Friday, September 15, 2006

One more for the road

So I took my Boo to the ER last night. My toddler who sounded as though she had a dire case of emphysema had a breathing treatment. Her pulse OX which is not suppose to be below 97 was hovering between 89-93..Her lips were not turning blue, but now I do have proof of why she is mentally retarded from this day on. She is breathing better today. She only sounds like someone with smokers lung rather then full blown emphysema...God bless her.

I am having one fo those days. I hate dealing with other peoples launguage barriers. I went to McDondlas to get my Boo some chicken nuggets, chocolate milk and apples..just because she has smokers lung does not mean she doesn't need to eat..

The woman whom was talking thru the loud speaker told me my total, which I thought was 3.50 or something of that nature. I pull up to the window hand her my money and she looks at me puzzled. She said 3.50..I said COUNT IT...FOR CHRISTS SAKE.

She then hold up her fingers to demonstrate the amount she meant. I could not understand a bloody word she was saying.
I hate that. Here I am, minding my own beeswax, driving thru getting my kid a good honest healthy lunch..And I feel as though I am somewhere in the heart of Mexico not knowing how to communicate my needs.Then I remember, I am not inMexico , I am in Minnesota where Americans live..That speak English...Thank God one of us was in the right place.

So I thought from now on once a week I would show pictures to see if Weight Watchers is really working....I showed myself last week..With my smelly orange shirt..This week I tried getting from all angels. remember I have to take these myself, my Boo would take pics of the toilet, the garbage can, the table..And so on, if I gave her the camera to take them...

I guess this is my legs.......Its hard getting a good photo when you are your own photographer.

Um, pardon me...Its my backside.....

Um I guess lower ab portion and thigh area...

Check out the zip or whathaveu on my chin......Damn...That's nasty.


now that you got your fright for the night...Wanna hear something cool...We ordered our tickets today..But guess what..We got the VIP tickets and we are guaranteed seats in the first 10 rows..I wont tell you how much that costs, I don't want to seem completely foolish. So not only will we have a chance to meet them afterward, we have some sweet seats.....

Gosh if I die before this day, I will haunt everyone I know....That means YOU..

So here is hoping I can sustain life until at least October 22....That gives me a day of leeway to die...

Plus I think I am getting a raging yeast infection..damn the effects of sweating so bad the yeast starts growing..If that is not excuse enough to stop working out, not sure what is..Plus I cant ever get the smell out of the pits...I have some rank pits as mr shaky would say...I tell him that is proof I work out harder then he does...

Now what have we learned..

I am still fat after weight watchers

My boo has smokers lung even though she dont inhale, nor do her parents..ever!

My shirts still stink

I spent too much money on an event that will last mere hours.

Working out causes yeast infections.


Bee Real


Jewl said...

What's the deal with the glasses? You are always hiding your face, what's up that?
Hope the Smoker's lungs are better by now...
I am so sick of Jack and Jen I could scream...EJ is totally Stefano's son from Kristen's look alike, ya think? Elvis Jr?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

for some reason I get red eye , so i wear my glasses:)..then when i get rid of it, my eyes look at weird..

plus I always have them on top of my head..they are always there..anyone who knows me, alwyas expcts me to have my glasses near by..

I totally think your right on EJ..I am watching it right now...he is so damn cute too..JAck and Jen are both leaving the show. I cant wait for that.

Do u really think my glasses hide my face?..just my eyes..damn now your giving me a complex..last week i had a pic wthout my glasses, ok i feel better now:)

Raggedy said...

Yikes! Poor Boo. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I sure hope she will be back to herself soon!
I can't believe they have a translater in the classroom? That just is NOT right.
Great pictures...I am not sure you need to loose any weight. You look good..
Can you tell I read 2 posts...hahaha
Congratulations on the front row tickets!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Cool Raggedy one

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its not claled reading two posts, its called budgeting your time wisely:)

Boo is fine...she is back to her cranky ole self:-)

thank you though

Michele_3 said...

sorry your boo was so sick, hope everyone is better!
Great job on weight loss, although from your pictures before you have never looked heavy to me!
I lost 4 more pounds as of today & it really is a good feeling huh?
Have a great weekend girl!

The Blog Whore said...

