hope u have a big ole time at it
I always divide and conquor.
Send each to tehir rooms, they are sick, quarrentine them lil buzzers
they are not to leave their room unless it is to go directly to the bathroom (where you have checked the tp and the direction it rolls) then directly back to their rooms to rest.
then you can streak naked or blog naked or stand on your head undisturbed!!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Luara Elisabeth,
amen..My 3 year old aleady knows how to count money..I think teachers..well schools..should have a spply of teaching coins if they are gonna teach coins..I NEVER brought money to school for learning purposes anyway;)

Cracker Jack,
ac/dc?...oh hell NO!

Your just a jack of all trades when it comes to music, I am very picky:)

well one of the bees is sleeping now..the other 2, well I have them locked in the gargre;)

jsull said...

Nyquil knocks em right out
just a suggestion
hope they leave u the hell alone
and i do like all kinds of music outside of rap
but the 70's-80's outlaw country is what I like the best.

dakotablueeyes said...

Crap I forgot I have to send the change with my daughter so she can count money too.
I never did understand that whole points thing with weight watchers. I will keep counting calories thank ya very much lol

Raggedy said...

Cograts on your 4 miles and weights. I don't think you need WW.
I hope your son feels better soon.
My DD moved from Dora to Diego and animal in trouble..she goes nutts when they come on..
Hang in there..
I know what you mean about the school. We paid a whopping 300 for start of year fees and now all the little extra fees are hitting..This is public shcool!
Why can't they use fake coins?
You got me going...sorry..
forget all that.
I hope your son feels better and Mom's believe it or not...DO KNOW BEST!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Cool Raggedy one

Michele_3 said...

YEAH! so you are going to the concert huh? Can't get enough of your boys I seee..LOL!

Hope your son starts feeling better- I have had sinus pressure & pain for 2 days because of all the rain & humidity in the air..
Now monkey M is coughing a lot- I just know were all going to catch something by next week..
time to break out Lysol i'm thinking..LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

crakcer jack,
somehow I knew you would like the outlaw music:)

counting anything sucks ass..well get that money turned in women, how them kids gonna learn anything..haha

i know what you mean..not only do we have to buy them school clothes, but we need to supply the school with all the damn teaching

Boo loves Dieago too, I cant stand that kid:)

sorry u guys are feeling crappy too...i guess its that time of year huh?..get beter:-)

Britmum said...

Hey Bossy

I think that you should video tape your self wearing your slutty t-shirt at the concert so we can all see what the band think.

Poor Butch Bee, I hope he is feeling better soon for his own safety. LOL

I know what you mean about the schools. Bloody cheek I say.

Take care you Mum you!!!

Cori said...

WW is charging you NOT to eat. Somethings wrong with that but the worse is the teacher asking for money/change next thing you know she will be asking for the real deal. CASH!!!

Michael Manning said...

Hey Bossy Britches: That will be a cool concert! When I was in Tampa they had a radio station called "The Bone" and I swear, it was like a fun class getting caught up with metal bands that kick ass and who are still around. About the help packages, yeah I remember those. But instead of sending them to other countries, we were told they were for "the neediest kids of all". Little toothpaste, soap bars, chewing gum, and a toothbrush (of course!). So, some things haven't changed. Mr. Shaky will probably admit afterwards that he is a new fan! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its been a hellofa day...all three were sick..damn..forgot what i was gonna say now..

i know..thats why i am jsut giving them one of my checkbooks;)

ww sucks ass..

well mr shaky is not going, he wont be a new fan I can gaurntee it:)

I am really not providing crap for kids in pakistan, it just damn feels like it:)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm i sense a little bit of whiney here. are you coming down with that there cold? or is it the stress of the upcoming meeting between yourself and your new husbands to be. use your wanton womanly wiles, and you will have more than you ever hoped or dreamed. send me a little allowance too, so that i can continue to advise you, and help you with the new marriages and what not.