Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We will rock you

I saw this man at the store the other day. I looked at him, there was nothing special about him persay,just a normal looking gent. Then I heard him talk. He had an accent, I want to say it was Australian. But for all I know it was Scottish, Irish or German. I don't bloody know. All I know is that when I heard him talk I stopped what I was doing and listened to him speak. You can take the grangliest (I think I just made that word up..r u impressed?) looking feller , he could be missing teeth, be sprouting black teeth, have no hair, or a head full of lice ridden greasy hair..You throw an accent on him and all of a sudden he seems better looking. Why is that? It makes them seem smarter. I don't know why.

But then you take someone with say a deep southern twang. And they could be the smartest gent or gal on the planet, but they seem retarded. Why? Why does a southern accent make a person sound stupid? They could be telling me the sky is blue and that the grass is green. And I will still ask for a second opinion. WHY?

here is an example of what I mean...example one

British man says " why, don't you look lovely"
Southerner says " damn woman, u lookin fine"

British man says " good day, cheerio"
Southern man says " yous better be gettin along,brings me back some smokes on da way home ole lady"

See it just all sounds better coming from across the water. I don't know why...Maybe its just me, I dunno.

This is just a thought I was pondering...I will tell you other things I ponder, I have mentioned these before..But I have new ones as well..

Ok, why do FOREIGN accents make ugly men better looking?
Why don't you ever see squirrels potty themselves?
Why doesn't anyone know anyone who lives in Delaware?
Where do birds sleep? I don't ever see any nests in the trees.
Why do toddlers only repeat words you say that are naughty?

Anyhoo, school started. I was happy.I will have a slide show in a bit..My whole day was blissful.

I took my Boo Bee to the potty several times today. How many times do you think she pee-peed in the potty? NONE....When she woke up from her nap she was soaking wet. The first thing she said to me was " momma, I not a bad girl, can I have m&m's now?"

Um, no you cant have any candy. Pretty soon I am gonna wean you off liquids all together.

I keep trying to get a snap shot of odd looking kid. I have not seen her yet today. Pretty sad I want to see this girl so I can make some sort of an internet freakshow out of her poor disability of being ugly..I am going right to hell.

course you all knew that anyway...

here is my link for my slide show

Seeing my ugly side show bees should be plenty good enough until odd looking kid peers her head out from the bridge she lives under.


Bee real


Angie said...

A strong English or Irish accent is quite fine,especially on a hot looking guy ;)
As for the southern accent, I think it's just the stupid things that they say that they actually consider acceptable. IE: here in the sunshine state, if you were born & bred here, it's safe for you to be called a cracker.....A CRACKER people, last time I checked, I thought that was a derrogatory statement, not here in the south, people put banners on their cars and ride around with some sense of pride at being called a cracker....still can't figure that one out.

vani said...

I agree- you could say " F you" w/ the the English accent and it still sounds proper...I love the Antonio Banderas accent....very sexy.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes the accent makes a nice looking guy, over the top hot..

i cant beilve they say cracker there..i have heard they say it in the deep south like in Missisppi and Lousianna, but not florida..dang...its hard to beilve people still speak that way.

well Antoinio Bandares doesnt do it for me..i dont like the accent that I cant understand..hehe

Blazer1234 said...

Ok, maybe it's just me being a mid-westerner...but Southern accents turn me on. Now, I said SOUTHERN, not REDNECK accents. I met a farmboy from S.Caroline, him just talking got me excited. I do have a sick facination with cowboys, though. Maybe that's my problem.

Your kiddies looked so excited about the first day of school. Especially the one not going. I liked her floozy-shoes...just my style. :)

Peggy said...

now bossy, you know I am a born and raised north carolina hillbilly! Don't confuse southern talk with redneck talk. remember gone with the wind? don't make me come up there and teach you the difference... :)

Karin said...

Accents are hot! It is weird though because I have stopped noticing them as much because half our friends are from somewhere else. I have never been attracted to a southern accent but I like to talk with one for fun, yes I am weird. Well if you are going to hell for putting up the pictures I am also for being excited to see them.

Wethyb said...

Oh yum...I love those English accents...especially EJ on our show. He's so fricken hot!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i just cant get excited over southern talk..well redneck talk i guess..cowboys? crack me up

ok your right, your not a red neck and i take that abck..dont come after me now:)

i am gonna try and have the pics of odd girl tommorw..and i have a spot in ehll warmed up right for ya;)

amen sista..amen:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh make me laugh!
You are so right about Delaware. I don't know anyone who knows anyone there.
Its too hard to find on the map. Do people actually fly there? Are there airports? Or only some weird hicks living there?
Thanks for the's too stressful right now, and it helped.


B.A. said...

I don't know anybody from Delaware. It's a cult, the entire State.
I love men with southern accents. Redneck 'speak' and southern are two different things. I love them Fer-er-ners too. Except the French. That accent irritates me.

Mike said...

You're making my brain hurt and I have no accent.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i dont think there really is a delware.

a cult?..u may be on to something there..

and i dont like an accent i cant least with british and aussie, you can understand them..ya know what I mean..french, thats a hard one to understand..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh gosh, i did not mean to make your brain come on, you must have a wisconsin accent doncha?

jd's rose said...

The Southern accent makes me giggle...


Hails said...

Yep accents rock. I love the american accent, expecially from a guy. English also does it for me! hehe

aatank said...

What I think is funny is that people say that michiganders have a accent. I always laugh when people say you must be from MI when we go on vacation. Is it really that bad? But a sexy accent is always a good thing.