Why the HELL are you on weight watchers?

Get over it you skinny bitch!

Love, The Whore

Britmum said...

Bossy what the sugar honey iced tea is wrong with you? My gawd there isn't an ounce of fat on your torso. Bloody hell Jo Jo is gonna come over and give you a smack ooops sorry put you on the naughty matt.

Poor Boo Bee......lots of love to her.

Don't threaten us with your ghost.

Take care xxx

P.S. A little TMI on your fanny.... lol.... figure out what I mean. Go on and its not what you think. LOL

The Blog Whore said...

I'm BACK... I almost forgot!

I hope poor Boo feels better.

I like that picture of you with the shades, you need to change it to your profile pic.

I'm just sayin'


jsull said...

If you can get Boo to switch to dipping snuff or chewing it won't effect her lungs, just tryin to help out.
I can't imagine why you would go to weight watchers. I bet the other women that go there that don't know you think of you as that skinny chick.
For the love of God woman. Eat some stuff your going to wither away to nothing
ole heavy J

novaks8 said...

I am always amazed that they put the dumbest or least articulate people in the drive thru window!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well good for you on the weihgt loss too...although to me it doens look like YOU need to lose weight either;)

Blog Whore,
dont me me come down there and beat the crap out of you:)

oh Lord really I need to lose about 40 pounds..I swear to God I do...But you can come and give me a good smack anyway..I would love to meetcha:)

Blog Whore,
thank you..she is doing MUCH better:)

its too damn hard to change the pics..and I am lazy:)

Cracker jack,
I will pass the word along to ole Boo Bee..she does like baseball so she may just get tinot the chew..

your too kind, if mr shaky dies, or your wife runs away, wanna marry me?hehe

amen girl

spittin snuff J said...

You'd surely have to quit work to tend all these lil buzzers and the lil crackerette and rowdy, my boy (affectioately called a crumb, i guess since he came from a cracker)
and I couldn't live up there where it is butt assed cold either!!!! Hey I played a lil pro baseball I could teach Boo not only the fine art of dippin' and spittin' (I am an expert with chew or seeds) but maybe even a thing r 2 about hitting, pitching and fielding!!!!
I hope all them get better and you have no reason to attend any weight loss meeting of any kind ever!!
(didja get the toilet video i mailedja? I sent it to the mail on your blog profile)
have a great weekend all!
The main most cracker is outtttttttttt
Cracker J

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

crakcer jack,
well I dont like living up here where its cold as hell...well i guess hell isnt cold, but u get my point..thats why we are moving next year down south:)

pro ball huh? I need the details on that..way cool cracker..

i got it , but for some reson i couldnt open it..i was gonna eamil ya back and tell ya but forgot..i dont check that one very often..

Lady Noelle said...

Yikes, I have also worked in medicine and you usually don't see pulse ox's like that unless the person is dying or lives off oxygen. *** There, I just said a little prayer for Boo Bee. :) Everything will be okay ;)

And I really don't like talking to people with language barriers either. I feel like people are going to cast me out because I'm being 'racists' when I'm actually just frustrated because I can't understand them and they can't understand me. I worked with this Philippine lady once. She was like 68 and couldn't lift a damn thing. So our hole job at night (in the nursing home, I was a CNA) was put on my shoulders. When I started complaining about her she said she was gonna tell her daughter (who worked in the management office) and our boss that I was being racists. Um, hello, you can't fucking work here because you're too old and can't lift these people. Heh.. Yeah, it sucked. Not only did I have to put up with all that crap, but I felt like I had to yell at her all the time so she would understand me. Now I think about it and want to shake my head. Pfft, that's the last time I'll work with someone with a language barrier if I can help it.

I'm not gay or anything, but you're gorgeous. I don't think you need to be on weight watchers. That's gay. And the nose stud totally pulls off your whole 'look at me, I'm a rocking mommy'. I love it!

Yeast infections were created by the devil. Eat lots of yogurt and you shouldn't have to worry about them. If that doesn't work, Difulcan works wonders.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Lady Noell,
thanks for the prayer, she is fine now..I was a nursing student once upon a time and I also worked at a nursing home for 6 years..(in act dept) ..but she is fine now...just coughing, and being a pain in my ass:)

aww, your too kind, but thank you..I think my nose stud rocks too..hehe

Oak Spring farm said...

