Friday, September 01, 2006

So you had a bad what

well Thursday went no better then Wednesday did. I worked 0800-1600. Learn military time so you can keep up people..

I did not book anyone, as the criminals musta took the day off. I tell you what is nice about working in law enforcement. You can cuss all you want. The deputies are cussing, the sergeant is cussing, the jail supervisor is cussing..I have finally found a place where I fit in. Can you imagine me saying this at the jewelry counter of Target..

screw you jack as%, if you want better cable stop murdering people...

But the one draw back to this job..When you work with a bunch of men, you do end up having piddle of the toilet seats...I kid you not...I thought my nine year old son was the only potty trained gent who leakith on the seatith. I stand corrected yet again

I come home and my house looks worse then it did the previous day.Pretty soon I am going to stop coming home.

Boo Bee says to me..

momma, I wanna watch Barnery and friends

I ask her why and she says

cause I have to momma, I just have to

To which I say......" Barney is stupid"

To which she says

no momma, Barney not stupid, he just happy...Barney happy momma..

How the hell can I argue with that reasoning?

this little girl does not understand that Barney is simply retarted, to her he is happy..I love this kid..She confuses happy with mental retardation.

Now she is begging me for a weapon. She keeps sayin.." I need a weapon"

Should I tell her using a weapon automatically brings on a felony charges?

To her the glass is always half full. barney is not retarded he is just happy. she wants a weapon, my guess is to just protect us from goblins, not harm anyone..But I cant say for sure.

Bee Real


Working Mom said...

Sounds like where I work. We cuss like sailors. And send dirty emails to each other :)

At least one of your girls sees the bright side of things, right?

Karin said...

Well if she had a weapon than she would go to jail and then she could spend more time with you. I can see the three year old logic in that. My day sucked butt too, I will post about it later. Hope tomorrow goes better and is Barney free.

The Kept Woman said...

I will NOT allow Barney or those freakin' acid trip Doodlebop things in my house.

We all have to have boundries, man. Where are the toddlers shows that are full of hot men, by the way? I was all hot for Anthony Wiggle for awhile but he's lost his lustre.

armed and damn dangerous js said...

well my female girl child did barney, my lil boy does spider/super man. Evidently barney doesnt karate kick anything or jump from the top of the couch to the chair then do a full body roll on the floor. But i suspect spider/super man does.
Arm the child its her birthright!!!
then sign her up for the NRA and maybe get a tattoo that says Daughters of the second amendment!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well we cant send dirty email as our email is governemt property;)

and yes, she does have a postive attitiude anyway;)

oh gosh..i better go check and see how your day was..

the kept woman,
oh we dont watch barney, she sees the commercails, but we do love the doodlebops..the music is catchy..

and OMG, if u look at my sidebar I have a pic of the blue wiggel, i often have sex dreams about him, and they are good:)

my son loved spiderman at one time..for 4 years..4 long years.

well i am not sure she is ripe for the tatto picking just yet:)

Fantastagirl said...

Barney is not allowed in this house - the tv does not work if he comes on...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well we dont watch it, she sees the commercails after seasme street:)

Kendra Lynn said...

What is it with little kids and weapons? My kids are constantly saying things like, "Daddy, you need to get your sword (yes, he has a sword from Spain) and kill that mean dragon. (no, I am NOT the mean dragon.)
Or, "Momma, she's goin' to kill me with that sword!"
Come on...they only watch Dora and Disney cartoons.
Oh...and VeggieTales.
Its those darn Disney

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know, where do they know about weapons?

dora is as violent as it gets here,or lazy town..could be that..or heck maybe captin feather sword from the wiggles..

i guess the list is really endless huh?

pack of 2 said...

I hear ya on the boys pissing up the toilet. The guys I work with will go into our CLEAN ladies room and piss up the seat and walls and then not flush. WTF? We may kill one of the fuckers soon.


Mike said...

Evidently Boo bee has never seen the clip of Charles Barkley beating the hell outta Barney huh?

Blazer1234 said...

I have a protection order in place so that Barney cannot come within 1000 feet of me and my family. He just makes me want to cuss more than I already do.

Hope your house mircaulously cleans itself. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know what the hell is up with that?..

I am thinking of injuring at least one here, but mine all have guns:)

um, not sure if she has..i dont think she knows who chareles barkely is..not even sure if she has seen a "colored" person yet..she dont get out much:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well barney was not allowed here either. its those damn commercails she sees after sesame street.

and personal procetion orders are not a bad idea..

d said...

Last place I worked they all cussed up a storm too. Now I already had a potty mouth, but when I worked there, every other word was the F bomb. Now it's just one per sentence ;)

Boo is such a cutie.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i dont here the f bomb that much but this is what I DO hear

dingaling..ok not a swear word, but still

shit yes
kill the fu*kers already

i could go on and on...yet if you were to say that stuff to me in uniform, i could have u arrseted..haha

but i wouldnt do that to you:)

Cliff Morrow said...

