Monday, September 11, 2006

Everytime u go away

Today is a special day. You want to know why? Of course you do. On this day a few years back, this happened.


This is my dog Ellen. She is two today. No she is not getting a cake, presents or even an acknowlgement that she has been born. You want to know why? Because she is a pain in my rear.

She barks too much, she eats too much, she likes to piss on my floor , and she chews my shit..

She has had fleas,and she smells, she needs hair cuts every six weeks or her poop sticks to her as$.

Lets move past the fact I spent about $700.00 on her, or that she is a pedigree. She pisses on my floor, and she smells funny. Can I get a damn refund?

She is lucky she has gone thus far with out a bath in battery acid.

Guess what happen to me Saturday. I was stung by a mother fu*king bee.

IN MY EAR. It was buzzing around in my room and I thought I had smushed it. I came downstairs to get ready to hit my treadmill, and I notice something dancing around my hair. Then this bee comes tumbling out of my ear and proceeds to sting me. Safe to say the bastard is dead now.


My Shaky does not know this, but I want badly to do something. I am sure he will say no. I am sure I wont care. But I was looking and these people are coming to Fargo in October. I know, I know..Fargo is 3 hours away and in a different state. But this is all part of my life long dream to follow a band on the road like a hooker. I know I saw them in July here...But would it be fun





This will make my dreams of following a band on tour a tad closer. I have never crossed state lines for a concert..So I have a special shirt picked out for such an event.

take a look at this kids.

I am gonna look so HAWT..

Bee Real


1 plus twins said...

i love the tank top!!! i think that would be so much fun to make that 3 hr drive to see that concert. shit get a limo and party it up!! so what kind of dog is that? it is cute. sorry to hear bout the bee, that sucks!

Karin said...

Haooy Birthday Ellen, your Mommy does love you despite what she just said. I like the tank top. I hate bees!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twins,
limo soudns good, but i will more then likey take my van as always..i saw them in july, took my van, it was just as good:)

she is a Lhaso Apso:)

um, no i really hate her:)

Lady Noelle said...

Dogs can be stupid. That's why I love my cats.. which also can be stupid.. Anyways, I think that if it's your dream to follow a band you should totally do it. Just drop the kids off at moms (or somewhere) and tell Shaky pants you're taking a few weeks for yourself.

And that tank top was hot.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Lady Noell,
well my mom is gonna go with me as mr shaky says that is devil music..haha

well I dont want to follow them persay, just see them one more time this year..thats how damn dedicated I am:)

and if I happend to follow thier tour bus to the enxt be it:)

Mike said...

Def Lep would be a band I'd drive 3 hours to see myself.

Kendra Lynn said... have a cute little sweet is she? Except for her potty accidents.
That would really tick me off.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ya wanna come with?..hehe

yes she is cute..but a lil bugger she is!

Lisa said...

You have got to go to that concert and you've got to wear that rockin' tank top!

Raggedy said...

Have fun!
Enjoy the show....
Ouch on the Bee...
I missed you.
It is good to be back..
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Cool Raggedy one

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh if I go..I WILL be wearing that:)

well I hope to get to go..if i cant such as life..glad to see you back in action:)

Blazer1234 said...

Oh, you've got to go to the concert. You'll be kickin' yourself in the butt if you don't, and it seems like you've already made up your mind anyway. So go...and DEFINATELY wear the tank.

As for the dog, she is cute, but I know dogs can be so much work. Mine doesn't get haircuts, but some days I feel like shaving her bald just so I don't have to keep vaccuming my floors because of the tumbleweeds of dog hair floating around. And her breath is always rank, no matter how many Milkbones I give her.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh I want to go badly, but I am not sure if I can justify it seeings I just saw them 2 months ago here..but I am working on it, trust me:)

my dog has rank breath too..she is just rank period;)

Brandy said...

You are a card!! Love the tank top. Hate bees. WEnt to an auction last summer and got stung by one. I am allergic to em too!! Cute dog!! Dont blame ya for not liking em.. ours would get my boyd bears everyday... We no longer have a dog!!

Buffy said...

You look lovely in that photo bossy!

Yankee Belle said...

Tell Mr. Shakey that more people would go to church if they Def Lepard was the musical guest the preachers wife wore hot tank tops! LOL

Yankee Belle said...

Tell Mr. Shakey that more people would attend church if Def Lepard was playing and the preacher's wife wore hot little tank tops! LOL

(formerly anonymous....decided I might as get an ID)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u like the top?..i al drooling over it;)..i hate bees now..first my son wa stung on the head, now me in the ear..i am starting to get a complex;)

oh gosh i hope your getting buffy..hehe

yankee belle,
like the name...

and i told him the same thing..but he isnt going for it;)..but thanks for backing me up on that one;)

JD's Rose said...

Love the top... Market them. I'd buy.

Happy Birthday Little Bee.


Princess said...

Hey, didnt you promise me that dog if anything should happen to you? lol... Look after her til then! k thanx

That top is HOT! you gotta get it and strut your stuff.
You gotta get to that concert! Else you will regret it.