I stopped by to read your blog got the address from Peggy....
Oooooh my!!! I am still grinning and laughing
Sure hope Bo is better by now it can be frighting when kids are sick raised five of 'em three little britches cowboys I knew the way to the ER from anywhere in town especially from the rodeo arena.
I hope you enjoy your concert tickets those lads aren't my thing, but if they were you are the one to go with to the concert.

Blazer1234 said...

Hope your ER experience wasn't awful like mine have been. Glad the little bee is doing better and can still scarf down some grub.

And I'd quit paying for weight watchers. You don't need it. Every area you displayed looks good and healthy. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Boo is all better now, other then her less then desireable attitude. All three of them seem to be getting over the dreaded moneky pox:)

thanks for stopping by..

seems everone is ok now..thank goodness..this was the first time i have had to take anone to this ER..and it was pretty good acctually..

yes, see, looking too healthy is my probelm sweety:-)

Hails said...

OKay I dont think you need weight watches hun! i think u look fab anyways!

Hope the bees are doing alrighty! Going to ER cant be great.

So with you on the non english Ive come to ur country anyways idiots. LEARN TO SPEAK AND COMMUNICATE before you arrive, it would make your life and ours a shit load easier!

Email me hey about the header. What do you want. Ill see what I can do for ya!

Peggy said...

That brick that just hit you in the head was thrown by me! You will be getting hit by more from all the women who really need weight watchers. You skinny minnie you aren't fat! I hope boo bee milked being sick and made you cater to her every wish! LOL Have a fun weekend but play nice.

Claire said...

Man, sounds a bit stressful with you, hon. Hope Boo is feeling better soon!

dakotablueeyes said...

Lookin good I need to get my backside on the treadmill lol.
Hope she feels better

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

what annoys me is when you go to a government agency and you're the only while person there that speaks english, in your own country!!!
hope your little one is feeling better.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I will email you later on..thank you..we are going to the zoo today, so i will get in touch when i get back, course that will prolly be your freaking bed time..i dont know..gosh..

please no bricks honey:)

well everyone seems to be well now, thank goodness;)

well get your rear end in gear then..hehe..hehe

AMEN sista

Brandy said...

I hope your Boo gets better soon!!

I really love reading your blog!! You write the best stuff!!

You dont look fat!! Now I on the other hand really should be getting to them pilates!! Ok maybe next week would be a good week to start!!

Have a great weekend.

Heart Of Darkness said...

I HATE language barriers! The worst thing is, when somebody asks me something in a language I do not understand - I go "I don't understand" and then they start repeating themselves, just VERY articulatively. Yeah, like THAT would actually help - if I DON'T speak Finnish, I wont understand it just because you pronounce every single letter in every single word!

People are stupid. *sigh*

Badoozie said...

zits and yeast infections....i mean ZIPS.

ok, about this concert
they say that lovin a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be.........they also say that the road ain't no place to start a family, but since you already had your buns in the oven and cooked, we're good.

Badoozie said...

can i please pluck your eyebrows? i wanna pluck those things so BAD

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks..well she is all better now, and we just got home from the zoo..hehe..and i am fat:)

well you know enough laugnges to get you thru i think..haha

no it hurts..i dont like pain...

loving a music man is rough but someone has to do it honey.

Lisa said...

The important thing is, did Boo get her nuggets? That in itself may ward off possible retardation from the effects of lack of oxygen! LOL
That is one low oxygen level she had going on there. Hope she's better soon.

1 plus twins said...

sorry i haven't been by my son had surgery. trying to catch up now. congrats on the tickets. it will be a blast. wish i could go. now for weight watchers, what the hell is that about. by the looks of the pictures you don't need it all. i see you are a days fan, me too. so who do you think is doing all the black mailing and shit??

Badoozie said...

hey, that was part of a song, i thought you would ID it. oh well.......and you get used to the pain of plucking. rather quickly in fact. let me tell you a secret. plucked eyebrows make you look even hotter than you already are. no kidding. try it, and see the STARES

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I knew it was a song is a journey song and unforonatly I will be seeing them with def leppard agaian...they werent too good and i am not a fan:)