Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad Medicine

I had a horrible case of aneurysm Tuesday. I felt like my head was going to pop like Jiffy Pop. I kept waiting all day for the kernels to start burning, but nothing happen.

My poor Blondie bee, bless her cotton socks..hehe JOJO....She came home from school, nervous about her upcoming dental extraction. I notice her shoes are on the wrong feet. I ask her if they were like that all day..Indeed they were.

She then tells me she needs to go change her pants before we go..Why?..Well apparently in my Jiffy Pop state of mind, I let her go to school with her pants on backwards..Who the hell does that? I thought it was odd her pockets were in the front, but she does have pants that are like that...Bad mothering on Bossy's part, I know.

Here is my baby girl......Bless that backwards pants wearer ..

I am not sure she is still alive..I mean I should really check her pulse or something..

And I do have some proof that my Butch Bee is still amongst the living. He is hanging by a thread though, and this piece of thread is is very frayed.

while my mom was watching him when I took Blondie to get horrid fears of the dentist, my mom kissed him on the cheek when he came home from school. As he always does, he immediately wiped it off with his arm. My mom said to him " you too old for kisses from your grandma?"

My son being as quick witted as him ole mum says to her.

" nope, I am just transferring it to my arm."

See he is still alive....Or wait, this photo could be old...You would never know.

This will be my last post for the week. I work with the ole inmates Wed-Fri from 6am till 6pm.......They will be damned sorry they came across my path. Although I tell them they can avoid me by keeping there bums out of county lock up. I get damned tired of footing the bill for these jokers to eat, wipe their asses, and take narcotics. Just something wrong there.

Say a little prayer for the lassies and lads at the jail, because I am in no mood for their bullcrap. I may just have to break down and make them write out sentences. That might keep em out of jail.

Well I best go check Blondies Bee pulse. It is already questionable if the oldest is still alive.

Bee Real


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm sure Butch Bee is still alive, but I'm sure he didn't pee on the toilet seat today after his shenanigans with the 100 sentences.
I like that word, shenanigans. It makes me feel like a real hick when I say it.
Poor Blondie. I don't like going to the dentist either even if it's just for x-rays. Having a tooth pulled is no fun. My son had to have two pulled recently for the same reason as Blondie. Not enough room for all his teeth. He laid around like a corpse too after they got pulled out. Give her lots of love and hugs until she feels better.
I'm sure you don't take any crap from those inmates. That's why you got hired for that job. They knew you were one tough mother!!

dakotablueeyes said...

aw poor girl

just_tammy said...

Hope Blondie feels much better soon. Most of the offices I worked at would pull as many teeth as possible at one whack since that's easier than the torture of another appointment when the kid knows what's up. They may have a short memory when it comes to proper bathroom procedures but a very long one when it comes to teeth. Make sure you have tooth fairy money in hand. That will cheer her up.

Guess I have to take your word on Butch still being with us. I'll be keeping an eye out for him in future family photos.

Here's to hoping the inmates toe the line or they will be in BIG trouble!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it sucks when they have to get them pulled..she had two pulled in June, two today and she still needs two more pulled. I cant belive her mouth si so small, but I reckon it must be..

she is fast sleeping on the sofa still....poor lil lassie..


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just tammy,
well she still needs two more done too..she had her eye teeth on the right side done, and next time she needs the eye teeth on the left. that will be a total of 6 when they are all done.

i told her we woudnt be doing that till sometime next way I can sit thru that again anytime soon..good Lord.

well maybe u might wanna call after to school one day to make sure he is here..hehe

js said...

well i hope boo's chewers are ok
the dentist sucks
maybe she should hold off chewing for now

I swear butch is kin to me
he acts just like Rowdy!!!!!!!!!!
except rowdy is 3
he will call dumb ass on you though
mean lil shit
glad your head didnt bust
ole j

Britmum said...