Barney? There is no hope there I'm afraid.
You may as well put her in an institution now.
Get her a squirt gun for a weapon and let her start practicing.

dakotablueeyes said...

lol I'm with you Barney is stupid. I call him the Brain Dead Purple Dinosaur. lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i dont want to get wet..but thanks..maybe i will send her to unlce cliffs farm for target practice:-)

yes barnery is indeed stupid..i dont know how they can get away with that crap on tv anyway:)

C said...

How sweet she is. I cuss all the time and my co-workers just look at me like damn! but I was in the Army for 7 years - it's hard to undo the damage.

Michele_3 said...

I agree with the Barney thing, I had to put up with it for my first 2 sons & with the 3rd I don't even go there..Sure he is a happy purple dinosaur- but quite annoying for the parents right?
I don't dig doodlebops either, We change the channel quickly when they come on too, they are way too strange looking for me..
Hope today is much better for you!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cussing is fun isnt it? army? I am impressed..

isnt barney so dang odd? i dig the doodlebops...they do look like acid trip freakshows, but i love the tunes...i dont know, call me odd:)

just_tammy said...

Well, Barney hit us hard back in the day. Didn't realize he was still around until we were in Peru where he is very big. By the way, Barney is waaaay annoying in Spanish! Now Boo wants to tune in. Don't get it. Is this his come back tour?!

Hope you enjoy your day off. At least I think this is your day off. All I know is it's mid-morning and I want to call it quits and crawl back in bed!

jess said...

A weapon?


kaliblue said...

The weapon thing comes from the secret coding barney sends through his shows..He's gearing the kiddies of the world to take over soon.. *LOL*

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well Barney has never went anywhere..unforatunly he is a main staple on PBS...I have avoided watching it for years, but when she sees the commercails, she thinks she is missing something..i tell her she isnt, but she wants to see what that happy feller is all about.

i cant image barnery speaking anything but english, at least american kids arent the only ones suckcered into to such crap:)

yes..and I know:)

you know, I said that to the hubby last night..haha

Britmum said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Britmum said...

Sorry I deleted the last comment. I couldn't type for some reason. All the power left my fingers and then I pressed send and it was all a load of drivle.

Anyhow I was trying to say that Boo could come over and play Starwars with Matt. That is the latest here. Everything that is long and pointed has become a weapon. (Get your mind off of that. It is not pointed). We could watch Barneys Circus in the Big Top. Tell her Jo Jo said so.

I miss you.

Take care xx

Angie said...

Barney has NEVER blessed this house and I must admit I'm thankful that was my hubby's one steadfast rule....LOL, I hate that stupid purple thing....anyway, your job sounds picture perfect :)

i've lost your number, yet again, maybe i'm the retard ;)
give me a call or email me your number and i'll give you a jiggle, tonight works for me...u?

1 plus twins said...

that job would be perfect for me, having 3 boys and a hubby i am used to the pee everywhere and according to my hubby i am his sexy trucker cuz i have such a fowl mouth!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

boo loves star wars:)

I miss u too, but my messganer is having issues...glad i dont pay for it..

yes he has never graced this house either, she just sees him on the commercails after sesame street..hehe

I will email you...I just got home , took blondie bee school shopping, what a great day at the mall..

not really:(

1 plus twins,
hmm, i will put in a good word for you on the force...can u work weekends?..haha

Princess said...

Sounds like a fun place to work Bossy! hehe Are you enjoying it?

Barney is stupid! I hope Boo realises that too, for you own sake! lol

Why does she need a weapon? Maybe you could give her a wooden spoon. (No temptations on using it tho! ;)

cracker j said...

I just thought I'd request a Haggard or Jennings song.......

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

all i have are plastic spoons?..


ole j,
um, I dont get country on this channel:)

Manic Mom said...

If she needs a weapon, give her a vibrator. That usually stuns most men!

cultred J said...

well I understand you being uncultured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badoozie said...

either you typed a very similar post, or my comment dis-a-freaking-peared......

Kami said...

So sorry you have to deal with Barney. Gag me.

Nerdine said...

aaaaw... bless her sweet innocent little heart...


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

manic mom,
you are one brillant woman:)

ole j,
dont u know it!

hmm, your commet musta dissapreared...thats happening a lot..dont know why..

well, it was just for a brief encounter, just a commercail she saw and thought it would be a good idea to watch it..I told her watching barney is never a good idea:)

sweet and innocent my ass:)

Choppzs said...

UGhhh, Barney sucks!! lol

And if you think cops cussing is bad, try hanging out with Marines!! lol