Anonymous said...

Okay this is probably late and I apologise. BUT if you wish for me to design u a header I can do so. I wont charge u. Im not very good with the HTML stuff, but my sites still going and I designed that. Let me know hun.

aatank said...

I have been watching Ellen this last week and it's all about her life list. Write down all of the things you want to do in your lifetime. She talks about how it is important to do the things on your life list. I would tell shaky pants that this would help fill that foid you have been feeling and you can mark one item off of your life list.

You go girl!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i cant market them, the band already does..hehe

come get her now, no need to wait forme to die honey:)

well email me and we will discuss it, thank you:)

well it is kinda foolsih dont ya think?..I mean it would be a ahellofa good time..I plan on stalking the tour bus out back and wiating for them to come out..there web site said i could..haha

if i can scrap toghter the money will go, i plan on buying the most expensive ticktes, oplus i need a motel..i will get there..just wait:)

just_tammy said...

So are you thinking about changing your blog due to the bee stings?! You're just used to being the one to strike first!

Live a little and go to the concert wearing the shirt which will prove once and for all you aren't fat!

Anonymous said...

i don't think shaky pants will say no at all. i think he will in fact encourage you to go. and take lots of pictures, which you can later share with his new congregation/flock? it will be a proud day for all. indeed. looking forward to it. can't wait!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just tammy,
well in fact I have been thinking of changing my blog, but now since 2 people in my house have been stung by bees in one week, i say its time for a change:)

oh Lordy, I want to get that shirt, but I am afraid it wont come big enough to hold the ladies:)

well in fact he said i could go...but I ponder at if what u say is true..

being a memeber of the fan club, I do have some helpful hints on how to meet the band, get photos , aurographs whathaveu..i could hang such said itmes in the wall of the chapel..

Michele_3 said...

What a cute dog!
I say go to the concert-
Your never to old to become a groupie & it is "Def Leopard" for goodness sakes! Need I say more ?LOL!

Hope your bee sting is better!
I hate bees and wasps big time!

The Kept Woman said...

In the ear? What a sadistic bastard bee if ever there was one.

They are fucking relentelss here this year.

Jewl said...

Your doggy and my doggy have the same birthday except mine is three years older! LOL
I like the shirt, think it will good on ya! Have fun if you go!!

Tee said...

lol! Def Leppard?! Have fun, chick!

Getting stung by a bee sucks. That hasn't happend to me since I was little. (knock on wood).

Happy bday to the dog. LOL.

Claire said...

Love that shirt! You know you have to do this, right? Leppard!

Cliff Morrow said...

Buy that dog a haircut for her birthday. Your groomer will thank you. Marilyn went to a grooming seminar and one of the speakers said in their doggy files some of their customers who had the meanest or most unruly of dogs had a Phd behind their names. Stood for Pizza Hut Dog meaning when they found out the dog had died they would go to Pizza Hut to Celebrate. So just wondering if your dog has her Phd.
My boys and their wives from Lincoln are traveling to K.C. to see Tool or Toole or something like that. 3.5 hours

Bumbling Bav said...

Girl you have got to go see those boys!

As for the dog... Yahoo for Ellen surviving 2 yrs!

Choppzs said...

Your dog is so cute. My dog is 1/2 Lhaso Apsos too and it took her almost 5 long years to become fully potty trained!! Damn dog anyways!!

And I sooo want to go to the Def Lepard concert here in Oct. but I don't htink I can get a sitter. Damnitt all to hell!! I swear I am cursed and will never ever get to go to a concert! And nice booby shirt!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ya wnna come over and be a groupie with me for the night?..hehe

amen sista, amen..

how funny, my dog is a little shit, u want her too?

your not making fun of def leapprd are you?..haha

boy I sure want too..but i just saw them 2 months ago..I am so lame!

my dog does have a PHD...

maybe marylin would come give her a birthday cut..what do u say?

that would so rock wouldnt it?..I am working on it;)

well get a sitter for Ocotber 21, and u and I will stalk them toghter..being a mebeer of the fan club, I have some helpful hints on how to meet with them after the show..come on down..and bring beth with ya;)

Gette said...

I wouldn't drive 20 minutes to see Def Leppard, but I get the spirit of the thing. Whee! Hop on 94 and Fargo's not so far.

So what does Mr. Shaky listen to? My pastor-to-be still listens to Zeppelin, The Doors (ack!) and Ozzy, right alongside Zoegirl, Casting Crowns and Mercy Me.

Gette said...

Oh, if it was Rush I would totally go along.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shame on you..i guess i wont be invitng you along;)

he likes mercy me, rebbaca st james..he does like some pink flyod, james taylor..and he says he likes "some" def leppard songs..but mostly he rips them apart;)

dakotablueeyes said...

In your ear that had to hurt like an SOB damit.

js said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa@ follow like a hooker!!!!!!
again that tickles the shit outta me!
and if you do purchase the shirt and actually wear it I request a pic! You will look HAWT for sure!