Awww Blondie Bee is as cute as a bloody button. I just want to give her a hug,poor baby having her mouth messed with again. Don't they all look like little angels when they are asleep.

Butch Bee is a handsome chap indeed. I told Sam about the 100 sentences about peeing on the seat and so forth. He said that I wouldn't be mean enough to do it to him. I said just try me. I Bossy can do it over at the Hive then we can do it in the Cicus. I might even make him hang upside down and write it. LOL

Make sure you have some inmate gossip when you come back. It makes me wet myself he he he...!!!

Take care Bossy Boots. xxx

Marel Lecone said...

Transferring the kisses to his arm? Oh, he's slick! :)

Poor girl--having to get teeth pulled. Yikes. I didn't realize that was necessary.

Hope all goes well with work.

I'm thinking I like my customers a little bit more now. :)

Blazer1234 said...

Hope the Bees survive your absence while you go and try to straighten out other criminals' lives. I'm sure they have learned some survival skills, and Butch is still alive, so he knows what he is doing. :)
Hope Blondie isn't drooling all over the place and bounces back to her old self soon. There is nothing worse than waking up with your shirt all soaked with drool after dental surgery.

Give those bees some big just may help your popcorn popper of a headache.

Kelly said...

Damn, that girl sure keeps the tooth fairy busy doesn's she! Hope she's feeling better soon.

I'm thinking Butch must have inherited some of his mothers quick wit!

Have fun at work and I'll be looking forward to the weekend stories!

Mike said...

Butch Bee is definitely quick witted.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

crakcer jack,
well so far blondie bee is recovering nicely..afterall she did get a free coupon for a milk shake.I think I like this Rowdy you speak off...reminds me of the crappers at my house.

tell sam if he piddles on the seat I will come there and watch him do those sentences:)

slick aint he?

well I was hoping it wouldnt be nesscary, but her other teeth wont come in wiithout sucks..

well I am in no way going to try and straighten those fools out...its way too damn late for that..hehe

I know, the tooth fairy is going to file bankruptcay...

butch gets his quick wit form me alright, as his dad has none..hehe


I have a feeling he may end up a smart ass ..

j said...

well my boys call him a crumb, off the cracker of course, he is a mean lil shit-ass
his fave game is "bad guys"
that means he attacks me
if I whoop up on him he likes it better.
Here I am sweet and innocent and loving and such and I have spawned Damon's seed
I need to have the crumb blood tested. He favors his momma, which is good for him but the main thing he recieved from me was his middle name, it's "by God" yeah
endless nights at the county jail, just like my daddy
i deserve this

Karin said...

Ok so I came back to blogger today to try to make amends to it for leaving for a week and a half and it of course was shut down and I couldn't comment. So I am trying again and if it doesn't work I am crawling back in my hole. It looks like you have your hands full around there. I hope blondie is feeling better and that you don't send any of your other kids out in public with shoes on the wrong fet and pants backwards. I can't believe she wasn't really uncomfortable all day.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Cracker Jack,
i cant see any of your spawns being little shits..hehe

nights at the county jail like your daddy..haha

I have been wonderng what happen to you..

Well Blondie's pants are alwyas so big casue she is so damn skinny, so I dont think she noticed till she went to the bathroom..hehe

Kendra Lynn said...

OOOh poor Blondie!
I hope she feels better soon. I hate that miserable sick-look that kids give you.
When my girls do that, I spoil 'em rotten.

j said...

it wasn't all that funny when he was educating me on what happens if u act like an idiot, he did this by leaving me in there............
Everyone knows the sherrif and I was safe but damn I mean 16 and a night in the pokey?!?!?!
well to think of it at 16 I was all for a night pokin'
oooops thats a different deal
I'm sure I'll be tight with the sherrif
and the chief of police
and the judge
and the parole
for the love of god
why did i breed?
ole at the pokey j

1 plus twins said...

your kids are too damn cute. my twins may need the same stuff done with their teeth cuz there isn't enough room for their adult teeth. that would be a hoot if you made those inmates write things 100 times. you should do it. too damn funny.

