Friday, September 15, 2006

Pour some vicks rub on me

Well all three of the bees were sick with the monkey pox yesterday. My poor Boo Bee is having some labored/rapid breathing....Being I was nearly a doctor at one point in my life, I know a fever can cause that..As well as monkey pox. Her fever went down a bit, still breathing hard....Damn kids....She is off to the doc ASAP..

I had to go to Blonide Bees first grade meeting. You know what pissed me off? There are a few Mexican kids in her, that part does not piss me off, but the fact they need a translator to repeat everything the teacher says did. It was very disruptive. It was like having someone whisper in the back..Oh it made me madder then a hornet in heat. LEARN THE LANGUAGE..Please, if you chose to move to a land where u did not know the laungauge, wouldn't you at least have some knowledge of it before you moved there? Damn......I don't have time for this bull crap.

Then yesterday morning at 8:35 my sons school calls to ask where he is. Now I was just getting ready to look the number up to call..School only stared 10 damn minutes ago..I cant believe they had missed him already...I tell her he is sick..The bitch says

" you know, you still have to call and tell us..."

da, no damn crap....This woman looks like Andrea Yates with the personality of a rabid basset hound. And I have only met her twice. Once with the bee sting episode, and once the other day when she told me I need to take him to the doctor. So far I am not impressed with the damn office lady.

My baby girl sounds a 50 year smoker who is breathing on their last lung...

yet she still crawls on my lap and now she says

" momma I don wike you."

Then she proceeded to tell me she needs a "dowcter" and a "band-aide"

I will admit, I think the girl needs a doctor, but I will be damned if I am wasting anymore band-aides.

Bee Real


Choppzs said...

Oh gosh, if I hear one more translater here I am going to boot someone so hard in the f*cken ass!! There was an incident with Girly where a little boy touched her behind last year, and we took it up with the principal and he said when they confronted the boy, they had to put it off because they couldnt' find a fricken translater. What kind of shit is that. If you're gonna fricken live here, learn the damn language. Don't make the kids who know english slack because you have to cater to the ones that don't speak english. Good grief. pisses me right off! Anyways, hope your little one is better, and you guys should really lay off the smokes, you know those aren't good for wee ones!! lol

Fantastagirl said...

Oh give her a band-aid already...will ya?

Blazer1234 said...

I hope you don't get the monkey pox. That would suck, especially if you get it in time for your concert.

Hope the Bees get better soon and you can send them to school again so bitch-lady doesn't call you again.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen..amen and amen....

i will try and have boo cut back on her smoking:)

well, she has one on her arm now..and no she isnt hurt:)

gosh I never thought bout that, dont think they would let me in with monkey pox..

I just got back from taking her to the ER...what an ordeal that was..

d said...

Oh no - they're all sick? You know you can blame that on school - those bloody places are full of germs.

Hey, I have an idea - why don't you home school?

LMAO! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Let their immune systems fight it out.

Hope they're all better soon.

Brandy said...

Hope they get better soon!! Poor things!! Stay Well so you dont miss your concert!!!

Lisa said...

Oh man, that office lady must not know who she is dealing with here! LOL If you end up kicking her ass, make sure to write about it in here. ;-)

Hope the bees get better soon and you don't get it. Hell, I might catch it by just reading about it, with my luck around germs.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my first thought was the school..homel schooling doesnt sound bad half the time..

i could be on my death bed and i would make them whell me there on a gurny:)

my advice..wash your hands and use rubber gloves when coming here..


Hails said...

Oh dear I hope she is feeling better soon.
As for the translator thing, Im with you on that. If you move to a country that speaks predominately english, make a damn effort to learn it. You dont understand well tough shit.

Maisha said...

nice blog,bossy...

and im sorry about your bees.hoep they recover soon...

aatank said...

If the bees are smoking you need to counter act the effects with a little alcohol. Give them shots of Whiskey and they will sleep like babies. HA Ha

I hope they get feeling better soon. My house hold is the same, 3 out of 4 are sick.

beth said...

well I hope everyone is feeling better soon. i know there is something nasty going around. seems like the kids got sick at school really fast this year!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my thougts exactly:)

thank you..and thanks for stopping by.

you think I need to put them on the patch?..hehe

yes something is going around..

thankfully this morning both bees went to school and boos breathing seems to have calmed down..i think;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Don't be a meanie!!
Get Boo Bee some of those cute bandaids with Sesame Street or Dora or Barney characters on them.
Pooooor wittle Boo.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well she has a spider man one that ok?


I am a sucker you know

The Kept Woman said...

Dude, the Dora Band-Aids are the cure-all in our house. A cold? Dora. A cut? Dora. Appendicits? Dora.

Much cheaper than going to the doctor.

Jewl said...

Sorry about your babies... Hope they are better very soon.

Schell said...

Ahhhh, Def Leppard. Love the song today. You are a lucky girl to go. Bandaids, yeah they want one everywhere. Went throught that yesterday. One was all she got.

~Deb said...

I hope your bees feel better! Get to a doc asap girl!

You know, major pet peeve is when you call customer service, and they put you through to a guy or gal who's straight from India or Pakistan-----CAN'T speak the language for crap, and then you end up saying, "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT????" I'm very patient Bossy, but one time I actually had to say, "Can you please trasfer me to another representitive, because I cannot understand the language you're speaking...!" I know that may be harsh, but with any language, learn the dialect or at least....AT close to it. I hope I didn't sound like a racist.

Anyway, ¡Espero que su sensaciĆ³n de los cabritos mejor y usted tenga un buen fin de semana!

I hope you understood what I said. You should by now. ;)

Badoozie said...

so, looks like things are looking up around there? yes? no? maybe?

js said...

Well damn, I hope the lil buzzers will get over what ever ails them.
The speak the language thing pisses me off too. But then I have to back up because even though I use some proper words I speak redneckese and sometimes have to repeat myself!.
Did the Mexican young'ns bring peso's or coins for the count the money day?

Jodes said...

oh no, I hope she is better. Funny last line!!! I swear my little guy thinks "bammed aids" cure all.

Lady Noelle said...

Poor bawbies. I sure hope they're all feeling better soon.