We have bird nests in our trees. Watch when the leaves fall, that when they magically appear.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

me too:)

um, we amricans dont have accnets, its just your forigners:)

I know, i have got that before too..we dont talk any differntt hen anyone can tell people whol hail from here though..they talk all norwegion..doncha know?

even in the fall i dont see one damn bird nest..i am gonna keep a better eye out this year though;)

Badoozie said...

first, before i get to the real "meat" of my comment, i'd like to say that my flipping knife is PINK. SO EAT YOUR HEART OUT.


lets talk about your accent thing. it's the opposite for women. a southern accent on women makes them appear sweet and innocent, where'as a british accent on women makes them seem snobbish. am i right? cheerio? rice krispies?

i have something for you to ponder until your demise, because this has very nearly caused my own demise, for pondering it so much. and no one can answer me.

if someone is born deaf, what goes on in their head? how do they think. in words, or sign language?

ps,. have you seen the size of delaware? it holds like 2 people

Damn Proud Cracker said...

whoaaaaaaaa up!!!!
What do you mean about the accents???
Let me do some setting straight too.
I am a cracker, no doubt, I don't try to be thats just how I am. The reason that people are glad they are crackers is because it is no doubt a status symbol. It is a description of the region you are from. The gulf coast region produces crackers as well as Ga.
Crackers work hard and play harder, drink more, eat more, dive down deeper and come up dryer, thats why we are ok with cracker. If I could be described as any with any other racial or other derrogatory name I'm sure I would embrace it and epitomize it. Us crackers don't have thin skin because we are tougher than most and we listen to our momma's,"sticks and stones......"
The accent thing doesn't do much for me except there are some I dislike. The best is a NC or Va accent.
Mine is ummmmmm worse than those I suspect.
Mine falls somewhere between Larry the Cable guy and Elliot Saddler.
I wonder how many folks know who they are? Haaaaaa and yes us crackers like football on saturday and nascar on sunday. And no I don't watch wresteling or "rastlin" either!
It has been my experience that guys like the southern accent on women and women seem to like the over seas accent, even women from overseas seem to like our accents here.
ok thats all from the A#1, grand Puba, Mojo Dula, Whim Diddly, Big Daddy

~Deb said...

I knew ya had sumptin' against ma'New YawKA accent! Iz dat why you won't come to New Yawk n' have caWfee wit' me?

I see how you are.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

good one...i have also wondered how blind people dream...if they have neever seen anything before, what do thier dreams look like..

I knew you would set us straight on the whole crakcer issue..and I am sure your southern twang is not asbad as you think..and on you, it might just be sexy...i dont know..but i am assuming it is:)

now I dont have nuttin gainst you eastcoast talkers...

i dont come to new york cuz i dont wanna get mugged, or shot:)

jsull said...

Well I assure you my accent sounds sexier in your mind!! And I take good pictures, much better than reality anyway. Actually I think when used properly the southern accent and misuse of words helps me at work. I good ole boy everyone I come off as friendly and honest and such. Take Bobby Bowden for example. He good ole boys folks and luls them into believing he isnt smart enough to be a winning coach and he continues to play to it.
Cracker by birth

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Cracker Jack,
who the sam bloody hell is bobby bowden?..i am a northern yankee, i dont know any of this stuff..and if it has to do with sports, i deifntaly am lost:)

deni said...

I used to know a man from Scotland, and I couldn't understand a word he said, he sounded like he had a mouth full of, well, crap.

Now that I live in NC, I actually think the Southern accent is sexy, well, sometimes. Depends on who's doin the talking.

The region where I am from in PA, uses the term Cracker. Or Coal Cracker. It's not used in a bad way, just a term to describe the hard working men and women of NE Pa.

ole jsull said...

Bobby Bowden is the football coach at FSU
my bad.
Deni has it right on the cracker deal
Crackers are just working folks, where I'm from they are usually extremely good looking, smart, sexy, rugged, charming, virile, vigorous and very potent too ;)~~

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sometimes its best that we dont fully understand what they are saying;)

craker jack,
so your saying your sexy,rugged and charming..


Cracker said...

nah us crackers are dreamers too!
Dreamin J
(in Crackerville US of A the use og G's on the ends of words is not needed therefor we don't use them)

Nerdine said...

See - People with and accent (like ME!! hehe) seems more intelligent because WE ARE!! we speak another language too! Maybe that's it?
How many people do you know who read Ibsen in the original language?

I do agree on the accent thing too. I've always found Scottish accent to be INCREDIBLY hot. The ugliest guy can be really attractive if he just speak Scottish. I have a thing for Scots... Try John Hannah for example - you know the guy who read WH Auden's poem "Stop all the clocks" in Four weddings and a funeral... MAAAN!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on the accent... scottish... Sean Connery... and here's me drooling... :P*


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on the accent... scottish... Sean Connery... and here's me drooling... :P*


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

remind me to visit crackerville US of A someday:)

i guess everyone has an accent to someone dont they?..I am foond of an irish accent or an english one..scottish is ok, sometimes its hard to understand;)

get a napkin and wipe your drool:)

Gette said...

Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, kilts, mmmmmm

What, were you saying something?

(What are you doing tomorrow?)

Badoozie said...

now i hate you. because you've given me an all new thing to ponder. blind people dreaming. we are too smart for our own britches!

jsull said...

crackerville is wherever I am at the time!!!!
come on!
I can splain the art of crackerdom to you!