Jewl said...

Wow!! Look at that hair on the child!! Very PURTY!
Now, that scowl... she is a master at that!!
Your kidos are way too cute!!

Brandy said...

Awww poor baby!! I hope her mouth is feeling better soon!!

Try to have a good week at work.

Jay said...

Considering the state of your health, I think you're doing just fine. No kid ever died of having their pants on backwards. We all have bad days. But I do hope things improve from here!

~Deb said...

Awwwweeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I feel her pain, ...but she's so fricken adorable!!!

I love your gene pool!

cathouse teri said...

You are too much fun!

My daughter, who is now almost 22, used to wear whatever she liked to school, and it rarely matched. Her shoes would be on the wrong feet, or not even a pair!

A neighbor used to razz me about how I let my daughter leave the house. But I'll tell you, my daughter has thanked me more times than I can count for letting her express herself and become the full and beautiful flower that she is. She tells people the story all the time, "My mom let me be whoever I wanted to be. I can't think of a more important thing for a daughter to learn."

Heart Of Darkness said...

I'm glad I'm not a criminal around you... no offence, off course! ;)

Working Mom said...

Poor Blondie! I feel for her!

I demand a newspaper showing the date with a picture of Butch (with him awake). Gotta make sure nothing bad happened :)

Michele_3 said...

Poor Blondie, She looks miserable!
I just got caught up on your posts, Have been dealing with a few things at home...
Ok so with 100 sentences, I don't think you have to worry about spills on the toilet anymore- LOL!
I'm going to tell my sons that for the next time I see that here at my house or use it as a warning- so there won't be any next times.. LOL!
have a good one!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Gawd I hate working for a living.

Gawd I hate haivng to be to work by 6 am.

Gawd I hate working 12 hours then come home and clean house

gawd I hate bath night

Gawd I hate having 3 hours to spare beofre I have to hit the hay after being gone all day.

Ok, enough bitching..

Sorry I have not been by to see anyone, chances are I wont till the weekend. I dont have any time to myself..I will try and stop by and see some of you tonight..

if I need to add you to my blogroll please let me know..I have a bunch I need to add, but I have short term memeory loss..just leave me a note ok..

well I need to go brush my gums and tuck/smother the wee ones into bed..

love u guys.

js said...

take ur time
deep breaths
count to 177
u need to take a bath if it is ur night
smile sexy
it could be worser than that
ole j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cracker jack,
why 177?...does something specail happen if i do that?


thanks for always trying to pick me up when i am at my lowest:)

your a good cracker.

j said...

ok i will take that as a compliment!
if you count to 177 then surely you will forget about whatever is worring you.
If you really wanna forget then go outside to the curb, naked and count to 177
you will ferget
hope u feel more better
do my attemps work???
ole good crackhead j

Bumbling Bav said...

Dentists are evil... that is all I have to say!

JD's Rose said...

Awww, the poor thing. Check her pulse. Just to be sure.


LZ Blogger said...

So sad ... little Blondie Bee, but that smirk on Butch Bee looks like trouble! ~ jb///

Brony said...

You could have pretended it was backwards day: shoes on the wrong feet, pants on backwards... Ah, we've all been there.

Sorry to hear about the dentist. Hope she's okay.

Best of luck at work.

Hails said...

I hope blondy bee is doing okay. Having teeth being ripped out is not nice. Funny about the shoes and pants though.

Hope work isnt to bad on u.

cathouse teri said...

Why don't you hire a housekeeper? And put those bees to work?
And tell me to mind my own beeswax?

Badoozie said...

you keep saying you're not going to post, then i don't check, and then i come over here and not only have you posted but i'm horrendously late for the freakin party. stop lying

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if u check the date on this is wednesday..if you check the date on the next one its friday...that is nearly 2 whole days with no new did not miss got it all my dear..

gosh suzie, dont make me sass you.